**friday 3rd tri**

Morning! No thread yet, I hope everyone is fast asleep. I hope we have a BA from ld today!! Nothing to report here really 33 weeks today. Been having nightmares about giant babies after growth scan yesterday. Feels a bit odd as they were originally to check he was big enough after p and now they're talking about hurrying him along because of his size versus mine. Woken up with weird pain in my ribs and right shoulder which I'll keep an eye on. Last day of half term. Boo.


  • Morning AR

    Yay to 33 weeks. Def keep an eye on those sore ribs and shoulder, maybe actually call and mention to your midwife along with the headaches just for reassurance.

    All ok here, glad it's Friday! H will be home from work at lunchtime hopefully we can do something nice this afternoon :) 36 weeks tomorrow, yay!

    Baby out vibes to LD, hope we see a BA soon! And to Isis and anyone else who wants them x

  • Morning AR! That's horrible when you have baby related nightmares :( it must be strange going from one extreme to another with the size of your babies though. What will you do with your last day off?

    I had a rough night...funnily enough due to baby dreams too. Because I had those two workshops yesterday I was plagued by birthing dreams/thoughts that kept me awake! As for the actual workshops - the BF one was helpful in terms of positioning and attaching (pretending to feed a plastic doll was a mini bit awkward!) the relaxation/breathing workshop didn't tell me anything I haven't read but it was good to reinforce helpful birthing ideas. Quiet day today - yay! Will iron some baby clothes and perhaps sort out some holiday photos into a photo book. Still in bed - my bump has the hiccups!

    LD hope you are okay!!! Can't wait for the news!

    NLH any joy with the sweep?


  • Sorry missed you WE! Is your mum still with you? How are you managing? Delighted for you that you've nearly crossed the 36 week line!! Enjoy the afternoon with your H!

  • Hey

    Autumnrose def get checked out if your not feeling right x

    Weekender hope you have a nice day x

    Afm had a total meltdown yesterday with stress at work and home. PIL came home after being away 7 weeks so went to visit them and return their dog. Really wish I could stay in bed today but had too much staff off this week to consider it x Babywise was very achy last night bit otherwise ok x
  • Missed ypu sweetpea have a nice relaxing day x
  • Morning campers

    Ar- I really don't trust their weight predictions I've heard so many people that were weyyyyy off, for instance my hypnobirthing teacher was told her baby was going to be around 11lb at birth she was told months in advance, and then he was born at 7lb something. Try not to let it worry you. I have confidence your body prepares a baby that is bog eno for you to birth..... But that's my hippie side coming out lol

    Ld - thinking of you hope things are moving along smoothly for you

    We- yayyy to how far along you are now x

    Sp - boooo to baby dreams I know all about that

    Afm- well I'm 40 weeks today omg! Had a terrible night sleep my downstairs is quite uncomfortable at the moment I think its where so many people have been having a go at sweeping...the sweep went good yesterday and didn't hurt at all. I had a very dodgy tummy last night and could not get off the loo which is crazy as I haven't been able to go properly for weeks. So I think that's a sign that things are moving along

    Hopefully not too Much longer ladies, however it does seem very weird seeing people post baby out vibes for me!!! In my mind I'm still 30 wks... Lol

    Have good day all be back later

    Isis - any movement?

  • Sorry Abc I missed you, hope you have a better day today x

  • Weekender-do something relaxing this afternoon! Yay to 36 weeks, what a fab milestone after your journey!

    Sp sorry you had a pants night. Have an easy day today. Think I'll take p to the park as the suns out.

    Abc how long left at work now??

    Nlh yay to 40 weeks!!! Hope things get going.
  • Oooo NLH that does sound encouraging!!! I really hope it's the start of your body preparing! I know what you mean about still feeling 30 weeks. I'm no where near wanting baby out vibes! Lol!!

    ABC hope the day flies in - then it's the weekend and you can get some rest!

    AR lucky you with the sun being out! It's dank and overcast in Glasgow! have fun getting out and about. 

  • 1 month today I finish work Autumnrose...you still got 3 weeks?
  • Morning everyone

    AR - Oh no, I'm sure baby will be fine size wise but its hard not to get anxious about it isn't it?

    WE - Lovely that your H will be home early today, hope you manage to get out and about.

    SP - Sorry you had a bad night, good job you are having a quiet day!

    ABC - Hope you have a better day today, at least its nearly the weekend. Hope the next month goes quickly for you.

    NLH - That does sound promising, happy due date!

    LD - I hope things are progressing for you?!

    Isis - Baby out vibes!

    AFM - Having a lazy day I think. No plans at the moment. Feels weird that its Friday and I'm not overly excited about it!! No signs of baby coming, think I was a bit silly getting excited yesterday. H said he was getting impatient about baby arriving as he wants some time off. He's not the one who's been pregnant forever!!!! Men :)

  • Yep 3 weeks of 3 day weeks. Seems miles off as there is sooooo much on in mean time. 2 sets of coursework to mark, 2 year groups of mocks, 8 classes of reports to write. As well as usual planning/teaching. Going to be great fun and really good for my rising blood pressure!!!
  • Haha mrs v you can tell your H that this is going to be the hardest work holiday from work he's ever had! Hehe!!
  • Morning!

    Hope all is going well for LD - fingers crossed for a BA before the weekend!

    AR - enjoy your last day off! Try not to worry too much about the size, at least they're keeping an eye on you now. Bit worried after your post yesterday and then I saw Counter mentioned something about a 10lb-er! I'm only. 5'1 and been worrying about if the baby is going to be big but nobody has mentioned the size to me yet!

    Weekender - yay for making it to 36 weeks after everything! Enjoy your afternoon!

    SP - I'm like that after NCT class, too much in my head to sleep. Sounds like you're enjoying maternity leave!

    Abc - hope you're ok. Sometimes you just need to moan and let it all out!

    NLH - oooh, sounds like things might be happening! Baby out vibes to you!  

    AFM - still in bed as I have a midwife appointment before work. Been really moody with H the last couple of days. Just fed up of the house being such a state, and we've got friends staying tomorrow night when all I want to do is relax. Kitchen is coming along slowly so hoping I'll feel better once that's done and we can get all the stuff back in there. We haven't even touched our room or the nursery so we have furniture everywhere, it's so frustrating!

    Had our breastfeeding class last night. I'm still not convinced I'm going to be able to cope with it but hoping to give it a good try!

  • Flossy I feel your pain re the disorganisation. We have stuff everywhere from all the decorating. It's driving me mad. Particularly as I've bought new pictures/decorative bits and want to put them all up! Hopefully we'll do some this weekend. What makes you think you won't be able to bf?? If you want to I absolutely promise that it's worth the tricky bits getting going, it gets soooooooo easy once established. Whipping a boob out it's much less hassle than bottles :-)
  • Oh AR that's a busy few weeks! My last fortnight at work was crazy busy and as much as I was on my knees by the end it did go in quickly. Hope it's the same for you!

    Mrs V you never know! Losing your plug is significant! Your H is in for a shocker!!! Ha ha! Hope you gave him a suitably scathing look!

    Flossy - I feel your pain as we were doing it this time last year. I hated the carnage! Can't imagine what it would be like this pregnant and hormonal though! What worries you most about BF? Our advisor yesterday said if you can get through the first 4-6 weeks then the vast majority of problems will be overcome...that feels like a long time if it's a struggle! I'm worried too but similarly will try my best.

  • Oh there's no real reason. I think it's because you only tend to read about people's problems and it seems like there's just one hurdle after another to overcome and I'm not sure I have the willpower for it...I know that sounds terrible and feels awful to admit. Also, I really can't get my head around doing it in public and the thought scares me. It's completely ridiculous as when I see people doing it it doesn't even register and I know the majority of people don't care (or notice), but I hate drawing attention to myself at all, in any situation and so I'm nervous about that.

    I'm definitely going to give it my best shot, but I'm setting myself little targets, so a week, then 2 weeks, then a month...we shall see how that goes.

  • AR I know! He said he couldnt wait to have time off because he was tired!! I did laugh at this a lot.

    Flossy - I can emphasise totalky. I felt the same when we were having our extension built, I wanted to start the nursery but had to wait! It will be worth it when its done.

  • Morning all!! It's beautiful down here on the coast, hazy and sunny and mild. SPRING IS COMING!!!! (I very much hope)

    Hey AR, as I know has been said don't worry too much about the size thing. I was sent for scans at 36 weeks with H as they thought he was too small and he was 9lb 6. Loads of people have little scares about sizes, You will be FINE! :)  I vote with WE and think you should have a chat by phone with your MW today, too.

    Weekender - blooming marvellous to be where you are now and know that if nature takes its course you are in such a different position to when the worries started. Hope you can start to relax a little soon.

    SP - lovely to be in bed sharing baby's hiccoughs. Sounds like your brain went in to overload after all the info. Hope you sleep better tonight.

    ABC - what's wrong? What was the meltdown about? Are you getting enough rest? I hope you are feeling better x

    NLH - WOOH!!! Awesome, 40 weeks. You must be thrilled. And looking out for signs :)

    Mrs V - ha ha, your poor hubby, needing some time off. Hope he realises the time off is so *you* get some well-earned rest and not him. Or maybe keep that a secret!

    Flossy - yay, someone else who's got the house grumps. Sorry, but it makes me feel better that I'm not alone, I TOTALLY understand how you feel. Quite jealous of the new kitchen. We hope to extend next year so are sticking with ours and although it's quirky and full of character I'd secretly love a straight-from-the-pages-of-a-style-mag kitchen lol. Hope you have fun with friends staying.

    AFM, 27 days until our House Finished deadline arrives. 27 working days left. Porch is done except the bench cushion, nursery is done except bedding etc, baby clothes washing starts today, back bedroom is being decorated next week (v excited about this particular room as I love the paper/curtains we've chosen). We're off on a cinema date tomorrow eve and Sunday will be house-stuff and chilling so it's all good. Baby-wise, 3/5 engaged,  lots of aches and pains, can't walk for more than 10 mins due to lower back pain, am very swollen, perma-hungry, but have had 2 decent nights of sleep (hurrah for the boiler!) so feeling not too bad. :)

  • Morning,

    AR- Boo to last day of half term. It must be weird for you that the opposite has happened with this baby.

    Weekender- Enjoy your afternoon with H :) Yay to 36 weeks! 1 week until term!

    Sweetpea- Glad the workshops were helpful, even if they did give you weird dreams! Enjoy your quiet day. Mine has been having hiccups quite a bit lately too.

    ABC- Hope you're ok today. Best to just let it all out.

    NLH- Happy due date! That does sound like things will hopefully be starting soon, how exciting!

    Mrs V- Ha, that made me laugh about your H. Hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long.

    Flossy- I think thats a good attitude to have towards breastfeeding. Nothing worse than having people over when all you want to do is relax. You're entitled to get moody, blame the hormones ;)

    AFM- I feel asthough I have pmt when i clearly dont! Oh well I am sure some mini eggs can help cheer me up. Went to see PIL last night as they are off to Barboados today, lucky sods!  Not much planned for the weekend, just relxing :)

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