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**Friday 3rd tri**

Morning. Yes I'm still here and starting the thread again!!! 38 weeks today. I had contractions for 3 hours last night that went up to every 10mins and hurt...then they went away!! Mw this morning for sweep, I hope she can do something, if she tells me this week has had no effect and I'm ages away I'll cry!!! Sorry I've been pants at getting back on in the day but it's hard on phone with p about. I am reading though to keep up with everyone. Will try harder rather than just moaning!!! Ha


  • Good luck with the sweep. Hopefully it'll do the trick!

    I had a lovely afternoon champagne tea with my team, came home at 7pm and crashed on the bed and was like a zombie for an hour. Hot chilli for tea has  definitely livened back up all my pains and BHs and I've a portion of it to take for lunch at work today!

    Hi to all coming next. Work's really hectic so I've had trouble getting back on too, hope everyone is well x

  • Oh AR, really hope the sweep does something. You must be so tired as well!

    Counter -  afternoon tea looked lovely. Hoping the got chilli does something!

    Nothing really going on here. I've been getting some more Braxton hicks and the occasional period type pain but nothing exciting. I was really restless in bed last night and tossing and turning lots in my sleep and H kept asking if I was ok, think he feels he's permanently on high alert now! Got a few bits and pieces to do today so think a long walk is on the cards.

    Hi to all who follow!x

  • Morning ladies, just crashing in to send baby out vibes to you three!

    Wave to everyone else x

  • Oh no, AR!  I think it just has to be by the end of the weekend.  

    Counter, don't you have a sweep as well?  Or was that yesterday?  I didn't manage to get on, I should go read the thread...

    Flossy, bless your H, that's sweet he's on high alert.  Enjoy the walk!

    AFM, had a painful bump this morning, and in a half asleep haze worried about preterm labour, but it's just indigestion, haha.  Nothing going on chez Wispa!

  • Aw you poor ladies (AR, Counter and Flossy) I really hope things start kicking off for all of you pretty sharpish :)

    AFM in pelvic discomfort as usual it seems to have gone up a notch these past few days, I think I'm stressing a lot too which doesn't help and tenses up things. So busy at work with end of tax yr approaching, I nodded off a couple of times during Eastenders last night! I gotta call the hospital about my diabetes monitor not working, that will be fun!

    Hi to all who follow :)

  • Hi WE - hope you are well?

    Wispa - sorry I missed you there, I hope your bump feels more comfortable xx

  • AR - Really hope the sweep does it for you and baby arrives soon!

    Counter - Glad you enjoyed your afternoon tea, sounds lovely! Hopefully the chilli gets baby on the move!

    Flossy - Baby out vibes for you too!

    Wispa - Boo to indigestion! I keep thinking if general pregnancy pains and indigestion feel this bad how on earth am I going to cope with labour!

    LeeLee - Hope you aren't in too much pain!

    AFM - Awful nights sleep, so glad I have physio on Monday. Having to roll over every 20 mins as my hips are so uncomfortable :( Not too worried about baby measuring a little small, as the midwife said the first measurements sets the benchmark so as long as they are growing consistently all should be fine. Baby measured big at the 20 week scan so think it is just all baby in there!

  • Hi Flossy, you have to love a panicky husband ha ha. We popped to the hospital for monitoring Tuesday and mine was wanting to take all the bags, but I wouldn't let him, I could tell it stressed him out! So you have some things/pains happening then? That's good news :)

    Hello Weekender, hugs to you and hope things are well! x

    Wispa, no sweep for me, think the midwife needs to be an expert potholer to get to my cervix... try again next week but actually it's not too bad, I'd love baby on time-ish so a delay isn't too bad. Indigestion is a swine, if people end up in A&E with heart attack symptoms and it's indigestion then it shows how blooming painful it is!

    Hey LeeLee, try not to stress if you can help it. You can only do what you can do, you have zilch control over this stuff, sadly, just keep looking after yourself and doing things that make you feel comfy and nice :)

    Vix, sorry to hear you're not sleeping well. It's sooo important to feeling positive isn't it, getting a good night's sleep? Hope tonight is better :)

  • Flossy-bless your H! Are you looking forward to your day out tomorrow?

    Hiya weekender

    Wispa indigestion can be awful! Hope it doesn't become regular

    Leelee hope you get the monitor sorted

    Vix you have my sympathy on the hips, I've been the same for ages. Does it help if you put a pillow between your legs?

    Counter keep throwing back the chilli!!
  • Back from sweep which mw was able to do. Favourable for 38 weeks apparently, soft and 1-2cm so she's done what she can. She said she doesn't think I'll need the follow up next week, hopefully she's not jinxed it by saying that. Ball bouncing and more sex was her recommendation!!
  • That is good news AR!

    I have tried having a pillow between my knees, helped a little but then got so frustrated trying to turn over in the night and having to fight with the pillow and duvet that I gave up!

  • I'm not sure how much of what I'm feeling is just me symptom spotting but I'm pretty sure I'm getting more random tightening/cramping over the last few days. Sure it doesn't mean anything is imminent but it's nice to know that something is going on in there!

    Looking forward to our anniversary day tomorrow. Going to see how I feel in the morning before we decide where to go but it'll just be nice to spend some time with H. I've found since being on maternity leave I actually miss him...we usually commute to/from work together and I miss that a bit.

    AR, I bet your H loves your midwife for giving you that advice! It sounds like things are moving along though.

    Hi weekender!

    LeeLee - hope the hospital sort out your monitor.

    Vix - sorry your sleep has been so bad. I went through a phase from about 24-28weeks where I'd wake up every hour or so with pain in my hips. Thankfully it seems to have disappeared but the pillow between the legs didn't help much, it'd usually fall out pretty quickly!

  • Vix - this pain/discomfort is pants isn't it? I'm the same having to try and move my position when in bed, my hips feel numb and it feels like I'm being squashed and paralysed. I tried the cushion between my legs but for me it didn't work, it made it worse. I hope you get something sorted and yes the duvet getting hitched up with the cushion isn't great either :) I wouldn't worry about the tape measure thing the mw does, when she did mine she said he was growing big, hence me worrying because at our 20wk scan we were informed he had long limbs. I've had a scan done this week and they measured him and said he is bang on for size and weight. I'm sure you will be absolutely fine.

    Counter - thanks :) I am a stress head anyway and work is so damned busy with demanding clients right now. It doesn't help with H losing his job next week either and all the stuff we still have to buy for our little boy, it makes me want to cry. It's been a lot of crap recently with the car needing repairing then our boiler now H losing his job and me feeling rubbish, well it all adds up. I hope things start moving for you soon :)

    AR - fab news about the sweep, I hope she hasn't jinxed it too :) Fingers crossed for a weekend baby awww :)

    Flossy - thanks, yep my folks are picking up the new monitor for me at the hospital as that dept closes at 5pm, too early for me to get there. Mmm this all sounds exciting, does it mean baby is on the way hehe, keep us updated! I'm with you on the commute with H thing, we travel together too but with him losing his job next week, I'll miss him for our chats in the car to and from work :(


  • Flossy - Good to hear it isn't just me, hoping the physio next week helps! Hope you have a lovely day for your anniversary whatever you end up doing!

    LeeLee - When I thought about what it would be like to be pregnant, I seemed to completely miss out the pain part! Not too worried about the bump measurements, I am fairly small framed and I was a small baby (5lb), plus my Mum is a similar build to me and was never that big when pregnant. If they offer a growth scan later on will just be thankful for another look at little one! Hope your H manages to sort out a new job soon, then hopefully you can relax a little!

  • Hi, late on today!

    AR good news about the sweep, fingers crossed for you.

    Counter glad you enjoyed yourself last night. Not long left at work for you. Hopefully baby will make an appearance soon. I may start on the spacey food etc next week.

    Flossy you sound the same as me, I feel like I am symptoms potting for labour lol. Also tossing and turning in the night makes my H check I'm not going into labour bless him. Will you be having a sweep?

    Hi weekender :)

    Wispa hope the sore bump is better now. I get that some mornings. Indigestion is horrible isn't it.

    Leelee hope you sort your monitor out easily.sorry to hear about your pelvic pain, not nice! Hope work isn't too stressful for you.

    Vix hope physio helps on Monday. That's good, no need to worry along as the measurements keep going up like you said. That's not always very accurate anyways.

    Think that's everyone! Sorry if I have missed anyone. Waiting in for a next delivery today, my brother just popped in for a bit so was nice to have some company. Think me and h are out for a meal tonight :) I am ready to meet this baby, think I maybe trying a few old wives tales next week to try and speed things up!

  • I have my next midwife appointment next Wednesday when apparently they'll do a sweep (if they can)...fingers crossed something starts happening by then!

    I was stuck in waiting for Marks and Spencer's yesterday, was so frustrating! I know how you feel about being ready, I'm not at all patient! We went for dinner last night, we keep doing it on the basis that we might not be able to do it for a while. If I go 2 weeks overdue it's going to get expensive!

    Random questions - does anyone find that drinking raspberry leaf tea gives them strong Braxton hicks? I think it happened yesterday but I didn't make the association and I just had a cup after lunch and it seemed to set them off again...scared to drink another cup now!

  • Fingers crossed for you! That's my excuse that we may not get chance again for a while. Maternity leave is proving costly as I go out for lunch so much too! I just had a cup of raspberry leaf tea and it doesn't give me braxton hicks but I do get kind of period pains after. I have read that it gives others braxton hicks though, keep drinking! Lol.

  • Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow Flossy, I'm sure it'll be special whatever you do :)

    LeeLee - I really feel for you over H's job. I had months early on where it was expected my work could be shut down any moment and I'm the main earner. You try so hard to stay positive but it's difficult. the thing is - god, smack me for this - when people say that one door closing opens another, I have found it to be true over and over. And that often a change is for the better in the longer run, it's just hard when it's such a worry. Will he get any settlement that will help bridge a gap at all? Or has he any options he's going for? I know you need to buy things but it's amazing how little baby's can cost if you're determined to keep the spend low and there are great bargains to be had. Wishing hard for you that something pops out of the woodwork and takes the worries away! x

  • Hey Bertie - how are you doing? You've barely moaned at all, lovely. Well done! :) So your eviction techniques start next week? Good luck!

    Flossy - never got BH from the tea, I've switched to capsules now anyway. But the chilli I had for tea y/day and lunch today brought on BH for sure!

    I've cancelled my hair appt this arvo, gutted but I am WHACKED. I haven't gone back to bed any day this week or had my feet raised so I just feel pooped.

    I got 'told off' today by a woman at work who told me I shouldn't be there, regardless of whether I want to or not, I must mentally prepare myself for the birth and that I should take baby (when born) for craniosacral therapy. She was pretty vocal. Thing is, I am loving this. I don't do ANY chores (hardly) at home and am treated like a princess because I use all my energy for work, I am achieving things at work and - most importantly - with my son I was ill and signed off work the entire pregnancy. I ended up feeling like I'd dropped out of life, I was depressed and didn't feel like myself at all. I hated myself and the pregnancy. So I am making up for it now and it's all good! The lady means well, and she's possibly right that I should rest more, but she's a bit of a fruit loop - she claims to live an alternative lifestyle and wrote a 1,000+page book on food therapy, clean living and life changes but at 7pm she's in her office drinking whiskey!!! Laugh

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