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**friday 3rd tri**



  • Counter, hope work is better today, it sounds awful, I thought the financial position was improving....yep I'm paranoid about every pain, so you are not alone x

  • Morning

    AR- Happy Birthday to P. Enjoy your last day at work.

    SP- Hopefully things will be moving a long for you shortly.

    ABC- well I hope you get to enjoy your birthday over the weekend whatever you decide to do.

    Isis - I really hope the sweep is effective for you

    PP- really hope you make it to your section date. Relax. Not long to fo now.

    Counter- hope work is better today.

    Weekender- good luck with the growth scan...term tomorrow for you! I bet you thought you would never get there.

    ASM- I had my iron infusion yesterday. Went OK, continually having BP and temperature checked every 5 minutes to see if I was having a reaction. All was fine though. H and I then went for lunch. All of this was saddened by a message from a good friend of ours, who happens to be A's godmother, she lost her baby at 19 weeks the night before. Am at a loss of what to say or do for her. Feeling very guilty about being pregnant. Not sure if she would or would not want to see us, it is her little girl's 2nd birthday next week. Not sure whether or not to send flowers.

  • Bless you Weekender, you have *reason* to be paranoid x

    Finances are better but a massive re-financing and bank switch deal got delayed, by noon I should have a 7 figure investment to 'play' with, but it was meant to happen in Nov, then Dec and so on until it was meant to complete payday and didn't!

  • Counter, I was paranoid pre 37 w too now look where I am lol your body has done it before though so the twinges etc will be more apparent this time. Hope work is ok today.

    Weekender, I'm sure wriggles on one side is normal. I get them concentrated on one area too, I really wouldn't worry. Hope the scan goes well.

    S4, glad the transfusion went well, hope you feel the benefits soon. Sorry to hear about your friend, I'd send something I think. I always love receiving flowers but I know not ever
  • Hello all!

    Isis I feel that this sweep will really kick things off combined with the fact you've had a show and twinges. I'll be keeping everything crossed for you...except my legs! Lol!

    PP it's nice to see you back! Not long till the twinnies arrive! Eeek! I honestly can't imagine lugging two babies around with one being so uncomfortable so well done you for coping so well!

    Counter that is really grim re work!  Hope it's not too stressful for you! I think its impossible not to be paranoid over twinges - hopefully Baxter will stay put until you say its time!!

    WE - can't believe its getting so close for you m'love! I often just get wriggles down one side - it sounds like back kicks if its where the spine and bum are. I think they sometimes just have sleepy days!

    S4 I'm glad to hear the infusion went well. Are you feeling better for it at all today? That's so sad about your friend :( I would send flowers and a card for now. She'll really appreciate that you are thinking about her. Is she local? You could also leave a small bag food (like the M&S meal deal thing if its on) so they don't need to think about cooking for at least an evening over the weekend. So sad.

  • Oh S4, so very sorry to hear about your friend. I would probably send some simple, understated flowers and just a message that you're thinking of her. If she wants to contact you from there, she can. And don't feel guilty, you know your friend wants everything to be well for you, so although I understand how awful it is, please try not to feel bad. x

  • Hi all,

    Not been on for a few days so wanted to make sure I popped on and said hi.

    Isis- Sending you vibes

    S4- So sorry to hear about your friend. I'd send the flowers and tell her your there when she is ready to see you x

  • Forgot to say all is well babywise, just seem to be really hectic this week, I think work was easier. I keep having period pains, and some sort of weird stabbing pains when I roll over, but no signs of Noods coming.  Only 1 week, 5 days to go, it seems so real now!!

  • Just updating quickly after the MW this morning. She said his head is very low down and will be creating lots of pressure, hence all the weird pains i've been getting. He is very long though and she could feel where the rest of him is too. She is concerned by his size, as were the hospital, and will see me again in 2 weeks and has referred me back to the consultant again to review size when i'm full term and decide on options. She did say she's happy to sweep at 38 weeks as suggested by the doctor last week but actually thinks there is chance i won't get that far. Apparently the pressure of him in my pelvis could start things off earlier. She's pleased i've stopped work and said i need to take it easy to get to 36 weeks, after that should wouldn't mind him coming. Good thing is my urine was normal and BP back down after being up last week.

    3.5 hours left at work for 2014!!!

    Will catch up again later.

  • Sweep is done, she didn't sound that hopeful tbh. Cervix is still pretty high and posterior she did manage to insert a finger though. Mw is booked again for Tuesday so we'll see. I'm thoroughly fed up.

    AR, at least they're keeping an eye on you and glad all is well apart from the big baby!
  • Oh sorry it wasn't more positive Isis. Can't be too much long now though whatever happens :-)

  • I might have changed my mind cos I'm pretty sure Braxton hicks aren't meant to be painful are they?! Just has a bloody show too
  • Ooh ooh - maybe stuffs is happenin!

  • BLL, glad things are going well with baby :)

    Section4 how are you after the iron? Hope it's helped. Sorry to hear about your friend, I'd send flowers and a card saying thinking of you, let me know if I can do anything.

    AR, big boy! Hope he doesn't cause you problems, sounds like it's def been right thing to get signed off

    Isis, sorry sweep wasn't as hopeful as you'd hoped. It might get things going anyway x

    Growth scan was fine, she was concerned abdomen hadn't grown as much as it should have but checked blood flow through the cord which was fine so she reckons it's just the margin of error in different people measuring. I asked her to estimate weight and she replied I could but weight estimates are rubbish Laugh she did then say she thought 6-6.5lb, so all seems well for now. This time in two weeks baby will be here!!

  • Ooh Isis just seen update!! Hope this is it! Have you got a contraction app on your phone?? Keep us updated x

  • Isis that's soooooo exciting!! Definitely sounds like things are kicking off. Update us when you can!! Weekender glad the scan went well, you're edging closer too!
  • Oh fingers crossed Isis!!!!

  • Haven't had a chance to check in and looks like I missed lots!

    Isis - fingers crossed this is the start of something!!

    AR - that sounds like you might not have too much of a wait, good job work is done!

    There's so many babies who look like they'll be born before I finish work, I'm a bit worried I'll be top of the list too soon. I still don't even have a kitchen!

  • Whine alert: my legs are huge, one of my ankles has 2 rolls! I'm breathless, I'm getting tightenings at the very top of my legs under my bump, my lower back feels like someone has been kicking crap out of it all day, and it comes and goes. I feel sick, hollow and 'woozy' and I'm walking with the agility and speed of a 97 yr old. I have pains all down the inside of my legs that comes in waves. I'm fighting tears and just feel overwhelmed. Hubby leaves for work in 20 minutes and we've just had a 'this is what happens if you're in France and this is labour' conversation.

    The worst part of this? I could still have over 7 weeks to go and feeling like this could be a regular occurrence! Best I sit tight, stop moaning and get used to it, ha ha. What a wuss :)

  • Have a look on DW.....

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