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**Friday 2nd Tri

Morning ladies. Thought Id try posting from the mobile site as cant normally start threads from my phone! hope everyone is well... so glad its Fri! Slept really last night but wide awake now. Will try and get back on later.


  • Morning!

    I must yet the mobile site, I can't start threads from my phone either!

    Nothing much going on with me pregnancy wise. very pleased it's Friday!! We are hopefully getting to pick up our new car tomorrow which is exciting but that's about it around here! Hope everyone is well

  • Morning all!

    I haven't tried the mobile site either, must give it a go!

    Mrs V, glad you got a good night's sleep although boo to being wide awake early!

    AR, enjoy the new car, how exciting!!! Is it a pretty colour? (girly question!)

    We had our first NCT class last night which was ... well the word i'm using is interesting!! The group seemed nice, the instructor a bit vague on some parts (like not being able to tell us what contractions are/feel like etc.... :S ) and made us do the most daft exercises so of course I got the giggles, oops! FX it is more useful next week.

    I have next week off work so 4pm today can't come soon enough.... we have our 4D scan on Monday, so excited to see baby again although hope I don't get freaked out as I always think they look a bit like aliens in 4D scan pics haha!!

    Hi to all who follow! I will try and log back on today but it's just so difficult during the day at the mo so if I'm not back until evening that's why! :)

  • Morning

    MrsV yay for a good sleep!

    AR, how exciting getting your new car!

    AFM, well after not sleeping well for a few nights I came home from work yesterday at 4, as I was making daft mistakes that I'll need to correct today, and I slept on and off from 4:30 yesterday afternoon till this morning! Also got a pain under my ribs if I sit for too long, anyone else get this?? Was wondering if I should see gp or if it's def pregnancy related. Anyway, feel more normal today, working this morning, maybe some Xmas shopping this afternoon and quiet night, maybe watch a film with H :)

    Hope everyone is well, happy Friday!

  • Missed you Rose, roll on 4pm! Shame about NCT class, curious what exercises she had you doing! Let me know what you make of 4D scan. Part of me wantss to book one but there was a video did the rounds on fb recently, was something like 9 months in 4 minutes, so basically a quick run through of how baby develops, and I had to turn it off because I felt claustrophobic watching it EmbarrassedLaugh so not sure if I'd like it or not! I am a weirdo though Laugh

  • Morning All

    Mrs V - good morning to you

    AR - Exctiting about the new car, Happy friday

    Rose - your NCT post made me chuckle!

    WE- Happy friday! enjoy your christmas shopping!

    AFM - eneded up gonig to Triage last night as the midwives told me to go up and get checked as baby still wasn't moving, heartbeat was all ok and they found some blood in my pee but got to wait 4 days for results, just not really sure whats happening really, feeling really low today cant wait for work to be over!

  • Morning,

    Mrs V- Glad you had a good sleep!

    AR- Oooh a new car :) glad all is well.

    Rose- Ha, lets hope its better next week! What sort of exercises were you doing? A week off, bet your counting down until 4pm! How lovely seeing baby again, I know what you mean, i think sometimes they look a bit freaky!

    Weekender- You mus have needed that sleep. Not sure about the rib pain? Hopefully someone else will know, of not pop to docs. Enjoy xmas shopping :)

    NLH- Sorry to hear your feeling low. Have you not felt any movements? Hopefully hearing the heartbeat put your mind at rest. Could the blood be a urine infection or something?

    AFM- Thank god its Friday! Looking forward to a night on the sofa and a film with H. went for dinner at MILs last night which was nice. She is so desperate for a grand daughter as she has all boys as does her 3 sisters. Only 10 days until we find out!

  • Morning

    Mrs V- a gret sleep can do wonders!

    AR - enjoy the new car

    Rose - a week off work...bliss!

    Weekender- I would get the pain checked out. It is an area I have to look out for pain

    NLH-sorry you are feeling low. Hopefully the blood is just a UTI

    BERTIE- I always end up falling asleep on our sofa nowadays!

    AFM - busy day tody. Have lready been to my daughter's assembly, am taking the boys to a play hour at C's pre school for CIN. We then have our scan this afternoon.....will be staying team yellow for it!

  • NLH - hope all is ok. I'm guessing if they're making you wait 4 days then it's likely they don't think it's anything too serious.

    Mrs V - early start! Glad you had a good nights sleep, it makes all the difference.

    AR - enjoy your new car!

    Rose - your post has made me wonder about the NCT classes! I'm holding a space which I said I'd confirm after our 20week scan, but I'm not 100% sure about them...and it feels like a lot of money to spend on something I'm not sure about. I think I'm only doing it to meet people so it feels like a bit of an expensive option.

    Weekender - you must have needed that sleep! I guess if the pain continues it might be worth getting checked out. I seem to get random pains every couple of days but none of them last that long.

    Bertie - how exciting that your scan is so soon! I think we must be due a few over the next two weeks as quite a lot of us moved over to this thread together.

    Section4 - I'm tired reading what you've already done today! Hope all is well at the scan!

    AFM, we've had to cancel our trip this weekend as H is still really I'll :( I'm a bit gutted but I don't want to make him feel bad so just trying to see the positives in an unexpected weekend at home. Pregnancy wise, I've definitely been feeling more movement, and when I had a nap yesterday (I was exhausted after all the shopping!) as I was drifting off I'm sure I felt a couple of proper kicks which was lovely. I have to say since finding out that we're having a girl it all seems a lot more real. I saw so many lovely clothes yesterday but refrained from buying them thinking I'd be spending lots this weekend. Now we're not going I might need to place a little online order!

  • Morning ladies,

    Mrs V - glad you slept well.

    AR - that's exciting about the car. What are you getting?

    Rose - that's a bit disappointing about NCT. Glad the group is nice though. It'll be nice to see the baby again on Monday but I know what you mean about looking a bit weird.

    Weekender - sounds like you needed that sleep. There's no harm getting the rib pain checked out. The docs can tell you if it's normal. Enjoy Xmas shopping.

    NLH - sorry youre feeling low. Hope the bloods come back ok.

    Bertie - sounds like a good plan for tonight. Not much pressure then to have a girl :) exciting though that you'll find out soon. I really want to know and sort of wish I'd have found out now!

    Section - that's exciting about you scan. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Flossy - sorry your not going away this weekend. Enjoy shopping for baby girl outfits though :)

    Afm - I'm working from home today but still in bed at the moment! Feel a bit rubbish today so think I might be getting a cold. Got my anti d injection later and also get to see where the hospital is as its our first time going there since we move to the area. I think it's my last day of 2nd Tri :-S I'm scared to move over! I have a look and it's all too real over there!

    Hope everyone has a fab day.

  • Morning Ladies!

    Mrs V - Glad you slept well :)

    AR - Ooo new car... hope it arrives soon!

    Rose - Sorry to hear that about the NCT group, We call our baby our little alien because of my scan at 14 weeks lol!.. managed too see a blurry face that looked like an alien lol!

    Weekender - I would just get it checked out for peace of mind, I am sure it's prob pregnancy related but at least your know :)

    NLH - Sorry you have had a rubbish time, hope that the results come back okay

    Bertie - Haha nice too have that pressure haha! exciting that your going to be finding out soon!

    Section - Good luck for tomorrow :)

    Flossy - Sorry that your not going away this weekend but I hope you enjoy looking for baby outfits!

    LD - Haha don't blame you for being in bed, I have only just got up myself lol! Hope it doesn't develop into a cold! Good luck in 3rd Tri!!

    AFM - Not much baby wise, I think I am getting bigger! I feel huge at night lol!

    I have been looking at a new pram online... It's not to everyone's cup of tea but I love it! Here it is if you want to have a look -

    Going to drag H out before we meet up with his parents too have a look at it and see If I like it in real life!

    Not much else to report :)

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