**Monday 1st tri**

Morning ladies! Nothing to report babywise really...1st tri is so frustrating, especially with no scan date to aim for/look forward to! I was really chilled last time but I'm much more nervous about scans this time! Unsure what we're up to today just yet, but need to take O out to burn off some energy. Hope you all had good weekends x


  • Morning Coco. Can't believe you haven't had a scan date through yet, I had mine before they sent me the time of the booking-in appointment!! Every day I've been reading the thread thinking you must have the date by now but nope! Your hospital needs a slap Wink Hope you have a good day with O.

    I'm bloody knackered. A isn't all that well and has been sleeping really lightly last night and the night before. Whenever H or I moved or even BREATHED too loudly, he would wake up, scream for half a minute, then 'complain' himself back to sleep... just lie there 'talking' in a really whingey voice. I must have had about four hours broken sleep in the past two days. Thank everything good, he is at nursery today until 4pm. Thing is, I know if I try and nap then I won't get to sleep tonight so I'm just going to have a rest day, maybe do some light cleaning/tidying but that's it, and go to bed tonight at the same time as him.

  • Morning!

    Coco - hope you hear about your scan soon, they're not giving you much notice!

    Saisi - argh, I imaging you're feeling knackered enough without A not sleeping.  Hope you get that rest today x

    I'm still feeling rotten, constantly queasy and absolutely knackered!  MrDD has been poorly over the weekend so we've not really done a lot with C. At work today, and not sure how I'm going to get through the day feeling sick all the time.  Any tips that don't include eating, let me know!  I tried the sea sickness bands yesterday but they didn't really do a lot, plus I worry my sleeves would roll up and they'd be seen at work.

  • Morning everyone, can I join you all?

    I've finally got the courage to join in. I'm 11 weeks with no.2, due in August, after a mc in October. We have had two lovely early scans and all is well.

    I feel sick, and huge already!

    Right, I've done it! Phew!

  • Morning everyone,

    Coco - can you ring the hospital and chase your scan up?

    Saisi - sorry you aren't feeling well. Have a chilled day if you can!

    Deedee - drink lots of water. I eat pretty much constantly, so no help there. I find distraction helps so keep yourself busy. Good luck!

    LLL- welcome! Glad your early scans went well.

    AFM: I feel like I have more energy compared to when I had the cold last week (just about over it now) but not sure if its a false sense of security and it'll hit me like a ton of bricks this afternoon! I got my redundancy letter over the weekend which makes it feel real; it didn't include the voluntary redundancy terms so I've emailed him this morning to ask if I can have them, otherwise how do I know if I want to volunteer? But now I feel really down, like I've shot myself in the foot for admitting to them that I'm considering it, but also like I'm giving up on my career :( also my meeting with them is on the same day as my booking in appointment and I don't know which one to try and move :/

    I also rang the hospital this morning to chase my early scan but they haven't had the letter from my GP yet, but said it might be with my consultant and it just takes time for him to pass it to them to book the scan. I'm 8 weeks today though and I know they like to do it around 8 weeks. I feel like I'm making these decisions about my future based on a scan at 7+1 when I know things could still go wrong. I'm just so stressed and confused.

    Sorry I just needed to get that out!

  • Morning all, specially welcome LLL, my TTC/mc/BFP buddy!! So glad to see you here and that everything is going well.

    Browny, I sympathise with making big decisions this early. I'm having to do the same. In 10 days work will know but I also have work decisions about changing work location and rota to make, which I will only want if I have this baby safely.

    Deedee, try ginger biscuits and water, or if you can't eat anything, sip water with sugar dissolved in it. It's something at least.

    Saisi, hope you manage to take it easy today :-)

    Coco, any idea when you will get your scan date? I assume you've had your booking appt? I hope you have a nice day out anyway.

    AFM, 10 weeks today by scan dates, 10+2 by cycle. I'm feeling a bit down since yesterday was probably my last proper shift at work for over a year and people don't even know. When I get back from my leave, before I'm due in next, I will request a meeting with my manager and tell him, and beg and plead to be able to do something other than sitting at a desk doing data input all day for the next 6 months. I suspect the answer will be a flat no, but I will get very depressed if I am forced to work like that. I love my job, but that means doing it, not working as an office clerk. I can understand they don't want me working as normal, but something that still gets me out and about would be nice.

    Pregnancy-wise, I have sort of resigned myself, after Thursday's appt, that it's Russian roulette as to whether baby pushes the fibroids away or whether they squish baby. Nothing at all I can do about it. Meanwhile, I now have constipation and piles (nice!) so must drink more I suppose.

    I am hoping to meet a colleague for tea and cake later, need to get a card fur hubby's 40th tomorrow, and book a restaurant for dinner. Then sort insurance for our mini break on Weds. These things keep me busy and I hope I'll be another week on, safely, before I know it!

  • Morning ladies

    Coco - can't believe no scan date yet!! have you been chasing? I only got notification about 8/9 days ago of mine

    Saisi - sorry to hear bad night's sleep.  Will you sneak in a little nap today whilst A is at nursery?

    DD - sorry to hear you are still feeling rotton. I hope it subsides soon

    LLL - Hello lovely!!! Congratulations!!! and welcome!!  Ahh you won't be on first tri for much longer before you graduate to 2nd tri!

    Browny - you poor thing.  Do you know how many people are being made redundant etc?  do you want to leave?  Can't imagine how stressful it is for you

    AFM - time is flying! Havent been on here much as so busy with work at the moment. Working every day last week until 7/7.30 did me in over the weekend.  Got my booking in appointment this afternoon and my scan tomorrow which I'm really excited about but still nervous.  Then planning to tell people at work tomorrow as think many have guessed already. Caught one lady this morning looking at my tummy which has definitely popped out!

    Had a look arou7nd the shops yesterday at prams/strollers/pushchairs etc So overwhelming.  Definitely need to do my research.  Coco and Saisi, mind me asking what you have and whether you would recommend?

    Hi to all who follow

  • ahhh BF missed you.

    How stressful for you - work wise - are there other things you could do other than the dreaded data entry?  When will your next scan be?  All the vibes in the world.  Have you had any more pain?

  • Morning All,

    Hope your weekends were good! We didn’t do too much as I was feeling pretty sick all weekend.

    Coco -  Hope you get your scan date soonest!!!

    Saisi – Hope you get to bed EARLY tonight!!! I’ll be joining you!!!

    Deedee -  I’m feeling your pain with the nausea – its draining

    Lady Lou -  Welcome!!!  I had a MC in June 13 so I was very hesitant to join too.  I’ll hold your hand xx

    Browny – That’s worrying re your job -  hope you get a nice redundancy package at least…..

    AFM -  terrible night – I could’nt sleep – last looked at the clock at 10:50 and then Little Sue woke up screaming 11:30. Wouldn’t tell me what was wrong.  I was exhausted and immediately felt hungry – hence sick so totally lost my rag at H and made him calm her down. He was useless so ended up getting up, nearly throwing up and calmed her down and got her into bed with us.  She slept half the night squashed beside me on my pillow so not very awake this morning.  Grrrrr….  

    I had no sickness with Little Sue – not a single day so this is hitting me like a ton of bricks – I am just hanging on till Week 12 and hoping that it disappears.

    Have a quiet Monday

  • Thanks Ceejay xx the pain lasted until Friday but it's gone now. Naturally I am now worried that I can't feel anything LOL!! I am a nightmare, I know. Next scans are 1st Feb (private with consultant, where they will also do an enhanced Nuchal scan. Theirs include an early cardiac scan and nasal bone stuff so more than NHS) and 5th Feb (official NHS dating scan). Work-wise, I have a few ideas. Until I actually look big, I would like to mentor 2 trainees at a time, which would mean I didn't have to actually lift or carry anything or anyone, or even drive. Trainees would benefit since at the moment it's just one trainee to one paramedic, so if a patient is actually ill, the trainee has to drive and never gets involved with treatment. If I were there too, I could supervise them treating the patient in the ambulance, and intervene with advanced drugs and stuff if necessary. However, I am 100% sure the answer will be no, since they like to wrap us up in cotton wool. Suffocate, morelike. Never mind the fact I'm still doing mountaineering stuff and skiing!! Argh!

  • Deedee - what helped my sickness last time was ice lollies, REALLY not the weather for it though I know!

    LLL - so lovely to see you here, glad the scans have gone well.

    Browny - I'd try and move the booking appt personally, they should be used to chopping and changing. I'm sorry you're feeling stressed, hope you hear about the scan soon x

    Barefoot - I'm sorry about work, that must be so annoying and frustrating. I hope you enjoy your time off and mini break though.

    CeeJay - ahhh scan so exciting. Pram-wise we had the Stokke Xplory and can't praise it enough, such an excellent pram, holds baby high up, he always seemed so comfy in it. It seems big but it fits in my FIL's car boot whereas the 'small' Maclaren buggy doesn't fit!! I'm actually selling mine as we've got a Bugaboo Donkey now which converts to a double, due to small age gap obviously. If you do more research and decide you want one, I give you best price Wink

    Sue - oh you poor thing, I have much sympathy!! My H can't settle A in the night, it HAS to be me which is so frustrating. Our pregnancies are opposite, I was so sick with A and not a whisper with this one! Maybe yours is a boy!

    AFM well guess who made such a fuss at nursery that Mummy had to pick him up after only 2.5 hours?! Monkey! Got him home and he's gone to sleep so fx he has a nice long nap.

  • Hello ladies,

    Coco - have you got a date for your scan yet?

    Saisi - Just read your second post too - the the wee monkey! Hope you get a good rest tonight and are feeling perkier tomorrow

    Deedee - no tips Im afraid but I have lots of sympathy for you :( Ice lollys sound a gd suggestion if you dont mind them at this time of year?

    Hi Laura - of course you are welcome! Not long till you'll be off to 2nd tri :)

    Hi Borwny - you have a lot to think about. And you are not giving up on your career if you go for it, you will be making a decision for your future family! Wait to see what the terms are. Personally I would move the work meeting back, give you more breathing space.

    Barefoot - sounds like you have lots of nice things to keep you busy. You are being sensible with work and prioritising - stay strong.

    Ceejay - its so overwhelming isnt it! Are there any lists on mumdrum available like essentials for a first baby / first time parents? I asked about prams the other week and Im 90% on a new icandy coming out in April but that could all well change once i actually see it & try it! Im really worred about car seats / bases for some reason!

    Sue - hope you get some sleep tonight. I really dont know how people cope with this sickness with children as well, must be sooo tiring. Hats off to you.

    Im not feeling toooo bad today (touch wood!) slept in this morning and got the later train but boss was fine about it. The later train definately helps me for some reason, maybe its a mental thing. Fri and Saturday were horrific though, lost count of amount of times I cried & boked.  Managed dinner yesterday for dads birthday which was great, I was so very pleased my jeans I got just before christmas still fit haha! Next do them in  maternity as well so I will definately be investing.

    Does anyone know about waxing in pregnancy? Im booked tomorrow night for legs, underarms and bikini. I kinda get a holywood type strip left (sorry if thats tmi!) From what I have read it might be sorer than usual but sure its always painful! lol

  • Barefoot - I hope your work allow you to do what you suggest, for your sanity! Happy birthday to your H for tomorrow.

    CJ - 'one or two people' apparently. I hate my job so yes I want to leave but its very scary! Good luck for your appointment and scan! Exciting!

    Sue - sorry you've had a rough night. Hope you are making it through the day ok!

    Saisi - oh dear I hope your little monkey is ok now x

    SaSaSi - glad you are feeling better today. No idea about the waxing, sorry!

    AFM: I've also felt ok today (so far) so naturally I am worrying. I had to go out and deal with a VERY awkward client, who argued with me and then almost sacked me but we got there in the end. Very hard work! :(

  • Afternoon ladies, it's getting busier on here!

    Coco - hope you get a scan date soon!

    Saisi - hope you have had some rest today!

    Deedee - Sounds ghastly, I don't know what to suggest but fingers crossed it subsides soon.

    Browny - see what the terms are and then see, but I hope it's a good package for you.

    Barefoot - I think baby will be a fighter and will beat those fibroids. Hope you're OK

    CeeJay - Oooooo make sure you flash your scan pic tomorrow! And that is weird, people staring at your tummy. I'd be telling them to do one!

    Sasasi - I need a wax too, but I'm scared it'll hurt. But then (all being well) I'll have to give birth at some point and I reckon that will hurt more!! Well done on managing to eat dinner.

    AFM - nothing much to report. Did my last FRER today and the test line is stronger than the control line which made me happy. Got the doctors on Thursday. And then going to book us in for an early scan.

  • Saisi, sorry you had a tough night with A and had to pick him up early. Hope things are better tonight.

    Deedee, sorry you're feeling rotten still. Hope you don't catch anything from H.

    LLL, good to see you....I feel huge already too!

    Browny , sorry you've so much to think about at the moment - hope you.get your early scan soon too

    Barefoot, hope you manage to reach a compromise with work. Hope baby fights those fibroids too.

    ceejay - will be thinking of you tomorrow...exciting times! I had a Quinny buzz with O but it was SILs and I hated it, so in the market for a new one this time round!

    Sue, sorry you're feeling so rotten. It amazed me how pregnancies can be so different!

    SaSaSi, glad you.feel better from taking your time this morning. Hope it continues.

    Gavi - All crossed for you scan coming through quickly.

    After spending half the day on the phone to mw/hospital I've been given a date of 7th Feb....at least I have something.to look forward to now!

  • Sue - another one having tough time with sickness and sleep. Hope it subsides soon

    BF - glad the pain has gone but appreciate that's not much consolation at the moment.  Wow you are so active, I have just turned into a sedentary little piggy who just eats and sleep since found out I was pregnant but want to get back down teh gym soon and hoping the tiredness subsides.  Work-wise your plans sound reasonable and interesting - I'm sure if you present it to them hopefully they will see it sounds like a great idea and means you will be more motivated and happy than if you were doing boring computer data stuff.

    Saisi - good to know.  Not come across that one so will have a look.  Played around with a few yesterday and the Icandy seems the most easy to move.  I'm super clumsy so wanted something easy to move around and not too bulky.  How is A now?

    Sasasi - you poor thing.  maybe when you announce it at work the later train could be your train of choice whilst you are feeling like this.  I like the Icandy as well and trying to do my research.  Picked up handy list fom John Lewis yesterday of essentials and I'm sure there are loads of lists online

    Browny - how stressful.  How many people in your company?  Awkward client sounds horrid.  What do you do?

    Gavi - how exciting to have the early scan -  so nice and don't know how I could have waited 12 weeks.  I tested a few times and it's so nice when the line gets dark!  Although nothing compares to the first faint pink line!

    Coco - so glad yuo've got your date!

    Scan tomorrow at 9.30. excited also about a mini-lie in!  Then going to pop into our head office tomorrow on way back and break the news to my boss.  My other colleague in my team is 3 months ahead of me so not the best timing.  They had already decided not to get cover for her as I and my other colleague would cover her work.... oops!

  • Let us know how you get on Ceejay :-) so excited for you x

  • Thanks lovely!!  Will try to log on at work!   Just explaining to my H how excited I feel and realise what a rare feeling it is.  Admittedly I frequently get excited about eating out and food generally, but just so so excited and already feel like I just can't wait to get to to August!

  • Haha, I know that feeling! There is no excitement like it...making, growing and bring up a baby...watching them learn new things. O's firsts have frequently made me she's a fluffy tear! Wait until you feel baby move too ;-}

  • ahhh can't wait!  

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