**Monday 3rd Tri**

Morning everyone.  Hope you all had good weekends?! We got the wall sticker up in the nursery yesterday evening so it's looking more like a nursery now! Still need to put up shelves and move out some junk!

 Chimp- how is the back ache?

Im feeling a bit 'meh' this morning, not sure if it is this cough or because it's first day back at work after our holiday!

Only 3 days in the office this week then 3 days at an event next week and that is me done!I


  • 17th - Cherry Garcia - PP TBC

    28th - Chimpanzee - PP Dumblespud

    29th - weeme - PP TBCDecember


    10th - Gemini - PP Tweetiepie

    14th - Mrs Bass - PP Saisi

    16th - Kelskii  - PP TBC

    16th - Sange!

    17th - Custard - PP Madcatbaglady

    Thought I would post the leaderboard too as we have had so many BAs recently! It's a little scary!

  • Morning!

    Mrs Bass, hope work isn't too traumatic! Sounds like the nursery is coming on nicely!

    Good to see the leaderboard!

    Afm, had a lovely weekend, finished a few jobs in the house, so it's all ready for family to descend for Christmas number 1 at the weekend!

    H and I went to a Christmas market yesterday and then for a Sunday roast and glass of wine!

    Hope all the new mums are enjoying their baby cuddles and hi to all that follow xxx

  • Morning all! Eek only 3 to go this month!

    Were just back from hols - so lots to catch up on!!!

    Has chimp had a poorly back?

    Mrs b - you tease - let's see the sticker :-)

    Mrs p - that sounds like an ace day!

    Afm - we did a whole lot of relaxing and eating yummy food in the highlands, seen some snow, went to a Christmas market, swam loads and generally chilled out. Now I'm how,e - and day 1 of real leave I guess, now what to do.... Think we have hv at 930 - tho I'm not sure what the reason is......then I think I'll make some lists :-)

  • Morning all... First day of maternity leave, yay!!

    Mrs Bass- Can't wait to see a pic of your nursery! Your time at work will fly by I'm sure!

    Arghhh that leaderboard is scary..we're getting close!

    Mrs P- sounds like a lovely weekend you've had!

    Weeme- your weekend sounded lovely too!

    AFM- I'm making the most of my first day off for maternity leave for the next 10 months! :-)

    This weekend hubby and I ( well hubby with my annoying assistance) built the nursery furniture. I just made house by applying the cot bedding and mobile lol. Today my job is washing some more baby clothes and sorting out the pig sty that is the spare room! Its full of everything baby related.

    I'll make sure to flash a nursery pic once its finished. We've got the vinyl alphabet wall stickers to put up at the weekend and a trip to ikea for storage.

  • Morning ladies. That leader board is scary stuff!

    MrsBass - I hope we get a flash of you nursery.

    MrsPenguin - I like the idea of Christmas now!

    Weeme - hope you enjoyed the Christmas market

    Gemini - enjoy your first day of maternity leave :)

    A pretty quiet day for me... Our pram and car seat was supposed to be delivered today but it came on Saturday by surprise and we built it last night! We're ready now! Baby is being very active. I do hope she's heading the right way!  Midwife appointment tomorrow.

  • Morning ladies,

    Hope you don't mind me joining in. I'm 28+2 today and slightly in denial about the third Tri :)

    Mrs B - the nursery sounds lovely. The next two weeks will fly by especially if you're out of the office for some of it. Only 6 working days left!

    Mrs P - sounds like a lovely weekend. How many are you hosting for Xmas no 1?

    Weeme - another nice weekend. I really need to get into the Christmas spirit by the sounds of it!

    Gemini - yey for starting mat leave! Good luck with the tidying and washing.

    Afm - had a nice 3 day weekend but back to work today. We did lots of jobs on sat and had friends over yesterday to celebrate the baby and their engagement. We had a tour of our hospital yesterday. It seemed ok and I am probably going to opt for the birthing centre. My H wasn't too impressed but I think he was expecting a hotel rather than a hospital. His snobbery might get me a private room so I'm happy with that haha. Not much to report babywise but the bump is definitely growing at a rate now after nothing for 6 months.

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Only 3 days left in the office sounds a bit scary to get everything sorted but as i havent been in the role that long, im sure there isnt that much to tie up!

    I bought in left over cake from my baby shower on Sat so the team are all happy!

    MrsP- how many Christmasses are you having? I think im only just going to cope with one! Sounds like a lovely day y.day!

    weeme- sounds like a very festive holiday! glad you enjoyed it and got to relax! Chimp posted y.day about back ache and wondered if it was an sign of contractions!

    Gemini- there are s still bits to do but once it's all finished i will flash a pic!  my tip with the wall stickers, make sure you do it when you are both well rested and in a good mood. we started to do it last night and both got a bit narky with the very first one and disagreeing if it was straight or not! I said that if we were going to snap at each other I would rather do it another day, but we wew btoh on our best behaviour then! And I have to make a trip to Ikea this week too! it's only a 15 min walk but the walk home is up hill so i think im going to drive!!

  • Sorry I missed you custard. That's exciting about the pram. Hope the midwife appointment goes well.

  • im such a  slow typer!

    Custard- bet the surprise delivery was very exciting!! I found baby to be very activet he last couple of weeeks too!!

    Little Dude- we really need to do a tour of our hospital, i just want to make sure we know where to go when we arrive!!  We are running out of time now!

  • Hi little dude, welcome to 3rd tri!

    Mrs Bass, we have 3 Christmases in total due to various parent / family combo's. This one is for 10 plus 3 kids, next one is 10 and the last one is 8, but we are going out for dinner for the last one. This means that H & I are having our first and last Christmas on our own, I can't wait!

    For those on mat leave now, there is a channel called true Christmas playing back to back cheesy Christmas films!

  • Penguin - What is the Christmas channel on? I'm working my way through netflicks!

    Hello little dude - I'm still in denial about the 3rd tri! People have babies in here! Scary place to be!
  • Custard on virgin it's 424. Not sure about sky though.

  • Welcome little dude!!

    Mrs P- thanks for the tip! Theyre all currently laid out on my dining room table to flatten them out a bit. It'll be done when we're both in good moods then! Ha

    Hiya Custard! Long time no speak! :-P

    Right, back to sorting!

  • It's been a good 38 seconds Gemini! ;)
  • MrsP- that is impressive! I only just coped last year hosting for 10 people! really looking forward to a very quiet one this year! Me, H mum and hopefully baby will be out by then too!

    christmas channel sounds amazing! im tryign to hold off until mat leave before i start ont he xmas movies!!

    Little Dude- i forgot to say welcome!

  • I don't mind the cooking side, but washing all the bedding and child proofing the house is proving tiring!

  • Thanks for the welcome.

    Mrs P - The thought of cooking for 10 + 3 kids makes my head hurt!

  • Are u hosting them all MrsP?

  • One couple and 2 of the kids aren't staying over, but the rest are. This is why we are doing it early, as I wouldn't fancy it at 39 weeks!

  • Hello! Bit late for personals, been on the go all day so read on my phone but couldn't reply!

    Thankyou for the enquiries...backache is ok, still there but not as bad. Midwife came this morning and I am 2/5 palpable so baby definitely getting ready for lift off! She thinks I have a uti which explains the cramps I have been getting too :o)

    Hope you are all ok xx

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