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**monday 3rd tri**

Just wrote a post and pressed cancel. Idiot!! Still here, still pregnant, still a grumpy cow!!! Had regular, painful tightenings for 3 hours last night but nothing's come of it unsurprisingly. Today is the gestation p was born at so from now on I'm into new pregnancy space!! Also very upset I've developed cankles. I didn't swell at all last time, or this time to now. Not impressed!!! P has swimming this morning which I think I can do as not lost anything yucky for a few days. No other plans.


  • Hi AR. I feel your pain. I have been totally wiped out this weekend, been hot and cold, nauseous, diarrohea, ache all over, emotional. Then I was awake until 3am this morning with pains that didnt develop. Forgot all about my GTT so I ate and now I can't have the test so am staying in bed and going to work for the afternoon - they don't need to know my stupid mistake!

    Can't help with your swelling. You could get checked for other signs of PE? But I'm very swollen now and remain so whether I elevate or not. Elevation limits it but I'm more doing what I need to than being a slave to my cankles if you see what I mean!

    Hope we don't have any 2nd tri graduates joining soon, all I do is whine and moan and give graphic descriptions of horrible preg symptoms ha ha!!

    Hope everyone is doing well and had a fab weekend x

  • Had I missed you having a Gtt, why now? Just a size thing? Did you have one at 28 weeks?

    My bp was up a bit for me when I was in triage on sat and trace protein but nothing major. Will just keep an eye. I guess I don't really know how my body reacts to being pregnant from now on so who knows what other fun symptoms will turn up!!

    Come ooooooooooon babies!!!
  • AR - the GTT was because I asked the doctor whether I should worry about more than just the delivery, if I'm being reviewed on the basis of a very abnormal abdo measurement, should I be worrying about baby? So as an afterthought he stuck me in for the test. I wasn't checked previously at all. I don't know what the criteria is for being checked as standard.

    When's your next antenatal check? Hopefully not too long so you can keep an eye on symptoms. But, as you say, they could all be standard, end-of-preg things also.

    The MW and doctor reverting to scan dates at this stage is so dangerous for me because now my 'focus date' is this Saturday and it's just making me all the more impatient!! I have this level of almost desperation to meet Baxter and to stop feeling like this. Can't be healthy, certainly isn't conducive to a nice, relaxed, spontaneous labour ha ha!!

  • Usually it's a personal or family history of diabetes or a high bmi. I had one based on my bmi at 28weeks.

    Have mw on Friday so will see how we go. I would like to think I won't get that far but obviously these days it feels like baby is never coming so probably will.

    Desperation is exactly how I feel too, and it really isn't helpful at all. What a dreadful pair we are!!!
  • Morning

    AR- must be frustrating for you as I bet you feel you have gone over as P was born now. Won't be too long lovely. Are you getting the swelling checked or is it just normal pregnancy swelling? Enjoy swimming.

    Counter oh no! Well atleast u get the morning in bed :) hope things pick up for you soon too. Almost time for you to finish work :)

    Afm woke up so achey with a sore bump. Have midwife this afternoon and waiting in for another delivery, time slot typically clashes with midwife.

  • Another one checking in for the 'still no baby' pity party!

    AR - you must feel overdue by now? Hope the swelling doesn't get any worse. I've had a little in my hands, but only when it's been really warm and I only notice because of my wedding ring-maybe it's just because it's been warm over the weekend.

    Counter - staying in bed sounds like a good plan! Is the midwife taking this Saturday as your due date? How overdue will they let you go for homebirth?

    Bertie - hope all goes well at the midwife. 

    AFM - had a lovely weekend with H, but I've woken up this morning after a really uncomfortable nights sleep, feeling like a whale and I just want this baby to come out now. Don't have much planned for this week other than midwife on Wednesday, my Mum's taking me so think we might go for lunch afterwards. I need to make some plans to distract me I think. I'm not really enjoying mat leave as much as I thought I would, too much time to think and ponder over every little ache!

    It doesn't help that I just don't feel even close to going into labour. Obviously I've never done it before, but there hasn't been anything really exciting happen to think it might be soon which makes me worry that I could still have another two weeks of this to go.

  • Morning Bertie. Is the delivery anything exciting/baby related? Hope it comes at a helpful time.

    I'll just keep an eye for now, I was checked on fri/sat and all normal so will see. I'm sure it's just a crappy end of pregnancy thing.
  • Morning flossy. Glad you had a nice weekend. Definitely get some things planned in. I'm trying to do something each day with a group with p or at the least a trip to tesco or similar!!!
  • AR it's a bouncer for baby that my brother ordered for us :) and I have some more sleep suits for her on the way, I am an addict! Oh that's good then that its nothing to worry about, the glamour of pregnancy hey!

    Flossy once again I could have wrote your post lol. Glad you had a nice weekend. I think keeping busy is key whilst on maternity otherwise it is a tad boring! I've had non stop plans so haven't got bored yet but if I have much longer I may well do. Can you sleep during the day? I'm going to try and make the most of napping lol.

  • Did anyone use a Tens machine in their previous labours? I got a hire pack for £3.96 so thought it was worth a try!

  • Bertie, I've hired one...should probably add 'reading the instructions' to this weeks to do list!

    A friend used one last year and recommended it so thought it was worth a try. One of the girls in my NCT class used one too and she said it helped a lot when she was at home as it felt like she had something to focus on. I think some people find them irritating though, H seems to think I'll be one of them!

    I definitely need a nap today, woke up about 4am and didn't really go back to sleep properly after that. Might even let myself go back to bed for a nap rather than the sofa. I fell asleep on the sofa last week and it took me about half an hour to get myself up afterwards because I ached so much!

  • Damn iPad refreshed the page mid reply when I went to a new tab :(. Anyways, the long and short of what I had written was that I hope you are all out of the 3rd tri ASAP!

    AR, I didn't realise P was born at 38+3, but it makes sense that you would now expect #2 to follow suit.

    Counter, I hope you're enjoying your cheeky morning off :). I'm not sure when the next 2nd tri folks are coming.  It depends if they go by 26+5/6 or 28 wks for 3rd.  If the former I think we are due a few soon!

    Bertie, delivery time slots always clash with something!!  I hope in your case it comes either before or after midwife, but I know if it was me I could have the shortest appt in the world and just miss the delivery by a few minutes.  Annoying!  I hope the bump is less sore now, btw.

    Flossy, distraction plans sound like a good idea.  And who knows, you might be one that goes into labour with no warning signs and waters just breaking suddenly like you see on tv!

    AFM, we had a horrible night last night.  We have been trying to wean Wispa off of sleeping in our room, and for the past week she has been out in the hall/spare room for at least a few hours every night, usually lying down right outside our door, but I'd seen her lying on the sofabed in the spare room once or twice when I've gotten up for the toilet.  Well, we forgot to put her out on Saturday night (I was sound asleep before H and didn't notice), so thanks to the inconsistency Wispa got so distressed at being suit out that when she woke us up whimpering and cryi at the door at 1am we found she had vomited 4 times on the carpet and was so distressed it almost made me cry.  I suppose being up from 1-3am cleaning up dog puke, calming her down, taking her outside, etc could be looked at in terms of good practice for having to get up in the night for baby, but it was just miserable.  I think the only thing we have accomplished this week is to make her separation anxiety worse.  Sorry, I know you're not all doggy people, and I wish I had things to go on about in terms of baby, but no dice.  

  • Flossy that's good to know, delivery is 3-5 days so hopefully she doesn't make an appearance by then! I am shattered today, most tired I have felt in ages so will also be having a nap. Got all comfy on the bed and then the doorbell went, typical lol.

    Wispa I have been trying to do the same kind of thing with my cat, the plan was to be moved before baby comes and we could get the cat used to not coming in the bedrooms in the new house but as we will be here for a few more weeks I'm trying to keep her out of the bedroom. That must have been horrible for you, it's upsetting when they get distressed isn't it. Hopefully it was just a one off and she will get used to it.

  • Oh AR - Was hoping to of heard baby news from you by now :( Really hope baby gets a move on and that your cankles aren't too bad!

    Counter - Sorry to hear you are feeling rubbish too, baby out vibes in your direction!

    Bertie - Not long now for you! Hope midwife and the delivery people don't coincide!

    Flossy - Baby out vibes for you too! Maybe baby will take you by surprise and you will have a speedy labour!

    AFM, think I may have some kind of mild stomach bug, tummy has been very 'loose' for the past few days and have been feeling very sick and sorry for myself. Managed a trip to Ikea yesterday though, was a good distraction and am excited to now have the furniture for the nursery. H wanted to start putting it all together as soon as I got home but told him to wait and we will do it this week!

    Had physio this morning. Was kind of helpful but a little unrealistic! Was told the only way to really help things is to do as little as possible and to only really get up/move about to go to the toilet!

  • Hi all,

    Sorry can't really do personals as on phone and I can't remember it all!

    AR and flossy hope babies get shifting soon! Counter hope you had a relaxing morning before going to work.

    I've had a really busy few days so suffering with hips and pelvis today, having lots of BH and quite a bit of discomfort this morning but nothing happening! Got diabetes clinic tomo, had a couple high readings on duet control so hoping as 38 weeks they'll leave me be! And going to ask about induction ea
  • Earlier than 41 weeks as what I gather it's usually from 38......scary!
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