**monday 3rd tri**

Morning!! Well after walking about 3miles yesterday, waging through mud and climbing stiles I had a lovely bloody show when we got back. Apparently that suggests labour is days not weeks away but despite cramps all afternoon/evening nothing else. My back and hips are agony after walking though. So just have to keep upright and busy as I can I think. Supposed to have toddler swimming this morning, bit nervous of going in a pool incase I loose more but as p is still very snotty and has a cough


  • .....I think that gives us a good excuse not to go. We'll go to a gym play session instead so she can run about, do you think they'd mind if I went on the trampoline?!

    I can spare baby out vibes for counter and flossy if she'd like them yet?? Hope everyone else is well.
  • Morning!

    AR, is it wrong that I'm chuckling slightly at the thought of you trampolining? Loads of baby out vibes heading your way today.

    I'm back to work today after a lovely week off, and have a whooping cough jab in the middle of the day, so nothing hugely exciting planned, but I've only got 6 more weeks of work left, which is actually only 18 days as I only do 3 days a week. Not that I'm on countdown or anything!

    Baby out vibes to counter too, and anyone else who wants/needs.

  • Morning :)

    AR you make me laugh haha, but I hope you aren't too uncomfortable and it eases up for you as the day progresses :) baby out vibes for you, Counter and Flossy :)

    SG I don't blame you counting down I've been thinking about mine too :) I had the whooping cough jab last week and my arm ached for 2-3 days afterwards, hope yours doesn't

    Still thinking about the GD I have and impact on the remaining weeks and on baby. I have a blood glucose test tomorrow and a growth scan, I'm so nervous hoping our little fella is all ok in there. Not sure if I should fast again for the test or if I need to go in with a full bladder for the scan, any one have experience of this? Ta x

  • Ar- good on you for that walk I can imagine how much pain you are in now though!  Curry for dinner tonight?

    SG- sorry I didn't get back on over the weekend, the meet was a 2012 brides meet, it was brilliant :-) let me know how the jab goes I need to get mine, if I haven't mentioned it later in the week can you remind me to go please haha

    Baby out vibes AR,counter and flossy

    Afm, carpel tunnel stepped up a notch and now it's a constant pain and numbness in three fingers, it's really getting me down! But only 7 weeks to go :-)

  • Leelee sorry I missed you

    Is it a blood test or a gtt test?

    Gd is manageable I have it and have been classed as having it since 6 weeks. I'm diet controlled it's very easy to do, our little girl is measuring spot on xx

  • Sorry I just saw blood haha, do you have the form? I presume it's a hba1c test , have they ticked fasting? I don't fast for mine.

  • Monnie that carpel tunnel does not sound nice, are you able to take any medication for it to ease it?

    I phoned the hospital on Fri as they asked me to call them after the GTT test they said I'm over, not by much and they hope it will just be diet but she didn't tell me how I prepare for the glucose test tomorrow and the scan. That's really good news to hear your little girl is spot on for size, at my last mw appt she said he was measuring big which has me worried but I know they aren't accurate x

  • Morning!

    AR - that walk is so impressive! I think the little man will be here by the end of the week! Lots of baby out vibes heading your way.

    SG - 18 working days will fly past I bet!

    LeeLee - hope all goes well tomorrow. I have no idea about the testing I'm afraid, but on the positive side at least you'll get to see the baby again at the extra scan!

    Monnie - ouch, the carpal tunnel sounds bad. Is there anything they can do? Sure I saw someone mention they had splints for it?

    AFM - the baby out vibes are more than welcome now! Realistically the house isn't quite ready, but I am! Plus my brother is off to work abroad for 5 weeks this weekend and I'd really like him to be able to meet the baby before  he goes. I'm not sure she's quite ready yet but since this whole pregnancy has been fairly low key, I'm hoping that i could just kick off without any real warning (I can hope!). Going for a long walk today (around the shops!), and refusing to sit on anything other than my ball which I'm bouncing around on like a child! H may even be getting lucky tonight...!

    In my dream last night someone from my NCT class had a baby girl and stole our name...I woke up really upset and had to check my emails to see if there'd been any more queue jumpers!

    Lots of baby out vibes to AR and Counter!

  • Hugely excited for you, AR.  I hope we get your BA very soon!!

    SG, you've just reminded me that I've missed my whooping cough appt last week, oops!  And only 18 days of work left? Awesome, go ahead and count down :)

    LeeLee, Monnie has already had a chance to reassure you and she knows far better than I would, but if they didn't tell you to fast I wouldn't worry about it.  Let us know how the scan goes, I'm sure your little one is fine in there.

    AFM, I didn't get back on yesterday, but that's mainly because I'm a very boring person who never has much to contribute!   Hopefully we will hear from the garage today just how long we will be car-less (did I mention the gearbox needs replacing?), and hopefully it won't be a ridiculously long time.  In baby news, I've got to reschedule an appt to get the whooping cough jab as I completely forgot about he one I had.  Otherwise... Not much.  Oh, but I had such grand plans of eating such healthy things during pregnancy and being so good, but it's really not worked out that way.  Carrot cake probably wasn't the best choice for breakfast this morning,

  • Missed you, Flossy!  Baby out vibes going your way.  Hope the walk today has the same effect as AR's did yesterday.  I was just rereading the section on labour in the one pregnancy book I have (Expecting Better) and statistically more first time mothers go into labour during the 40th week than any other (39-39+6), so I reckon you're in with a solid chance later this week!

  • Sg-it's lovely when you can start counting down the names! Hope jab isn't too sore

    Leelee-i would have thought they'd tell you if you need to fast? I'm sure you don't need a full bladder for a scan at this stage. Mind you I didn't need one for any scan at my hospital. They seem to vary

    Monnie carpal tunnel sucks. Do you have a wrist support?

    Flossy-get walking. Definitely did something for me yesterday!!!

    Wispa -rubbish on your car, hope it's fixed quickly

    No counter yet????
  • Baby out vibes AR! Looks like things could be starting soon, get on that trampoline lol.

    SG, that will soon come around! Hope jab is ok.

    LeeLee, don't really know much about the test sorry but your in safe hands and sure all will be ok! Be nice to see bubba again at the scan.

    Monnie, that doesn't sound pleasant, does anything help it?

    Flossy, baby out vibes to you! Enjoy your day with those baby out methods, hope it works for you.

    Wispa, cars are a nightmare when wrong are they. I have had such a sweet tooth lately! Carrot cake is one of my favs. Not sure I could eat it for breakfast though!

    Afm had my baby shower yesterday and it was so much fun. My friends really did a good job bless them. So tired after but woke at 3.30 so uncomfy and couldn't get back to sleep properly, some poor H up too. Plan for today is to do so more washing if baby bits and then sleep! Hoping she won't be overdue as the uncomfortable nights are taking their toll!

  • Hi Bertie! Baby shower sounds fun, did you get lots of nice bits? Sleeping sounds so much fun!! I also seem to be awake from 3.30ish, it's so annoying!!!
  • Flossy- i do wear splints all the time now but they dont do much any more i think its too far past that stage.

    wispa- sorry about the car, gear box sounds expensive :-(

    AR- yeh i have them but it doesnt do muchh, i think i need to go back to the drs this week. i dont think they can do anything for it?

  • Glad you enjoyed your baby shower Bertie! I was exhausted after mine too! I was still working and was so glad I took the Monday off afterwards as it really seemed to take it out of me.

    Wispa - this is when you can enjoy eating cake for breakfast! I always follow something like that with fruit or something to take away the guilt Hope the car isn't too expensive to fix.

    Wonder where Counter is...?!

  • AR - Hope we hear some baby news from you this week then! Sending plenty of baby out vibes your way!

    Spikey - Glad someone else is on a work countdown too! 41 working days left for me :) Hope the whooping cough isn't too bad!

    LeeLee - Hope your tests and scan go well and little man is all ok!

    Monnie - Sorry to hear that you have bad carpel tunnel - can you get any supports to help it? Hope it disappears when baby arrives!

    Flossy - Baby out vibes for you too!

    Wispa - Hope you get good(ish) news from the garage! I must book my whooping cough jab!

    AFM - Morning sickness (nausea) seems to have returned :( Have been feeling really icky for the last few days. Not sure if it is my body telling me I need to eat more though as I seem to constantly be caught in a feeling sick/also feeling hungry/don't want to eat because I feel sick cycle!

    This weekend we worked on babies room, it is now starting to look more like a nursery! Walls are painted, woodwork re glossed, carpet put back down, just need to carpet clean it and we have covered a blind and lampshade in some lovely fabric. Heading to Ikea next weekend to pick up an Expedit unit and a wardrobe :)

  • Bertie - Missed you! Glad you enjoyed your baby shower :) Will have fingers crossed for baby making an appearance soon for you!

  • sorry bertie i missed you there- glad you had a good shower, im so excited for mine !

    vix - sorry about the sickness :-( thats really not nice. flash us your nursery !

  • AR, baby seems to wake up then too so even harder to drift back off! I did thank you, I got some lovely blankets, white company pjs, a frame with my bump pics in it, clothes, teddies and lots of essentials, very spoilt!

    Flossy it is tiring isn't it! Luckily I'm on mat leave so can relax today.

    Vix boo to the sickness! I get that hungry sick feeling and never know what's best lol. Nursery sounds lovely, well done. Bet it feels good to get it sorted.

  • Ahh, thanks for the car well-wishes.  It should be covered by the extended warranty we bought for it.  It really is a good illustration of why you should buy used through a dealership and get the warranty.  If it wasn't covered it would cost something like half of what we paid for the car in the first place, apparently!!  And as for the carrot cake, I figured it was breakfasts enough because it has veg, whole wheat flour, and cream cheese.  Surely that makes it healthy and/or breakfasty?

    Glad you enjoyed the baby shower, Bertie, sounds fab!

    Vix, sorry about the sickness, but the nursery sounds exciting.  Don't forget to post some photos when you're done :)

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