**monday 2nd tri**

Morning ladies. Actually not feeling too tired this morning as I've had a really deep sleep the last few nights. Swimming this morning then p and I are going to see a friend and her 2 little boys at their new house then tutoring this evening. Actually starting clearing out the spare room yesterday as it'll be Ps. Big pile of baby stuff building up in there which is scary!! Pregnancy wise nothing new. Baby ultra wiggle and 3 sleeps until scan!!!


  • Morning AR

    Not long till your scan now! Yay to sleeping well, your day sounds good, enjoy x

    All well here, been trying to clear out Ms old clothes, sad to see lota of it go, seems strange thinking I'll never dress a baby in some of it again. never thought I was so sentimental!This morning I'm looking after my friends little girl, then M has ballet this afternoon, apart from that no plans. No more pregnancy appointments till mw on Christmas eve, seems very far away but will probably be here before we know it.

    I'm being so lazy, I'm still lying in bed listening to M play in her bedroom, and can hear neighbours scraping their cars so must be cold out there....reaaaallly don't want to get out of my warm bed but suppose I better!

    Hi to everyone coming on later x

  • I completely understand how you feel about the clothes. I'm very attached to come of p's. We put several huge boxes of baby clothes in the loft yesterday, to be sorted through after Christmas and when we know flavour. It's suddenly occurring to me that baby could be a boy. Sounds stupid but it's always felt like a girl and I can only imagine us with a girl but that's probably because it's all we know!! Not that I won't be happy if it's a boy at all, just will take some gettin
  • Hi All,

    AR - glad you got a good nights sleep, it makes all the difference doesn't it? Funnily enough I think it was in the days running up to my 20-week scan when I slept the best! Did you keep most of P's things? Will it just be a case of buying new clothes if it's a boy? We're trying to go unisex with most of the accessories so we can (hopefully) reuse them in future regardless of gender, but I have seen a really girly bouncy chair I like so that might be the concession!

    Weekender - don't blame you for staying in bed, make the most of it! My next midwife appointment is the 20th December which seems ages away but they start getting more frequent after than which is a bit scary!

    AFM - another awful nights sleep last night. Was so close to skipping work today but forced myself to go in. Now I'm sitting on a delayed train so might as well stayed in bed for an extra half hour!

    Had a bit of a cry last night when I found some stretch marks (turned out they were just marks from my clothes as they were gone this morning!), and got upset about how I was being selfish but I was upset at my body being ruined! As I hadn't cried in ages (which is obviously a good thing!) I just ended up sobbing for a good ten minutes. Laughed about it afterwards but I think H was a bit overwhelmed!

  • morning ladies. i cant believe im here.

    AR-im so jealous of your good nights sleep haha !

    Weekender- stay there, make the most of it !

    flossy- are you uncomfertable, is that why your sleeping is bad?

    AFM- its a bit of a long story. originally my 12 week scan was booked for 14/11, the nhs then moved this to 19/11 they then moved it again to tomorrow. however today my mum went on holiday and is missing the scan. so she booked us a private scan for friday last week. when we went i was measuring spot on for my dates but baby was in an awkward position. so tomorrow i will be having my 12 weeks nhs scan that includes my nuchal fold test. if the baby is in the same position they wont be able to do the test and i wont have an oppurtunity to go back and have it as i believe tomorrow is the latest possible date i can have this scan. im so nervous and scared. its been playing on my mind all weekend and it led me to having a panic attack on saturday night. iv never been a sufferer of them until i got pregnant, this is my 3rd one now !

  • Morning All

    AR - glad you have been getting some sleep hun,

    WE -  nice one on the still being in bed (im not jealous honest)

    Flossy - i know how you feel about stretch marks! my tummy is huge and i know very soon they are going to be everywhere no matter what creams i use! and i get upset about it too!

    AFM - aby been quiet last few days, we went away for weekend and it was lovely however i was in so much pain from my SPD i tried my best to sleep in the B&B bed but i was just in so much pain, i got up this morning and been really tearful as i am in so much pain! just took some paracetomol and hopefully that will help!

  • Morning!

    AR - I'm another who is jealous of your deep sleep! Lucky you. I don't know if you manage to get back on here but I've been thining about your sister and wondering how she's keeping.

    WE - It's been so cold this morning and v foggy in Glasgow! Hope you snuggled in bed for as long as possible. It must have been sad putting away some of those wee clothes forever!

    Flossy - Oh my word is it bad that made me chuckle a little bit?? Poor you!! I totally understand though as I had a similar mistake with a mark last week which turned out to be from my jammies...I didn't cry though!!! It's strange seeing your body change so don't feel bad about that!

    Monnie - firstly welcome to 2nd tri! Lovely to see you. Those are perfectly natural fears and I know I felt the same going in for the 12 week scan. Have you spoken to a MW about the panic attacks? Regarding the baby, they will do everything they can to move him/her in order to get the measurements they need. Especially if it's the only opportunity for certain tests. I'm sure it'll totally and utterly fine but sending you vibes anyway!

    NLH - that's a shame your SPD interferred with your lovely long weekend. Boo :( Hope you are feeling better today.

    AFM - baby had a quiet weekend. I get the very occassional kick so I know everything is fine and suspect bubs is facing in the way or is behind the placenta. Preganancy is one big long worry but I'm determined not to let the worry overwhelm me and remain in control as I really just want to enjoy being pregnant. My bump is defo getting rapidly bigger now which is just fabulous! Only 50 days left of work! Ha ha!

    Have a great day all!

  • I think it's because I'm uncomfortable but it doesn't help that H is up coughing every hour or so, so between the two of us we definitely need a good nights sleep! I'm finding I keep rolling onto my back rid which I think I'd waking me up too as usually I sleep on my side

    Hope your little one is behaving today Monnie. Are they still able to give you an idea of of your risk using the blood test rather than nuchal measurement? Did they give you an excuse for changing your scan dates so much?! Hopefully the sonographer at the hospital might be more used to awkward babies so might have more luck. Let us know how it goes.

  • Monnie - Sorry to hijack. I thought you could have nuchal up until 13, and I know someone who recently had it done at 14w (moved 2 weeks ahead at that scan). Just wanted to let you know incase this helps in anyway xx

  • Morning,

    AR- God I wish I had a deep sleep! Busy day ahead for you. Enjoy those wriggles!

    Weekender- Enjoy lazing in bed! It's too cold to get up! I have my midwife on xmas eve too :)

    Flossy- I did the same with thinking I had some which were actually marks from clothes! Hope your not too tired today.

    Monnie- Hello and welcome to 2nd tri! Oh poor you, the panic attacks sound scary! Try not to get worked up, i'm sure it will all be fine at the scan and fingers crossed that babys in a different position.

    NLH- Sorry your in pain, I hope the paracetemol eases it for you. Glad your weekend away was nice though.

    Sweetpea- Yay to a bigger bump! I find mine has just popped out quite a bit these past few days.

    AFM- Scan day!!!!!!!!!!! Although not until 4 so will probably update you all tomorrow. Had SILS party Friday night which was nice, everyone was making a fuss of my bump, bit odd when people randomly touch your belly at first! Saturday I was sooo tired from Friday night so just chilled and yesterday we went to Bluewater xmas shopping :) Pregnancy wise all good, getting lots of kicks. Had a pain around my belly button yday though but I had been doing alot so put it down to that.

  • flossy- iv ordered myself one of these pillows, they are on special in argos, maybe you could try these?


    at my last scan i was measuring a few days behind, but now im bang on target and have caught up.

    pep- im 14 weeks today :-(

  • All the best with the scan today Bertie - it's amazing to see how much baby has grown by this point! Hope it all goes smoothly and I look foward to the update tomorrow!

  • Just darting back on quickly. Sp thanks for asking about my sister, she's doing really well and is back at hers and at work. Those worrying about stretch marks please don't! I got loads with p and it really upset me but they are now practically invisible (for the moment haha!!) so they do fade almost completely. Good luck for the scan Bertie!
  • Monnie - Sorry, totally must have misread part of your post. FX baby has moved x

  • Monnie try not to worry I was 13+6 and she managed to turn baby around and get mine... They will try everything to get your measurement she said I could go out have a drink and come back later to try again if she couldn't get it.. Even star jumps! They will try hard try not to worry too much x

  • Morning,

    Now I am not on my phone I can do personals!

    AR- Glad you managed to get a good sleep! You always have busy days god knows how you do it lol! Yay to wriggles

    Weekender-  Lazing in bed is just the best! Oh midwife on x-mas eve that will be lovely!

    Flossy - bless you about the fake stretchmarks hehe! I have them anyways altho they are now silver so wont surprise me when I get more!

    NLH - Sorry your have some pain hope the para's are working for you and that it eases soon! Glad you had a lovely time away

    Sweetpea- Yay to getting a bigger bump!

    Berite - Yay Scan day :) Can't wait for the update! Glad you had a nice time at the party, it's odd when people touch your belly MIL did it too me and I dont have much of a bump and it was weird lol! Yay to lots of kicks!

    AFM - Not much to report baby wise just ticking along nicely :)

  • Hope everyone is doing well, not got on internet at all until now so HELLO! to everyone.

    Last night's 6 course meal with champagne and 6 wines (!) was lovely. Bonded with someone new I've been having difficulties at work with (now my husband's new best friend, lol, they talked books and cycling all evening). I tried all the wines but then donated them to hubby who got  through a good portion of what I left so he looked ropey this morning!! Got in past midnight and just can't do it these days. Knackered now, so glad I went even though I felt too tired to go. Busy week at work, but for tonight it'll be a quick baked potato and straight to sleep. Looking forward to hearing Bertie's scan news!

  • Counter, you forgot the most important part - what did you wear in the end?! Sounds like a lovely night

    Bertie, hope the scan went well!

  • Oh yer! It was that Asos dress I ordered, with a dusky pink scarf and a little black jacket. I now need to hope no one recognises it in December when I wear the same dress to the same place. Although, of course they will, but only 6 other people were at this one and will be at the next so I'll just have to front it out. Too tight to pay again lol.

  • Don't blame you at all! I invested in a black dress when I was about 13 weeks pregnant and so went for a maternity one that I could grow into. It's doing me for two Christmas parties and possibly Christmas day, determined to get my monies worth from it!

  • Ha! Exactly! I'm doing Xmas day in it, work Xmas do, show out in London for Hubby's birthday in Feb, and anything else I can think of :)

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