**Monday 2nd Tri**

I'm testing the mobile site as I can't usually start posts from my phone. If this works I'll carry on below!!


  • Ooooooo it worked! Yay! Plus the text doesn't constantly freeze when I'm typing, much better!

    Hope everyone had nice weekends. We picked up our new car which is Soooooooo pretty and lovely, won't stay that clean long but it's fab! Other than that just did bits around the house.

    Today H has the day off so he's coming to watch swimming and then we're driving down to Brighton to have lunch and go to the sealife centre. Really excited as P will love it! Pregnancy wise nothing new, lot
  • S of movement. Last night H was chatting to my belly and baby was wriggling around although he can't feel it yet.

    Couldn't fit it all on one post!!

    Happy Monday's to all.

    Counter is it scan day or did I imagine that?!?!
  • Hello early bird! Yes it's scan day, so I've hardly slept ha ha. On top of that I've a massive piece of work to finish, 2 big meetings and 2 interviews I'm in on, so the scan will be slipped in there somewhere lol. In running late, needed to leave at 7. It's my dog, every day she distracts me :D

    Your day sounds fab! And off in the new car, whooo!

  • Morning!

    AR - glad you love the new car! Sounds like you have a nice day planned, I love a sealife  centre!

    Counter - hope all is well at your scan (and your crazily busy day!)!

    AFM, had a quiet weekend as H was ill, it was lovely actually but I don't fancy work this morning! Oregnancy wise, feeling a bit more movement, but still very light. Need to start getting organised and making some lists of things to buy I think. My lovely parents want to buy us our pram so at least that's covered. Plus they know I tend to have expensive tastes (their fault!) so won't be shocked when I take them to see the icandy we have our eye on!

    I have a question for all you who are working. When do you plan on going on maternity leave? I have a 9-5 (well more like 9-6.308ish) desk job but with an hour an a half commute each way on trains & the tube. With this being my first pregnancy I have no idea how I'll feel next week, never mind in Feb ! I was originally thinking about trying to work up to 38 weeks but now even with my (so far) straight forward pregnancy that seems too much. I'm a bit stuck!

  • Counter -try and update us later. So jealous!!

    Flossy-I'd say it's the commute that'll probably get to you. Can you usually get a seat? I worked to 36 weeks with p but last week was reduced hours as I was in so much pain with spd, I have a short drive to work luckily. I'm aiming for 36 again this time but we'll see. How flexible are your work with you planning to go to 38 but leaving before if need be. I know people say they'll be bored waiting too long but p was born at 38 weeks
  • Flossy, glad the weekend was a nice one, sometimes staying at home unexpectedly is a lovely treat! And yes, in your shoes the commute would be what did it for me. I'm a ten minute drive away which is a huge factor in my hope to work until due date. If I'm ill I can be in bed in 15 minutes. Could you possibly go with the later date and use holiday to do a 2 or 3 day week towards the end? I know you'd still have the commute on those days but you might be bored at home, if baby is a tardy one?! :)

  • Morning ladies

    AR, yat for new car! Enjoy your trip to Brighton x

    Counter, good luck for scan, report back x

    Flossy, quiet weekend sounds lovely. I finished work at 37 wks last time but didn't have commute and used holidays to do shorter weeks at the end. This time I'm planning on working to 38 weeks as I'm only part time anyway and only 10 min commute same as last time. But I've told them that's subject to change as if they decide to give me a section at 38 weeks I'm going off about 36! Hadn't given it much thought till I got matb1 form from mw last week and realised I had to start making decisions!

    Nice weekend here, not as much movement wise so just keeping an eye on it. Hoping he has a kicking marathon shortly! X

  • I imagine at 38 weeks it'll be the commute that gets me!

    AR, I do get a seat on the overground (plus after Xmas I can move into first class so will have definitely get one), but not on the tube, and can't really count on people giving me one even at 8 months pregnant! Perhaps I could see about starting at 10 instead when the trains are a bit quieter.

    I've been assuming the baby will come a bit late, but now I'm thinking if she's on time (or even early!) and I've only just finished work, I'll be exhausted before she's even here. I'm worried that I'll push myself too much and I want to try and be relaxed and prepared (as much as is possible) before life gets turned upside down!

    That's a good idea Counter, I think I'll have about 5 days holiday to use before mat leave so I could maybe do the last two weeks as 3 days or something similar. It's going to be a pretty quiet time for my team so I think they'd be ok if I moved it forward a week or two but the problem would be sorting it out with my cover. It's all so complicated!

    weekender - that's what made me think about it! I get mine soon and it needs to be in by Christmas so I need to get things all sorted in my head. Funny how it feels like time is dragging but then when you look at things like this it seems so soon! I'm so jealous of all your short commutes!

    Thanks for all the help!

  • Morning all! I'm delivering training all week which makes it hard to get online but wanted to stick my head in to say hello and that its good to see everyone's news. Good luck with the scan today counter! Flossy I'm planning on 38 weeks so that I can have the time at the end but best laid plans and all that! We got the cotbed sanded and painted over the weekend so that's the last big thing to get sorted. Bought an 2nd hand ergo carrier at an NCT sale on sat for half price which is fab. Like you weekender I've not had much movement over the last couple of days but trying not to worry!!!!!!

    AR how's you sister?

    Have a good day all!

  • AR- Yay to the new car :)  Sounds like you have a great day planned. I love Brighton, I had one of my hen dos there. Lots of movements is lovely isn't it.

    Counter- Good luck for your scan! Busy busy day for you! I know what you mean about the god distracting you, my cat does the same lol.

    Flossy- We want an icandy too, which one do you like? Great that they are buying it for you. I have a horrible country drive to work and will hopefully have a new house to be sorting out so I am planning on starting mine at around 34 or 35 weeks.

    Weekender- Glad you had a nice weekend. Bet baby will give you a big kickathon soon.

    AFM- had a nice weekend, Saturday I had my little newphew, we baked cakes and then went to watch H play football. Sunday we went for a meal with H's family which was nice. I have been really teary though Friday and Saturday, the littlest things make me cry! Hoping that will stop soon. Feeling lots of little kicks :) and it's only 1 week until scan.

  • Morning

    AR- enjoy your day. Sounds like a lovely family day out.

    Counter- good luck with your scan

    Flossy- I only made it to 31 weeks with my first- didn't even get to start my ML! So I can't really comment. I work very PT now but worked up to 36 weeks.

    Weekender- even though this is my 4th I have a very quiet baby in me! I feel very few movements

    AFM- had our 20 week scan on Friday. Like with my others we have stayed team yellow! I have a consultant's appointment this afternoon. My youngest has been quite poorly overnight with croup. So I need to keep an eye on him.

  • Just a quickly as on my phone and there loads of us!

    Good luck counter xx

    Hubby has an interview today for a job close to home.. New post for cheeky vibes! I hope he gets it!

    Nothing baby wise just pains really and I seem to be spreading out a bit! Across my lower abdo? 

  • Hello. Quick pit stop.

    Good news - everything we saw on scan looked fine.

    Bad news - no check possible of face and heart due to the wriggler facing my back and then often curling up in to a ball! I am a little lost as I had banked on 'all great' or 'there's a problem' but rationally I know it's a good sign and it's only 10 days to wait until the next one (and I get a free extra look at the little bab).

    Good news - job looks safe for somewhere between 6-12 weeks.

    Bad news - No clue what might happen after that. But... every month of pay is a good thing and I'd make a rubbish housewife if I ended up at home! :)

    Hope everyone is good. Will be back later x

  • Lovely Counter! And thats a good way to look at it, another look at baby in 10 days :)

  • Counter, that's good news about the scan.  Mine was moving all over the place so the heart was a struggle for her to see properly. At one point the screen went blank and she put the ultrasound thing down...cue me having a minor panic. But it was just so she could change over for a better view! Like you say, at least you get to see the little one again. Hope they don't flash you any bits you don't want to see!

    Hopefully you can drag the job out for 12, if not a few more weeks. Have everything crossed for you.

  • Good news re the scan counter - we had to go back for same reasons. It's a bit disconcerting but a 2nd chance to see bubs! Glad the job is safe in the interim too.

  • Just popping my head back in :) hope you are all ok. Glad the scan went well and is job is secure in the short term counter. It's a good excuse for another look at the baby!

  • Very late to the party but glad scan went well counter and sure all will be fine in 10 days.

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