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**Friday 1st tri**



  • also, I meant to say.  I reason I'm not around every day on this thread is because I can't really post during the day apart from a quick update on my phone with no personals.  I think thats ok once in a while but I don't like posting all the time without doing some personals.  By the time I get home at night and can post everyone is pretty much away for the day.

    Just thought I'd explain that xxxx

    ETA - I'm off today, obviously lol

  • Candy - FX you get your scan before Xmas! Hope the next 10 days go quickly for your early scan x

    Imp - You're right, I'll suck it up and book the Sunday one! 8+1 is a nice time to have it too.

    Rod - Me! I got BFP on Friday and on Saturday I felt sooo sick. Its eased up now though, comes in waves.

    Wishful - Thanks Wishful, I'm excited to be here, although still doesn't feel real. I'm sure once I've seen a heartbeat it will all sink in properly.

    Vix - Hopefully today goes quickly for you so you can get some ZZZ's.

  • Candy - We don't mind posts with non-personals :) I don't anyway. Its just nice hearing from everyone I think!

  • It was moving around a little bit, sonographer mentioned that it looked good, nuchal whatsit very narrow, but even though it was ideal time to do the nuchal test, she couldnt get a good look at the bladder or brain as it was too little.  They said they normally offer a follow up scan just to check the anatomy, but we will be back in Paris then, so no dice, sadly.  I don't mind, I'm low risk and everything else seemed perfect, so I'm happy to wait for the 20 wk scan to check all the anatomy.

    Will catch up with personals a little later when I have a bit more time!

  • Hello baby Wispa!

    Glad it all seemed well, were the dates ok?

  • Hi Baby Wispa!

    Glad it went well!

  • Yep, dates set back by 1 day, which fits perfectly with ov date, actually, as my cycles were 29 days. Edd now 4 June!  She said that the nuchal test is easiest to do closest to 11 weeks, actually, because the baby does twist around so much, but the trade off is being less clear on the rest of the anatomy...  No big deal, really.

  • And now a few personals...

    Welcome Rod!!!  Chuffed to bits that you got your bfp :)

    CA, my midwife refused to do booking in before 10 weeks!  It felt like I'd been pg forever by the time the appt came around, I think you're lucky to have it earlier.  And don't worry about not always doing personals.  I'm on the iPad mini when I post, and it can be tough getting to respond to everyone and sometimes I just can't do it.  Like today, I'm going to repy to people only 1 only, even though I've read the second page, I'm not sure I remember everything on it!

    VT, there are a few ways of splitting up into trimesters.  If you do it based on time period it's midway through wk 13, if you base it on development the 2nd trimester starts at 13wks, apparently.

    Monnie, I'm well jealous of your meet and wish I could go to one, but we go back to Paris Monday and are only back in the UK for 3 days before we go to Canada, and then it's the new year... Wonder if there will be a London area meet up in January sometime... Hmmm...

    Fig, I hope you enjoy your day off to the fullest and good for you in breaking the poas habit!

    Sorry to have missed off anyone on pg2!!

  • Ahh, hello baby Wispa! :)

  • Sorry for posting loads, just want to add that while my sickness was only from weeks 6-9, thee are plenty of people I've come across on mumsnet who were sick even before they got their bfp!

  • Those of you with sickess, how many of you were physically sick?  Or did you feel sick rather than actually being sick?

  • i was physically sick for about  a week, the rest was all just nausea!

    lovely pic wispa!

  • I still feel sick! Just ate lunch which was nice (leftover pasta from last night with some broccoli for iron) and whilst I enjoyed it, I just feel sick now!

  • Afternoon all :)

    Rodders - firstly I have to do a mahooosive squeeeeeeeee (sorry if it deafened you haha) BounceBounce Rod I am so bloomin chuffed for you my lovely, wow this is amazing news!!! I can say that my sickness didn't start until around 6wks, I haven't been sick but feel sick constantly the only thing to ease it is eating regularly :) xx

    Wispa - so happy for you the scan pic is great, you must be so happy :)

    There are so many on here today and I only have a few mins left of my lunch break but I want to say hellloooooo to you all and hope you are feeling ok with the pregnancy symptoms and hope you all have great weekends xx



  • Aw thanks Lee Lee!! I'm just trying to take each day as it comes and not panic!xx

    I havent actually been sick, I just have that queasy feeling. xx

  • Rod - I am feeling very nauseous all of the time, but have only actually been sick 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Eating a little something every 30mins is the only way I am coping at the moment!

  • When i was pg last time i had waves of nausea but not this early. in fact, this early last time I didnt know I was pg and all I had was slightly sore boobs! This time round I'm nauseous, crampy and my boobs feel like rocks haha! I'm taking it all as a good thing.

  • Goodness there's so many of us now!

    Just a quick hello to all from me, hope you enjoy your weekends! Lovely scan pic Wispa!!

    AFM - the sickness and nausea has seriously kicked in now! I forgot how horrible it feels!! That feeling of being starving hungry but the smell or thought of any food...bleugh!!! Still shattered all the time too... I'm hoping this pregnancy will be like my first, soon as I hit 12 weeks it all went away and was plain sailing, fingers crossed!

  • hello baby Wispa!!!  Glad everything looked ok at the scan.

    Rod - I had a slight nausea feeling before I got my BFP and the day after then it disappeared for a couple of weeks.  It kinda came back stronger when I hit 6 weeks.  I've not been physically sick but at times I've felt that I might be.  Its a kind of constant nausea that I have coupled with not liking the thought of eating a lot of stuff I used to.  I've found eating regularly helps as well and rich tea biscuits are working as they keep me ticking over but they don't have a strong flavour/taste.

  • Thanks CA. I really dont mind it- in fact I welcome it as a sign things are going well in there! I just wondered whether it was a bit early to be feeling like this!

    The cramps are still there and I am regretting complaining my boobs weren'y sore to you the other night! x

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