**Friday 2nd tri***

I hope I'm not being dumb and there's already a thread somewhere!

How are we all? I have my 20 week scan today at 4.20. Very excited to see baby again :D 


  • Morning!

    Really need to stop lurking in the first tri thread and post properly in here!

    H is on a stag weekend tomorrow so looking forward to a nice evening with him tonight before some time on my own on the sofa this weekend! Seeing a friend tomorrow and her little 4 week old so looking forward to cuddles.

    How exciting for your 20 week scan! Are you finding out the sex? Bet you can't wait to see baby again, I'm counting days till mine but it's still a while away.

  • Morning

    OB - hope all goes well at the scan today x

    flossy - welcome to the 2nd tri :-)

    Just getting ready to drop Aaron at nursery this morning and then I am off to toddlers with Phoebe. Have a meeting with school this afternoon to see how A is getting on and due a report from speech therapist so hoping it arrives before the meeting!

    Ck 24+0 :-D x

  • Morning ladies!

    OB yay for scan day!!! I hate end of day appointments as time seems to drag so I hope you have a busy day and it flies in! Be sure to flash later!

    Flossy defo post more!!! Sounds like a jubbly weekend. I simultaneously miss my H when he's away while thoroughly enjoying the couch to myself! Enjoy!

    CK - hope you get the report and the meeting goes well.

    Not much to report here. Living quietly, sleeping loads and still waiting for this baby to poke out and start kicking me! Ha! Off to Edinburgh for the night...oh and v exciting actually...tomorrow I'm meeting a fellow MDer, my PP and mother of my pester baby! Very excited!!!

  • Hello

    I have come to sneak in. I am now 14+1

    OB- good luck for your scan

    Flossy- enjoy the peace and quiet this weekend and having cuddles with the newborn.

    CK- Enjoy your day. I have just seen your photo on FB- you are looking food.

    AFM- I am now in 2nd tri. This is baby number 4 for me and will be my 4th c section- hence the name change. I have quite a complicated pregnancy history- i am sure this one will be no different! Manic day today ahead of me. I have just dropped my oldest to school. It was her birthday yesterday and she has a class birthday party tomorrow. So shortly I will be heading to the kitchen to make 40 cupcakes to then ice and add cake toppers....as well as the party food boxes for tomorrow! I then need to take a friend's little girl to get some school uniform for her. They moved into the area  during the summer and a school place has only be sorted now for her.....LA took that long..... she is in hospital, the dad is stressed with that and looking after the other kids so I said I would take her to get her new uniform. So after A's party tomorrow I am going to rest!

  • Morning!

    OB Good luck for the scan, look forward to a pic

    Hi Flossy, that sounds lovely for tonight and tomorrow!

    CK Hope the meeting goes well. Is the speech therapy going well? My friends little boy is just starting

    SP Hows the bump going? Are you starting to notice the podge? I hope you have a good time tonight, I'm SOOOO looking forward to catching up tomorrow! Great plans for a sat :) You at work today?

    Section4 that sounds like a very busy day! I hope your friend is ok. You honestly sound like super mum, I'd be all over the place trying to juggle everything. How's things going so far with this pregnancy? Are you feeling ok?

    AFM not a great deal to report. Super glad it's friday, it's been a long week! Totally looking forward to tomorrow to see SP and other than that, planning a pretty easy weekend! x

  • MDD Yeah I'm at work. Boooooo! And yes, still podgy! Ha ha!

    Sect4 - That's a hectic time you are having of it!! I defo hope you find time to rest. Those of us having our 1st babies really don't know what fatigue is!! Hope it all goes well.

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