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**Monday 3rd Tri**



  • Sounds like it is the real thing Morph. Glad you got the first shot of steroids at least. Yup, I'd say possibly the most painful jab ever! Will they section you again this time even if you are labouring naturally? Sorry, can't remember why you had the other 2 sections! Good luck and keep us posted!

  • Yes they will def section me - I made sure I got that agreed! After 2 previous EMCS they say the risk of rupture is too high.  Suits me  just fine!

  • Morph...hope all is well now!

    Sorry i didnt get back for personals...just wanted to check back in and let you all know that the doctor didnt need to carry out the ecv had turned all on its own!

  • Oh Morph! Exciting but scary stuff!

    Put your feet up Mrs x

  • Bexy, great news!  Now naughty baby, stay where you are!

    AFM, little update.  I;m still here, kind of just.  I:ve done nothing all day except sit on the sofa crocheting and changing DVD's as and when A demanded!  I was conscious of the tightenings so decided to time them for an hour to see if they were still regular - they averaged every 3.5 mins for 30 secs, same as when I was on the monitor this morning.  Hmm, they don't sound like BH's do they?

    Going to have a bath in a bit and get to bed and try to get some rest.  Assuming nothing major happens tonight e.g waters go I will reassess in the morning.  If they're still the same I am going to go back and not wait until midday when I am due for my steroids.

    H and I have just done a mad dash upstairs with me taking him through bag contents, where everything is in the babies room etc.  I have a hunch I may have a baby this week......

  • Hey again. Just swinging by quickly so say that I got my blood results back and I have obstetric cholestasis. I'm being induced tomorrow as a result. I'm very anxious and appreciate any spare vibes that baby will be OK (usually induction is at 38 weeks with this condition?).

    Good luck to Morph and thumbs up to Bexy's clever baby!

    Hope to have good news soon...

  • Gosh it's all go on the tri thread today!

    Morph- yup, I predict baby will be here tomorrow. Glad you're all organised. Good luck!

    Gopher- sorry the results weren't as hoped. I'm sure baby is fine. As far as I know it comes on very quickly so I doubt you've been affected for long. Good luck for induction tomorrow. Pleased you have an end in sight at least.

    Look forward to all these BA tomorrow and weds!

  • I predict Weds for me - i think they'll get steroids in me and then try to keep me going overnight and I'll be 36 weeks on Weds.  Off for a bath now to de fuzz everything just in case! Priorities and all that!

    Gopher my friend had severe OC and baby was just fine.  WIll be thinking of you tomorrow x

  • Good luck Gopher. Do you have a PP?

  • Good luck Gopher, I am fairly sure that the issue for you rather than the baby just like with PE.  

    Good luck Morph, sounds like you will be meeting your baby fairly soon too.

    Ooo, 3rd tri is scarey ... you all keep having actual, real babies.   Knees fancy joining me in the "I'm not really in 3rd tri yet" denial ?

  • Good luck gopher... I'm sure all will be fine...

    Ooh morph this is really happening... Hope you get some rest tonight... I think I'm now getting realisation that this is all really happening now!!

  • Thanks guys :-) Rusty- no I don't have a PP so there may be a delay in an update!

  • Hey ladies,

    Very late but will try properly tomorrow.

    Gopher, wishing you loads of luck tomorrow, I'm sure it can't help but be scary in the circumstances, but you and baba will be absolutely fine, sounds like it was picked up straight away with you going in. Not sure if you want to update yourself, but if you do want a PP and are still here I'm happy to do the honours and can give you my email or phone number. If not I look forward to reading your BA in due course!

    Morph - How scary for you too, hope the steroids do the job, and that you get some rest tonight. FX baby stays put for a bit longer.

    'See' you all soon x

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