**friday 2nd tri**

Morning all. How is everyone? We've had a lovely couple of days with family and loads of food. My parents have had now power so we ended up hosting much of the last 2 days which was fun but tiring. Going to visit my friends week old newborn today, sil popping in this afternoon then a quiet evening by ourselves which will be lovely! Pregnancy wise all good, baby wriggly as ever!


  • morning AR,

    Sounds like a lovely few days you've been having. I'm just having breakfast then finishing packing so we can set off to my mum's for almost a week! Cannot wait, been making plans to meet up with friends and family so should be really enjoyable.

    Baby wise, seemed a bit quieter last night but moving around again this morning, so all seems well.

    Hope everyone else is good. Will try to get on over next few days but WiFi connection at my mum's can be dodgyx

  • Morning!

    AR - your poor parents! Good job you live close by, sounds like a nice couple of days.

    I'm up for work this morning which is rubbish, planning on staying till lunch then catching a train to the inlaws to see H. Can't wait to see him! I feel huge at the moment though, and liable to throw a grump if anyone makes a comment about how big I am. Have to say, I'm not very comfortable with people touching my bump, I find it all a bit weird. Feeling be really achy and stretchy today, assuming that she's having a bit of a growth spurt in there. Midwife said she's lying across and I can definitely feel part of her sticking out of one side which is making it a bit hard to sleep as I'm paranoid I'm squishing her! On the plus side because I've slept on my own for the last couple of nights I've had some great nights sleep!

    Hi to all who follow x

    oh weekender, missed you there. Have a lovely time at your mums. Bet it'll be nice to have a few days away! Almost 3rd tri time for you too!

  • Weekender enjoy your mums, I bet it'll be so relaxing! Flossy I hate anyone except H touching my bump and I'm pretty quick to step back if anyone looks like they're reaching for it!! You must be so excited about seeing your H!!
  • I really am AR! Feels like it's been ages since I saw him on Monday morning. I really don't fancy going to work today, so it was only the thought of seeing him later that got me out of bed. Have to admit, Christmas Day I didn't really miss him that much as it was lovely to see family, really missed him yesterday though to make up for it! Glad I'm not alone on the bump touching, I feel really rude but I can feel myself wincing when people touch it!

  • Hi ladies,

    well done on saving Christmas AR, your poor folks! Today sounds great.

    Weekender, sounds like you're going to have a marvellous few days :)

    Flossy! I'm in the office and v grumpy about it too! Remembering these days now are all extra days earned back for my mat leave so trying not to be a witch lol. Not surprised you're looking forward to seeing hubby, Christmas all over again?! Don't worry about not loving the bump touching, only one person has done it to me and I'm really fond of her, and I didn't much like it. I loathed it when preg with Harry. In fact, I don't remember hearing any mum-to-be say they love it lol.

    Awake a lot in night listening to winds and generally feeling twitchy and achy around the tummy. And baby was jittering something chronic, as opposed to rolling and kicking, freaked me out a bit! Plus dog was poorly (our fault) so it was a rubbish night. Yesterday was awesome. Didn't get dressed, ate my weight in leftovers and watched 9 episodes of Hannibal under a blanket. Proper down-time!

  • Oh good god, 3rd tri starts tomorrow! That's creeped up on me!

    Flossy enjoy getting your H back! I'd really miss mine if I hadn't seen him. Hope work goes quickly x

    Counter, your day yesterday sounds bliss, the kind of day I would love. Hope work is easy today x

  • Counter, your day yesterday sounds very similar to mine! Me and mum always kick the boys out to the football as early as possible, surround ourselves with snacks and wine (juice for me yesterday!) and watch films/trashy tv. It was bliss!  I made sure we did it this year as next year I'm predicting that Boxing Day will be spent playing with various noisy/plastic toys!

  • good morning Ladies

    AR - awww newborn cuddles are the best im so jealous !

    Weekender- glad you had some movements  xx

    Flossy- im glad im not the only one in work today :-( it sucks doesnt it

    counter - hows the dog this morning hun ?

    AFM- i have a feeling im suffering from round ligament pain, however what iv read online says it needs to be confirmed by a medical professional, now my midwife never gets back to me on a normal day, i cant imagine her contacting me during the xmas holidays, but im reluctant to go to A&E over it ?

    i cant go to labour ward until im 20 weeks, and EPU need a referral from the midwife?

    i thought i was constipated in the week, then iv felt a bit gassy, but iv had some bad cramping and when i move suddenly i get sharp pain on the left bottom side of my bump ?

  • Monnie - do you have a midwife resource? In my area there's a number for the midwife base and you just get anyone who answers, but it's some contact at least. Or maybe call EPU and just ask for the number you need? But you are probably right, you're definitely in a stretchy phase :)

    Lily is just fragile now, I got up for work to find she'd 'been' in our bathroom despite 4 trips to the garden in the night. Our own fault I'm sure. Christmas tidbits we swore we wouldn't give her... I think we all secretly do it and think we're each the only one who does!

  • Monnie, I'd try calling mw, if she doesnt get back to you call epu and ask what you should do. Def get seen though esp if the cramping is worrying you. I had cramping last week (accompanied by lots of toilet visits) mw told me to rest for a day and call back if I had any bleeding or reduced movements. I didn't, and after some rest it all stopped thank good ess, but it's always reassuring to at least speak to someone and get their advice.

  • counter- honey got a full roast dinner on xmas day haha ! plus bits from her doggy stocking! we all do it !

    thanks ladies, iv just called my midwife and it went to voicemail, with no forwarding number-shes so useless,

    i will see how i go today and i think i might call my diabetes midwives as they seem to be really helpful in any situation !

  • Well, hope you feel fine very soon Monnie :)

    Weekender, are you in the due date list? I had a browse and couldn't see you. Also a couple of ladies we don't see in the tri threads, big wave to them if they're lurkers!

  • i spoke to my midwife and she agress is probably round ligament pain, but do need to make a drs appt to be on the safe side, so will book an appt today :-)

  • I've been on the train for an hour, in the quiet coach and I'm on the verge of flipping out at the guy behind me. He's been on the phone for the last 40 minutes talking absolute rubbish to some woman he's trying to chat up. Serious pregnant woman rage boiling up here!

    Monnie - glad you got hold of the midwife. I wouldn't even know who to call as I'm being seen by midwives at two different places...I should probably find out in case I need them.

    Random question - is anyone carrying their hospital notes around with them yet? My mum keeps pestering me too (they never stop worrying do they?!) but I'm worried I'll lose them! I did mean to bring them with me to the inlaws this weekend but completely forgot!

  • flossy- i dont but i think we are supposed to in the 2nd tri nd i cant remember why i think that? i normally keep them in my car but they are indoors at the moment so will remember to put them back in the car

  • Flossy I'll be keeping my notes in the car when I go back to work after the holidays. I had to twice to go triage from work with p and first time didn't have my notes. I work 2 mins from hospital and now live 30mins away so it'd be a pain to have to get them if I needed them. Other than work i only took them on long journeys/trips away etc as otherwise i could always go home.
  • I guess I should probably start carrying them after Christmas then..oops! I work two hours from my hospital and get the train so I don't really want to carry them all the time. Perhaps I'll leave them in the car as if I needed to go to hospital I'd probably pick up the car on the way. I guess the main thing they'd need to know would be about my blood type (I've got the one that means I need the anti-d injection) if I didn't happen to have my notes on me. They're just too big to carry round everywhere!

  • Flossy, mine are in the car and have been from the off, but then - a lot of stuff lives in my car!

    You could always take pics with your phone of the key pages if you're at all concerned, email the pics to hubby then you have the most urgent/recent stuff to hand. I wouldn't want to lug mine around on the train either!

  • Hello ladies

    Sorry for lack of personals on phone so tricky. SOUNDS like everyone has had a lovely Christmas. L was well and truly spoilt and had a ball.H bought me my ergo carrier so was well chuffed. I like getting useful things lol. Trying to sort out house today but it's a slow process. Went to next sale yesterday and bought baby things so just trying to sort all that too before returning to work. Baby wise Last week of second trimester lots of kicks and generally feel massive.

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