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Morning! 37 weeks today! Yay!! Eviction notice officially served from now on I'm eating spicy food galore and doing anything else I can. I'm ready to meet him. After our monitoring yesterday he's back to his wriggly self and feels so low down. Had a cry to H last night as the back/hip pain just got too much but actually slept a bit better so that should help. Toddler play session this morning but nothing else planned. Happy Friday and congrats again to s4.


  • Baby out vibes AR!!!

    Congrats s4 he is gorgeous!!!

    Afm- last night was a joke, I didn't sleep at all, the I had a raging temperature but was freezing cold, and ended up sleeping with a cold flannel on my face. For the 40 winks I did manage, in my dream I saw my little girl and she was so beautiful, it's the first time iv really pictured her, and I want her so much x

  • Hey AR, good news sleep was a little better, a few zeds can go a long way!!

    Monnie - lovely dream :) but rubbish night for you :(

    AFM, all the pains and stuff stopped at bedtime. I've got a girls night at mine tonight so happy to get that done and then try some walking tomorrow to encourage baby. My community MW asked me to have baby Sunday because she's on call. So I'll try, lol :)

  • Morning

    AR- glad baby is back to wriggling away! Hope you feel better after a better sleep. 37 weeks, that's come around quickly!

    Monnie- aw sounds horrible, are you feeling better today? Lovely dream though, they are my fav :)

    Counter- ha imagine if you had have the baby Sunday. Enjoy the girls night, sounds lovely.

    Afm- had my nan and grandad over for dinner which was lovely. Out for lunch and a pedicure today and my baby shower this Sunday so got a few things to keep me busy. Our house chain is finally complete! After 6 long months!

  • Monnie are you feeling better this morning? Hope so

    Counter Sunday?! Er, thought we agreed today?!

    Bertie congrats on the house, that's fab news!!!! Your day sounds lovely too
  • Whoops sent too soon

    My sister just text to ask if I've had the baby yet?! Told her to jog on, don't need weeks of that. I'm mean, give me a chance!!!
  • Morning!

    I had a rubbish night last night too. I used to love sleep but now I kind of dread going to bed as I know it'll be lots of tossing and turning. Woke up about 4am and I think the baby had shifted onto a nerve as I had horrible pain all down my leg. Had to have a little walk around to try and move her. Nature is so cruel, you'd have thought we'd be able to get lots of sleep before these babies arrive!

    H told me yesterday that I'm really pregnant now! Not sure what he thinks has been going on for the last few months but I am massive! Midwife today, last time I see this one so will try not to let her wind me up too much!

    AR - yay for 37 weeks! How many weeks were you when you had P? Does it feel like this has been longer already?!

    Monnie - lovely dream. I haven't really dreamt specifically about the baby...other than one dream where she was in the background. Sorry you had suj a rubbish night.

    Counter - that sounds like a plan. Enjoy tonight, get the baby out on Sunday! Let's hope the little one cooperates!

    Bertie - sounds like you have a lovely day/weekend planned! Yay for the house! Are you moving after the baby or before?

  • Haha AR that would annoy me! I have a feeling MIL will be a bit like that!

    Flossy- sorry you had a rubbish sleep. I have that pain down the leg too although luckily not when in bed. Ha has your H just noticed bless him. Hope midwife goes ok for you. We will be moving after the baby, would have been nice before but I don't think I'd have the energy now anyways.

  • Morning flossy. Take your time with the horrid mw, don't let her rush you! I think the uncomfortableness and lack of sleep is natures way of making us so fed up it takes away the fear of giving birth as we're so desperate!!

    P was born at 38+3. This pregnancy has gone faster over all but this part is dragging as last time I was expecting her to be late iyswim so wasn't hopeful by now. This time I'm desperate for him to come ASAP!!
  • Bertie, so pleased for you about the house chain, it's horrible being in limbo. Fingers crossed everything goes well for you!

    AR - okay, today, but Sunday if anything goes wrong today ;)

    Flossy - I remember feeling pretty damned pregnant at 6 weeks when I couldn't get up in the morning, felt sick all day and had constant headaches lol. I'm not that big but still find movement difficult, looking forward to being able to put some knickers on without it being a workout :)

    I think that because Harry was 2.5 weeks late, Baxter should be 2.5 weeks early as compensation. I am on day 3 of enjoying being pregnant. Just 3 days, but I'll take it. I actually have a lot to wrap up at work, but I'm not about to start panicking now, lol. My Chairman might, but I'm not :)

  • Flossy, if you're genuinely looking for someone to PP for you, I have an unhealthy internet/phone/forums addiction which means I am never far away and am happy to do it for you if you'd like. If not, no bother :)

  • AR - for some reason I thought P was a 36-weeker.  Hopefully this one will be early too, he's showing lots of good signs he's pretty much ready!

    Bertie - good idea leaving the move till after the baby! I did wonder if you were going to try and squeeze it in before and was thinking how brave you'd be at 36 weeks!

    Counter - I love your logic, you do deserve an early one this time round! You must have been so impatient by the end with Harry...you obviously made it too comfortable for him! I think these last few weeks are getting me back for having such an easy pregnancy. I haven't exactly felt glowing for the last 8 months but as my main issue has been tiredness I don't think I can really complain at all.

    I'm officially huge now, but I'm only 5'1 so a lot of me is full of baby! I did just manage to give my legs a quick shave in the shower (although I seem to have missed at least half so I'm not sure that really counts!), but bending down is now pretty much off the cards. Emptying the dishwasher yesterday seemed to take me forever as there was so much bending down and stretching up I had to take a break in the middle!

  • Cross posted there counter! Thank you! I think you're very likely to be tied up with a little newborn though and don't want to distract you at all! I need to get in on the Facebook action I think, is there a group or something? I'm sure I'll manage to get an update on there, even if it's via H, it's the only way some of the extended sides of our families will find out since half of them don't talk to each other!

  • Morning all!

    AR - Glad baby is wriggling again! Hope they make an appearance soon!

    Monnie - Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, sounds like a lovely dream though!

    Counter - Hope you enjoy girls night and this baby decides to come sooner rather than later for you!

    Berti - Congratulations on the house! Sounds like you have a lovely few days planned.

    Flossy - Men say the strangest of things! My H keeps pointing at my belly and announcing 'I did that!', I will be sure to remind him of that fact when in labour!

    AFM - Took your advice and called the midwife yesterday who told me to go in to be checked over. They did heart monitoring, urine samples, obs and then an internal. Looks like I have a cervical ectropian which is most likely causing the bleeding, nice to know it isn't anything to worry about, but not looking forward to probably having bleeds throughout the the remainder of my pregnancy!

  • Flossy there is a fb group for babies due this year for here and hitched and dw etc. I can add you if we're friends? Are you friends with any others on here I can find you via?
  • Vix - the bleeding is not nice for you, but I hope they keep reassuring you and it doesn't become too much of a worry :)

  • Counter - it is nice to know that there is a reason behind it and it isn't going to harm the baby. Just a bit of a pain knowing that it is something I will have to live with for the rest of my pregnancy and maybe afterwards!

  • AR - happy eviction day notice heehee, bet you are so happy to get here :) Aw a FB page? I thought there was one, would it be possible if I could join up too? I'm not friends with anyone on the tri threads :(

    monnie - wow what a crap night you had by the sounds of it. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, well it can't get any worse. What a lovely dream you had of your little girl, that's special :)

    Counter - good to hear your aches and pains went for bedtime :) Have a lovely time with your girls tonight and what a lovely mw you have :)

    Bertie - I love a pedi and someone playing with my feet, love it! High 5 to the house chain/completion that is splendid and something not to have to worry about anymore

    Flossy - that pain down your leg does not sound nice. I hope it eases and doesn't cause you any more discomfort.

    Vix - good to hear you had it checked out but what a shame you could have more bleeds. It's such a worry! I've had a couple of bleeds/browning too and it doesn't ever stop you worrying does it :(

    AFM - I had some tears at work today as I had to call the hospital for my gestational diabetes results. I was informed I have GD and luckily, fingers crossed they hope it will be monitored with diet. I've now got a growth scan booked for Tuesday and friggin bricking it, I hope he isn't too big, I was informed at my last mw appt that the measurements were showing him being big. I wonder if my idea of the birth will change, i.e they suggest a C section if he's too big, this is my worst nightmare as I wouldn't want one but if it's suggested and it's good for my boy then of course we will do it. I have two further scans at 32wks and 36wks. I need to find out what other symptoms/complications this could cause for our baby :( I feel a failure that my body has let me/us down :(


  • Oh LeeLee, bless you. Lots of ladies have GD with no real impact. If it can be diet controlled that's great. And you get extra opportunities to sneak a look at your baby boy in scans. Try not to worry too much, you may even be someone who goes in to spontaneous labour on the early side and find that the size issue/C-section question doesn't really come up. My friend has GD and her baby is on the big side (she's 36 weeks now) but nothing requiring special treatment. Let's see what Tuesday brings for you! :)

  • My midwife has texted saying she has seen the scan from last night and she will try and discuss me with the consultant on Weds (I have been 100% midwife so far) due to baby's size and I really don't like that idea. I am absolutely opposed (as things stand now) to even considering a C-section and so I need to get my skates on and get some action going. My dog is going to have a very, very slow walk with me tomorrow. I hope she doesn't mind stopping at every bench along the clifftop. I'm going to see how long I can stay upright/on my feet for :)

  • Ooh I didn't realise there was a Facebook group, can someone add me and point me in the right direction? Edited: assuming someone from here just added me!

    Counter - hope all is ok. Harry was a big baby wasn't he, so you can definitely do it if you need to. Would they try and put you off a home birth if the baby is too big? I really hope you manage to get what you want.

    Leelee - as counter said, lots of people manage to control their GD purely through diet. I'm sure there was a thread on here a couple of months ago and there's a few people on the board who can offer advice.  They'll keep a close you and the size of the baby and hopefully it'll all be fairly straightforward . I imagine it must be a bit of a shock when you feel fine. Try not to google too much!

    In and out of the midwife in 7 minutes today, think that's a record! Good news is that she isn't back to back anymore, and midwife thinks she's fully engaged now because she could only feel shoulders. So afterwards I rushed out to sainsburys to buy food for the hospital bag just in case! I don't want to deal with a hungry husband!

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