**Friday 2nd Tri**

I'm in work early this morning so instead of actually working thought I'd start the thread!

Hope everyone is ok. I've had a really hectic week and so am knackered today. Went to my friends baby shower last night which was nice. Mine next :)

Baby wise feeling lots of movements which is nice (not quite so nice when its the middle of the night!!). Off to an NCT sale tomorrow to hopefully find some bargains.


  • Morning Mrs V! Sorry to hear your work's been hectic, thank goodness it's Friday :) Lovely about the kicks ... I wonder why they do them in the middle of the night? My little monkey does it a lot too!  Enjoy the NCT sale, I am hoping to get to one too if I get myself in gear!

    AFM last day of annual leave today, boo :( Our tv signal has been awful since we moved in here so we're waiting in for the tv man to see what's up with it, and I was hoping to maybe go to the cinema and see the new Romeo and Juliet film but not sure now. Had a sweet moment yesterday where OH put his head to my belly and told the baby he was looking forward to meeting him and he did a giant kick in response! He must have known it was daddy talking to him <3

  • I'm so tired!

    Mrs V- Let us know how the NCT sale is. There's one here in a few weeks that I'm thinking aboutmgoingnto but not sure if it's worth it. Is anyone signed up to NCT classes? I'm pretty sure I will be doing them, although more for the potential social side than the actual classes as my few friends with babies don't live that close.

    Awww Rose, that's so cute of your H!

    Looking forward to an easy day at work today as my boss is off. Have a meeting with HR this morning to go through maternity stuff, I have a few questions to ask but sure I'll miss out something important! My little brother is back from a month away tomorrow so looking forward to seeing him. I had to tell him I'm pregnant over text so it's the first time I get to see him. Think he'll be a great uncle, but definitely the one buying all the noisy toys!

  • I'm starting my NCT classes in November Flossy, will let you know how they are! Like you the main reason we signed up is because I only have one friend with kids and she lives about 4 hours from me!

  • Hello ladies!

    I feel rubbish, this is about the 5th week of 60+ hours and it's getting to me. Didn't get on the thread yesterday, though Weds was nice as we went to a pub quiz with friends. I'm working this weekend but next weekend hubby is also off so I am planning zero work for those 2 days.

  • Hi everyone

    Haven't been on here for a few days.

    Mrs V- Hope you pick up some bargains tomorrow. I am off to a NCT sale tomorrow too!

    Rose- how lovely for your H. My youngest used to do something funny. He would be moving around and then when I was get my H to feel he would stop. every single time!

    Flossy - have fun with your brother and have a relaxing day at work.

    Counter- Gosh you are working a lot. Hope the week will zoom by and you can enjoy your weekend next week!

    AFM- Not a lot to report! I still haven't managed to tell work I am pregnant yet! I only work one day a week, I had planned to tell my head yesterday. He was on a course all morning. I was teaching all afternoon, he popped in to ask me to cover a class at the end of the day. I did this and marked some books, by the time I had got down to his office he had gone home! So next week it will be then...I will be 16 weeks by then! I'm not really sleeping lots. Am waking in the night and staying awake for hours. Have also developed a headache which isn't shifting! I think my appetite may be coming back at last. I have lost 10lbs so far this pregnancy. I am not overly big- am size 12 but have literally been able to eat nothing most days! Gosh that does sound like a moan! I am taking the boys to soft play this morning. Hopefully it'll tire them out!

    ETA- I take it all back about feeling well! I have just thrown my breakfast back up!

  • Morning everyone.

    This is my first day on 2nd tri as i'm 14 weeks today. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    Mrs v - We got so much stuff from NCT sales before P was born. They are fab, you need to get there early though and be prepared to use your elbows!

    Rose - Bet your H loved that!

    Flossy enjoy your time with your brother

    Counter - your work seems so hectic! Sounds like you enjoy it despite the hard work though!

    s4 - the not sleeping is rubbish. i've had nights like that already and i suddenly remembered how pants it is!

    AFM - well i feel odd at the moment. My symptoms have all eased off and i'm beginning to be able to eat sort of normally again. but i don't really feel pregnant yet - just fat! I have felt the baby again this morning which is nice, have been feeling him/her on and off for a few weeks now already. I felt P at 16 weeks though so i'm not surprised this one is early too. I was trying to remember last night when the 20 week scan appointment comes through, i'd a feeling it was quite a way in advance but i suipoose it could be ages yet.

  • Morning ladies,

    Mrs V - Bet you're glad its Friday. That's nice about the movements. Do they wake you up in the night?

    Rose - That's really cute about the baby kicking when your H spoke to him. Are you all settled into your new house now?

    Flossy - Good luck for your meeting with HR. I have booked NCT classes because I don't know many people where I live but our classes aren't until January which I thought was ok until Rose said hers are in November! Oh well.

    Counter - Sorry you feel rubbish. And I thought I worked long hours!

    S4 - Sorry you are still feeling sick and not sleeping. That's quite a lot of weight to lose.

    Welcome to 2nd tri AR. I think my 20 week scan was booked when I had my 12 week one so I knew for ages.

    AFM - Work has been really stressful this week and it's making me think my mat leave is at the worst time possible but there's not much I can do about it now, so no point worrying :) On a positive note, my H felt the baby move loads last night which was lovely.

  • Rose - that's lovely. H is still yet to feel baby kick as he keeps stopping when he's there!

    Flossy - I'll let you know! I've got on idea what to expect. I've signed up as a member so I can get there early. Yes I'm planning to do NCT classes and I think there is one near me which will start in January. Enjoy your meeting, I don't get one as I work in HR!!

    Counter - Hope work calms down for you soon.

    Section4 - I wouldn't worry, you have a while left until you need to tell them legally. Although the sooner you do the sooner they can arrange risk assessments for you.

    AR - Welcome to second tri! I know I've heard that about the sales, it seems a bit unbelievable. My mums coming with me so I'm sure she will hate it if its like that!!

  • Little Dude - No I don't think that's what wakes me up but I was awake at 4am this morning and baby was very active! Sorry you are stressed at work but you won't care when it comes to leaving I'm sure as baby is more important :)

  • Mornign All

    been in a meeting all morning so only just had time to log on! sorry i can't do personals but hope your all ok and if i dont get back on have a good weekend x

  • LD- We're getting there! The lounge is nearly done and then we need to think about re-decorating upstairs (including the baby's room which is currently dark orange!!) but all in good time :)

    My NCT classes run over quite a few weeks so maybe that's why mine start so early- though they finish at Christmas so a whole month and a half before my due date which does seem early! Weird eh!

  • MrsV, yay to lots of movements! Tip for tomorrows sale, take a big Ikea bag or similar to put things in while you look round, keeps your hands free. Hope you get some bargains, see you looking fir anything in particular?

    Rose, that's lovely that baby is responding to their daddy, love fluffy things like this!

    Flossy, hope it went ok with HR, enjoy your time with your brother tomorrow x

    Counter, I don't know how you do yhe hours you do! Look after yourself and bump x

    Section4, sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish. Hope you can rest over the weekend

    AR, welcome to 2nd tri! I'm with you on feeling odd. I'm not feeling much movement, just odd thing here and there and I'm feeling my normal self. I sometimes forget I'm pregnant till I see my bump Laugh

    NLH Wave hope work isn't too busy!

    All well here, finished work for the day and off to get M some winter boots this afternoon and I need new bras, mine are too tight! Hoping H will treat us to dinner out tonight but we shall see! Not much planned for weekend, H is no longer going to footy tomorrow and is treading carefully round me just now after my hormonal outburst during the week. Which is actually quite nice, he's doing more housework, making me more cups of tea, telling me to put my feet up. Honestly, I'd recommend it ladies Laugh

    Hope you are all doing ok x

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