**Monday 2nd tri**

Morning ladies
Hope you're all well. We had a fab day out yesterday, p loved the sealife centre. Absolutely knackered this morning though and my hips are aching. Hopefully work won't be too mad today! Baby was licking so firmly last night I can't help feel it won't be long until H can feel on the outside, although it was 23 weeks with p.
Have nice Tuesdays everyone.


  • Kicking not licking!! No idea how to edit on here!
  • Are you in the right day m'dear? That's what you get for playing truant on a Monday :D

  • Hahaha i'm so slow! Will catch up with the other thread now!

  • I knew if I replied here you'd get it, so thank you for the reply re my going back. You aren't wrong in what you say, and it's totally unfair that women are put in this position, but what he says is true. I'm trying to get what I want out of it (part-time suits me better) not just now but one day we have a hope to do it all again and I see it as an investment in to taking more time (a lot more) next time, if you see what I mean. I have to weigh up my career vs time at home and as I'm the main earner it's not an easy decision. But I'm going to read your post again and appreciate you writing it x

    Hope the achy tiredness has lifted come morning :)

  • Glad you saw reply. I can see how hard it is for you to decide and manage all this. I hope you can work something out, just don't underestimate how much you won't want to leave your baby early on. Xxx
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