**friday 2nd tri**

Morning all. Last day of work! Well last few hours as we break up at lunchtime and I'll be in late as I have mw this morning. Rescan went well yesterday, baby was much calmer and we saw everything we needed to and she rechecked his growth. Definitely the opposite to little P, growing very well with long legs. All the men in both our families are over 6ft, H being 6'3 so I'm suddenly concerned about having a giant baby!! I'm only 5'3 so there's not that much space in there! Happy Frid


  • Happy Friday not frid!!!
  • Very glad rescan went well! About baby's size, my son is over 6ft 6 but he wasn't ridiculously long so I don't know how much it correlates necessarily, I'm worried about a massive baby too but so far no one has suggested that so I'm still in denial :)

    Very jealous that you're breaking up! Enjoy the last day.

    AFM, more battles in the workplace. I did a full-on flounce yesterday and got really arsey with someone (VERY justified after they cost me the best part of 3 working days by being useless) and I bet they're just rolling their eyes going 'Alert! Emotional pregnant lady in the house...' Lol.

    So excited for it to be the weekend. Must dash. Need to be at work for 7.30 meeting. Gah.

    Hello to those coming later!

  • Morning ladies

    AR, glad scan went well, not long till lunchtime!

    Counter, your work sounds like much harder work than I could be bothered with, good on you for putting up with them!

    AFM, I'm feeling not quite right today :( can't quite put my finger on what it is. Got busy day with work this morning, Ms nursery Christmas party this afternoon which we have to go with her to since she's not usually in on a Fri afternoon, then my work night out tonight. At least tomorrow is quieter and hopefully I'll get a sleep.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok xx

  • Ooh according to my ticker there's only 99 days to go, down to double digits!!

  • Happy Friday everyone!

    AR, glad the rescan went well and that the don't seem to be any issue growth-wise. Enjoy the last day of work.

    Counter, sorry work is still rubbish, it's acceptable to give annoying colleagues a slap if you're pregnant right?

    Weekender, sorry you're not feeling great, sounds like you've got a busy day planned, hope it all goes well. And yay to double digits, scary and exciting at the same time!

    Afm, midwife went well yesterday and I got to hear the heartbeat which was lovely. I'm off work with J today, no plans for the morning especially but baby swimming this afternoon where I will be trialling my new tankini. (With extra bikini top underneath to stop it looking too porny, the tankini boob coverage is aimed at the average, and my boobs are a little ridiculous right now, and not in a good way. :-( )

  • At im so jealous, I need a job like yours!!

    Counter I'm not jealous I don't want a job like yours haha  I did get to write all my cards at work yesterday haha

    Weekender, that's a busy one make sure you take some time for yourself!

    Afm- getting nervous again now ass can day is Monday , also still waiting for our genetics results. And the last few nights iv slept rough without any toilet stops, which is making me feel something is wrong??

  • Ar not at!!!

  • Monnie, try to make the most of sleeping through, I don't think I was up for toilet visits at 16 weeks so I'm sure all is ok. I'm one to talk though as I've worried about every twinge, slight symptom, worried if I wake on my back, worried if baby doesn't start moving immediately when I wake in the morning, I worried until 20wk scan that something would be wrong with baby, worried since that I'll start bleeding (extremely low placenta that is fully covering the cervix so can cause painless bleeding as it's not properly attached to uterus wall) so am still on knicker watch at almost 26 weeks. Pregnancy is an extremely worrying time - I think until they are safe lying in front of you you worry. Then once they are here you worry about them Laugh

  • SG, love hearing heartbeat! Hope the tankini does the job Laugh

  • Morning all!

    AR - yay for finishing for Christmas! Glad all went well with the rescan. At our 20 week scan ours was measuring on the tall side but as H is 6'3 it's understandable...although I'm only 5'1 so hoping she's not too big!

    Counter - how annoying, I'm sure the colleague deserved the flounce! Just a few more hours to the weekend!

    Weekender - busy day! What's your work night out? We have our company Christmas party on Tuesday but I'm not really that interested. Think I'll just go along for a hour or so.

    SG - glad the midwife went well, it's so lovely to hear the heartbeat isn't it. I really thought you were further along than 16 weeks! Enjoy swimming!

    Monnie - hope you have something nice planned over the weekend to disctract yourself from thinking about Monday. I haven't actually been getting up in the night to go the loo at all! I'm 24 weeks now, and I go lots in the day, and always need to go as soon as I wake up but so far haven't been waking in the night (sure that'll change), so don't necessarily worry too much, just enjoy the unbroken sleep!

    AFM, very glad it's Friday! Looking forward to getting home and putting on my pyjamas tonight and not moving from the sofa. Just threw a strop at H because I couldn't park the car...definitely a case of hormonal pregnant woman!

    Think that the little one has moved positions a bit as I'm feeling her kicking inside me more than on my stomach, almost as though she's stood up! Fortunately it doesn't hurt, but definitely feels a bit weird. Apart from that still feeling pretty good. Starting to think that we should get on with buying things but every time I go on any websites I get overwhelmed and just look at the baby clothes instead!

  • Morning

    AR- enjoy your last day. I finished yesterday. Back now on 9th Jan!

    Counter- hope your meeting went OK. Enjoy your weekend

    Weekender- sorry you don't feel great. Hope M's party is OK but more importantly enjoy your night out!

    SG- have fun swimming

    Moonie- I am 24 weeks and rarely have to get up to go to the toilet. Enjoy the full night of sleep when you can.

    Flossy- a nice relaxing evening sounds bliss!

    AFM- have had a busy week. Christmas plays.....christmas concerts.....Had lunch on Wednesday with the lovely Jennilola who is expecting her baby next week. I say lunch.....we both had 3 courses! As a bonus it was child free for both of us! I was at work yesterday- last day until 9th January and then I will be on a major countdown.

    Yesterday was also 'V' day for me. So considering the news we had on Monday it is a major milestone. I never got back to the thread on Tuesday but someone did ask if I had had pre eclampsia before. The amswer is yes. Quite severely with my first child. She was born at 31 weeks by emergency section. We had a long haul through NICU- 117 days, she was also oxygen dependant until she was 18 months. However,  she is now a wonderful 6 year old and you would never guess she had those problems. This is why I am high risk.

    I think I will take the 2 boys to softplay today. Tomorrow I have a mother and daughter day along with a friend and her daughter. We are going to head to a Christmas Market with the girls and have lunch out, so that should be nice.

  • Morning,

    AR- Enjoy your last morning! Glad the scan went well, i found our little girl to be much calmer on the rescan :)

    Counter- Sorry work is still bad for you. Almost time for your lovely family weekend so hopefully that will get you through today.

    Weekender- Busy day today! Hope M enjoys the part and you have fun tonight, what is it your doing? Double didgits, wooo!

    SG- Where did you find the tankini in the end? Glad your app went well and you got to hear the heartbeat :)

    Monnie- Try not to worry, symptoms come and go. Hope the weekend goes quick for you.

    Flossy- I get those kicks sometimes where she kicks lower down, feels very odd! Sometimes it makes me need a wee lol. I know what you mean by getting overhwelmed! I wrote a list last night so hopefully will be ticking things off soon. Enjoy your night on the sofa.

    AFM- Friday! Had a chilled night last night, baby was kicking loads and H felt quite a few of them which was nice. Woke up at around 6 to my belly wobbly everyhere due to her moving which was lovely :) Just in with a movie tonight and then meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow. Hopefully a lazy weekend!

  • S4- Sorry I must have posted at the same time. Yay to v day. That was me that asked the other day. Gosh, must have been so stressful for you but great that she is a healthy 6 year old! Must be reasurring that you are being monitored closely this time. Christmas market a girls day sounds lovely, enjoy!

  • On phone, just popping in to say we got back to England today, had midwife appt at 2 and heard the happy little 155bpm heartbeat :). Happy to hear that you heard yours  too, SG!  

    Question, though I doubt anyone will be back on this evening, but just in case: did anyone not get their blood results from booking back at their 16-wk appt??  I had booking in 5 weeks ago today, but the results weren't back yet?  I'm off to Canada on Tuesday and I wasn't to be sure all was fine, even though I'm thinking it must be.  They said they would call if anything was wrong, because otherwise I wouldn't be finding out until February!

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