**Maya's birth story**

Both girls are napping at the mo so thought i'd take the opportunity to write my birth story. (It shouldn't take long!)
Due date of 3/11 came and went with no signs whatsoever of baby arriving. No surprise to me really as I thought I was due around a week later on 9/11
Quite quite a few texts and phone calls during the week for updates. Was lovely so many people cared.
Sunday 10/11/13 1 week overdue Would quite like baby to arrive now but still quite comfortable. 
Bump felt a bit achey when I woke up but put it down to sleep position. No other pains. H took Isla out with him and the dog I had an hour to myself so had a lovely relaxing shower and slowly got myself up and dressed. 

We had arranged to see my sister in the afternoon as she's recently moved back to the area and Isla enjoys playing with their Puppy. Got to her house at around 1.30 just chilled on the sofa chatting and eating a cake with our coffee. At about 3.15pm I felt quite a large trickle of water, enough to come through my jeans. I announced to the room which now included my gran and great aunt ( they had also come to see my sister) that I thought my waters were going. Dash off to the loo and sure enough more leaked out but no huge gushes. cue quite an uncomfortable car ride home sat on a pile of towels!!

got home at 4 phoned the MLU at 5 who wanted me to go in to check all was ok and that it was my waters. Phoned my mum who lives 10 mins away to come and look after Isla whilst we went to MLU.  Got to MLU and obs were done but no internal examination as from what I had described, the MW was certain it was waters. Still no contractions. So she sent me home with a pack of thermometers to use every four hours to monitor for infection. 

By the time we got back home which was 6.50pm I had a mild back ache. 

Started contracting properly at about 7pm but nothing too painful just made me sit on the edge of my chair. Then I could relax again. At this point they were coming every 10-12 mins. H made me some cheese on toast and we sat and watched the strictly results. 

Contractions slowly got more painful causing me to pace the room but I could still talk through them. We were now watching X factor. 

9pm contractions were 7 mins apart. Still talking through them.

10pm contractions 4-5 mins apart really quite painful now. H and mum now worried we wouldn't make it to MLU in time so I gave in to their persistence and let H ring the unit. They said because it takes 25 mins to get to hospital to go now. 

H dropped me at the door I went in whilst he parked the car. Bless him, he then came running back! I did a urine sample then MW took me straight through to labour room It was now 10.35pm

contractions ramped up now, I got onto the bed and asked for some gas and air this worked fine for the first puff but then he canister stopped working cue panicking from midwife who had to get a key to turn the canister on more! Finally examined by MW who struggled to do this as contractions were so close together. She couldn't feel any of my cervix and I felt like pushing so I went for it. 

after 16 mins of pushing about 4 pushes and 5 goes on the gas and air Maya Eve was born At 11.11pm

Third stage took a bit longer and as the MW was about to give me a second injection my placenta was delivered after 19 mins. So relieved as I though I was going to have to go to theatre for it to be removed. H cut the cord. 

Maya was left having skin to skin with me for over an hour in which time she had a good feed. She was then weighed and dressed by H whilst the HCA ran me a lovely bath with lavender and camomile oil in it. 

We went up to the ward at about 1.45am. Maya sleeping and H left for home at 2am. Maya slept solidly so ha


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