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**friday 3rd tri**



  • Yep, I'm in Shenfield but used to live about 5 minutes down the road from Queens!

  • as per usual I am online late! read through all of your posts!

    baby out vibes for those who want them! including myself!

    went to consultants yesterday and got to see my original doctor! he performed a sweep (my my my he had big hands) but he couldn't do it properly as my cervix was too high! he made me put my fists under my bum and push down as if i was pushing baby out? was all a bit odd! but he said i had a high pain threshold

    so i am back again next week for another try! im so frustrated! i just want baby out now! i told him that the past two visits i've had have been with two different doctors and i've had two different opinions! he said to me that i am not to go to the birthing centre as the last doctor suggested and i have to stay on the labour ward!

    so all in all got to wait another week!

  • I'm in Wickford!

  • Bit late on, will try to get back on for personals. great news to those of you finishing work today! Weekender- sorry it's been crappy at hopsital, hope speakin to the doctor goes ok, let us know.

    Had whooping cough jab yesterday. So glad it's Friday, slept better last night but woke a 5 and normally little gilry is so wriggly in the night and it stops me sleeping, but she wasnt, so I waited until I felt her to nod back off again. Funny how they keep you awake bouncing around when you want to sleep and when you dont feel them you worry.

  • NLH- I am in Hornchurch so VERY close to Queens!

  • I'm shivering, in the new nursery, hemming ikea curtains, and it's so cold my breath is visible. Slightly different to a posh Covent Garden hotel and a romantic meal!

  • Oh I have won Ickes to the Baby Show next weekend :-)

  • Counter- Hope you feel in a better mood soon x

    NLH- Hope things start moving for you soon

  • Oh and S4- well done enjoy it

  • Section 4 who is your consultant at queens and how have you found it???

  • I have Ms O. To be honest she has been fab. She has been my consultant for the last 3 pregnancies. I actually requested her and she feels me with  a lot of confidence. In my first pregnancy I was given a named consultant. Didn't actually see him (Mr T). However, after I had a pre term birth, pre eclampsia and then went on to miscarry again I went to see him and I found him to be rude and awful that I decided I couldn't go through a high risk pregnancy under him.

    Who is your consultant? Are you having your baby in the birth centre? I have heard really good things about it.

  • I've got Mr T as my consultant... He done my sweep yesterday! He is very blunt I must say!!! I'm seeing him again next week! No I'm having baby on Labour ward because of my previous health history, it was suggested by another doctor for me to go to the birthing centre but he has said I'm not allowed. I've heard really good things about the birthing centre, every room has its own pool and its meant to feel like a really lovely place to have your baby!

    Its a pain we are so far away from that hospital by rights I could be under basildon or Broomfield as they are closest however I've been seeing Mr T for over a year from when we were planning to get pregnant and I see the neurologists there too so I decided to stay under there when we moved

  • The birthing centre at Queens does look lovely. The girls in my NCT class who are going there have all said how nice it is. I have to say in a bit jealous, but have a fear of getting stuck in Saturday afternoon traffic on the way to Queens otherwise I probably would have changed my mind and gone for Queens over Broomfield.

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