**friday 2nd tri**


Im up for the last school run of the week, hope I get a lie in tomorrow! I think I may have felt odd movements but not sure, you wouldn't think it's my second time lol gender scan tomorrow, can't wait! 

See if I can add a pic of my hair, I love it. 


  • Morning!

    Isis, yeay for movements! It's hard at first isn't it as I wasn't sure if it was baby or trapped wind! Looking forward to a hair pic.

    Afm, I'm running a workshop today and I had a dream last night that one of the participants really bullied me in it, can't wait to tell her. Think we have another weekend if chores coming up but can't wait for a lie in too x

  • Ooh Isis, are you going to reveal the results of your scan tomorrow? Hope baby complies! x

  • Morning!

    Ohh Isis cant wait to see what you are having. Very jealous as I am dying to know!

    Mrsp hope the workshop goes well.

    nowt happening here - my friend from spain is staying. The dog woke her at . 5am crying to get in from the kitchen lol. Oops. Nursery & toddlers this morning.

    Have found another gymnastics to try on sunday for Aaron which would solve our transport problems on monday afternoons. Fingers crossed he enjoys it as its cheaper too.

    Ck 21+0! :-D

  • Morning Ladies

    isis - cant wait to see your scan, i keep getting the odd sensation ive not felt before but not sure if its baby or my organs moving about lol

    Morning CK

    Morning Mrs P

    AFM - another sleepless night here, so uncomfortable and really sore, today I am off to Bluewater with a friend who is two weeks ahead of me to  look at Buggies! this is keeping me happy today! i think i must of missed the Hair talk, but however i coloured my hair (not letting the colour touch my scalp) and the colour has come out so differently to how its meant to be, I was going to do it darker as its such high maintanence but its come out lighter than ever! must be the surge of hormones

  • I'll definitely be telling, I'm rubbish at keeping things like this a secret lol appointment is at 2.30 so you'll all have to wait!

    MrsP, I've had what I guess feels like wind but then nothing happens and well with wind there's usually something to follow!!

    Ck, do you think you're having a girl? Or really not sure? Hope Aaron likes the gymnastics, I'd love Jude to do it but we're having quiet after school and weekends til Christmas at least.

    Nlh, I'm glad you sound a bit brighter, enjoy browsing :) have you thought about an osteopath for the sciatica?

  • Good morning ladies!!

    Isis- it probably is movements, i was unsure for ages but in hindsight it was! Apparently you feel them sooner with your 2nd one too!

    Mrs P- hope no one does bully you!!!

    CK hope you all have a lovely day, do you have any plans while your friend is staying?

    NLH- have fun buggie shopping! Ive heard that you can't dye your hair lighter when pregnant as the dye doesnt hold, not sure about dak though. the only thing that has been effecting my colour is the sun has faded it loads! off to hairdressers next week though! yay!

    Had a lovely meal at our friends house last nigh but mad my tummy funny. had the reaction ive had with spicy food during the pregnancy but the meal wasnt spicy??!!

    Off to meat a friend in town for lunch today as he works from home on Fridays! need to pop to new look to change a top and got to M&S to buy some new pants! Ho exciting, might even get measured for a new bra while i there!

    H has a gig everyday over the weekend so not sure yet what im going to do with myself!

  • Not sure if that will work and its a terrible pic as my hair went wavy in the wind but its a dip dye effect, blond on the bottom and much darker on top plus the frInge is new! 

    i don't have any problems with hair dye taking in pregnancy but I have quite adaptable hair I think. 

  • isis - that looks awsome

  • Happy Friday!

    Isis - Yey for your scan tomorrow. I'm going to stay team yellow but I really want to know too! I love the hair.

    Mrs P - hope the workshop goes well.

    CK - hope the new gymnastics goes down well on Sunday.

    NLH - I didn't know that about hair dye. Enjoy bluewater.

    Mrs B - that strange about your reaction to meat. Was it marinated or anything? Enjoy your shopping trip.

    Afm - I'm on holiday yey! Going to st Ives today but it's going to be a leisurely drive down there. Really need to start packing though. I had a weird dream that my baby was born walking and talking and it had a serious attitude problem haha.

  • Cool hair isis!!

    Little Dude- im a veggie so there was no meat. i did have some pineapple in the morning which i think was about to turn so it may have been that but my 'reaction' happed after the evening meal! Will just eat beige food today! Enjoy your holiday!

    Before i was pregnant i had a few dreams where i had a baby and it aged really quickly so at a few days old it was walking,talking and being rude!

  • Afternoon all

    Isis - I've been getting the same. I am starting to see my bump change shape when I feel the movements so I'm sure it must be baby now! Love the hair.

    Mrs P - enjoy the lie in.

    CK - I hope your friend doesn't mind dogs :) Hope Aaron likes the gymnastics.

    NLH - Enjoy looking at buggies, have you got any idea what you want yet?

    Mrs B - If I was you I would enjoy watching trashy tv and putting my feet up whilst your H is away!

    LD - Enjoy St Ives its lovely down there. Hopefully the traffic shouldn't be too bad for you as schools are back.

    AFM - TFI Friday! Looking forward to a lovely lie in tomorrow and shopping with some friends. Must get some new bras though as boobs are getting massive!

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