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Morning ladies

How are we all? I'm feeling grumpy and sorry for myself. I seem to be feeling worse, i'm moody and snappy with H and haven't managed to eat properly all weekend. I ended up not going to my friends party on saturday night as i couldn't find anything to wear that didn't look hideous and i felt so rough. So i retreated to the sofa in tears. H had an indian and i managed half a bowl of rice. 

On the plus side no work today and i have the first half of my hospital booking in this afternoon. My scan date also arrived over the weekend so i can start counting down to that. 2 weeks on Wednesday. P and i don't have any exciting plans, we might do some housework this morning and then nip to ASDA after the hospital. Rock and roll!

Hope you are all feeling well


  • Hello! Sorry to hear this AR. I really feel for you. It won't be long and it'll start to ease hopefully.

    I'm convinced something is wrong and am driving myself potty. Even considering booking a private scan.

    On the plus side (if it is) I had a really busy day Saturday at work, and a busy evening, most I've done since before my BFP and yesterday I had some fantastic mum+son quality time, so pleased we still have that much fun and can laugh until we cry. I miss him now he's back and school and working lots.

  • Morning all,

    AR - sorry that you had such a rubbish weekend. Hope you start feeling better soon.

    Counter - is it because you are feeling better that you're worried? Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)

    AFM: I had a hectic weekend but a good one. Loved catching up with my friend, had a nice evening on Saturday at the Jazz bar and then it was my H's birthday yesterday so we had a nice walk and then his family came for a meal in the evening. I thought they might raise some eyebrows at me not drinking, but no-one seemed to notice and it was lovely and relaxed. Not like a normal experience with the inlaws so I was really relieved. I cant believe its only 2 weeks this evening since I found out I was pregnant. It feels like a lifetime ago. 'Only' got until next Friday for my early scan. But I have a wedding in Ireland this weekend so that will no doubt go quickly, its just the working week that will drag!  I also have a horrendous morning at work planned with a really awkward client that my lovely boss passed on to me to deal with :(

  • Morning,

    AR- Hope you feel better soon. Bet you are happy to finally have your scan date, yours is a day before mine.

    Counter- Stay positive! Sounds like a good weekend.

    Brownie- Hope this week goes quickly for you. The jazz bar sounds great.

    AFM- Well my hormones seem all over the place at the momnet, I cried 3 or 4 times Saturday! Had a lovely day yesterday at lakeside with H but I was nakered walking around. Had my new scan date letter through so that was good. Estate agents came round Sat to take pictures so our house will be on the market any day now, exciting!

  • counter - how are your symptoms? Thatusually reassures me things are ok but i do understand the worry.

    browny - sounds like you had a lovely weekend. It's suprising how the weeks start ticking by.

    bertie - i'm with you on the hormones. I cry a lot! Yay to the house going on the market. Have you started looking yet?

  • Bertie - exciting about the house! I also have random emotional outbursts. I surprised H for his birthday with a tour round his football team's stadium on Saturday but forgot the tickets - it was fine, they still let us in, but I burst into tears! :/

    AR - I hope the weeks start ticking by I really do!

  • Hi All!

    Hope everyone had good weekends!

    AR - good news on the scan date. At least you can start counting down now.

    Bertie - how exciting about moving. I loved househunting, I still get rightmove alerts sent through and can easily pass a couple of hours daydreaming over searches online! Are you staying in the same area or is it a big move?

    Hope work isn't too bad this morning Browny! Sounds like you had a hectic weekend, I was exhausted just reading through it!

    Counter - I know I'm not the right person to say it but try not to worry about the lack of symptoms (I should take my own advice!). When is your 12 week scan? Hopefully you don't have long to wait now. How're you feeling today?

    AFM, at work, can't concentrate and just keep thinking about Thursday. I still feel too well, although was exhausted yesterday and Saturday and had big afternoon naps and early nights both days. I feel like I'm getting a bump now, I can't hold it in anymore and it's actually hard. Discovered when I got to work today that actually the dress I'm wearing really doesn't do me any favours, oops! One of the girls (who I think already suspects anyway) has already made a discreet comment.

  • AR, sorry to hear you've been feeling rubbish. I'm with you on the clothes front.  Hope hospital went ok x

    Counter, what makes you think there's a problem? Hope you are ok. How ling till your 12 wk scan?

    Browny, glad you had a good weekend, sounds like this one will be good too! Hope your client isn't too difficult.

    Bertie, hormones are awful things! Exciting about the house, have you started looking for something to buy?

    Flossy, how many weeks are you? Once bump is there theres no hiding it!

    Nothing much to report here except nothing fits and maternity clothes seem designed for frumps! I've ordered some stuff though so hopefully won't be long till it arrives and it'll look half decent. I have a definite bump already, 13+2 today I was about this size at 20 weeks last time! 

  • Hi Flossy- I love lloking at houses too, even as a little girl I used to love looking in the paper! It will be in the same area, just something bigger. How far along are you now? Aw a bump already, how lovely! I cant do my work trousers up today all my clothes are getting a bit snug.

    AR- We have been looking for the past few weeks but nothing has come up yet. Fingers crossed something will soon as we would like to find something by xmas.

    Weekender- yep started looking so hopefully we will be lucky and it wont be too long until we find one. where did you order your mat stuff from? My belly seems bigger but I weighed myself saturday ready for my booking in and i have put on 5 pounds so its probably just due to that lol.

  • I think I'm somewhere between 8-11 weeks, will find out on Thursday. I could be more, I don't think I'm less!

    I always have a bit of a tummy even though the rest of me isn't that big. I really bloated up after getting my BFP, but went back down after about 10 days. Now I have more of a tummy and I think it's pretty much bump. It's not too big but think this dress highlights it! I should have realised when I spent most of yesterday with the buttons on my jeans undone!

  • Flossy - good luck for Thursday, if you've got symptoms and a bump thats a good sign! ;)

    WE - what have you ordered and where from? Any flashes? ;)

  • Hi Everyone

    AR so sorry you're feeling rubbish, it really is so hard and crap when you miss out on things. I ended up not going to a play in Newcastle I'd been looking forward to for ages because my head was in the toilet on Friday! Yay for scan date.

    Counter glad you got a bit more done this weekend and had some quality time with your boy how lovely - rubbish you feel soemthing is wrong though I think we all got hrough that one!

    Browny not long till your early scan yay - hope the wedding goes well too sounds fab!

    Oh bless you Bertie there's nothing wrong with a good cry! Good news about the house exciting.

    Flossy so exciting you'll be seeing the baby soon - it is nerve wracking but soem people have very few symptoms - my sickness only really sicked in after 10 weeks!

    Weekender it's because you gave all your clothes away to me!!! Hope you find some nice bits and bobs soon.

    AFM Had an awful day on Friday - must have been all the scan exciteemnt but I was so ill it was vile, then spent all weekend literally dying on the couch but haven't really been sick anymore. At work today andseem to be perking up so hopefully it's passing! Just moved my 20 week scan from the 8th to the 15th Nov to be sure H can be there - very exciting!

  • Ha Grif I've only sent you some trousers that didn't look good on me this time round! Just hope you like them x

    Browny I'll post some links later when I'm on laptop :)

  • Just got shoved about on the central line on the way home. Can't wait to be able to wear a baby on board badge-I don't really want a seat, but it'll be nice to have an excuse to tell people off next time they smash their bag into me!

    Ooh, yes Weekender, lets see what you bought! Have to say being pregnant has saved me a fortune the last two months. I haven't bought any clothes because I'm scared I'll grow out of them! Plus I'm not drinking so I'm a cheap night out, and no taxis as I can always drive at the end of the evening. I think it'll be a good excuse to splurge on some pretty maternity clothes when the time comes!

    Hope you felt better this afternoon Grif! Your 20 week scan is the day after my birthday :) Glad your H can be there now the date has moved!

  • Grif - sorry you werent feeling great this weekend. Glad you managed to move the scan :)

    WE - post some pics! Pretty please!

    Flossy - sorry you got pushed around. I hate it on the tube when its really busy.

    Felt so tired at lunch time, tried to nap at my desk but it didnt really work I was so worried someone would come in! :/ Felt ok this aft/eve though.

    Another day closer to the scan! x

  • Ill post in the morning Browny, so tired tonight just off to bed x

    Hope everyone is doing ok x

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