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**NYE 1st Tri**

How did we get to the end of the year already?? Frightening! What are you all up to tonight? We're just having a quiet one in as we have O to think of and all our friends are childless and off out...but I wouldn't change it for the world. We have a Turkey crown and all the trimmings so planning on doing a huge roast, xmas style :-) Baby wise not much to nastiness thankfully. MW rang yesterday and we're looking at booking in the end of this week. Have a great New Year all xx


  • Hey coco. I'm not doing anything tonight as I have to work New Years Day!  I am so pleased to say I got myself asleep before last nights poop/sick disaster so pretty sure exhaustion is part of the cause.  I must remember to listen to my body and go to sleep when I'm tired I think!! Bit twingy when I first got into bed but I adjusted position and before I knew it H's alarm was going off at 8am ! You've all no idea how relieved I am today haha!! I am 4+2 today and going to ring GP this morning. Also got H to agree to an early scan - hopefully book that after new year for when I'll be around 7 weeks. Hello to all that follow :)

  • Morning Ladies!

    Coco - Crazy isn't it. Mmm roast sounds amazing! Enjoy! Embrace the no nastiness I say, eat all the lovely food you want whilst you can!

    Star - Glad you managed to get to sleep before the nastiness kicked in. I agree that tiredness makes everything so much worse. Keep rested :)

    AFM - Having had a really bad weekend with sickness, I had a much better day yesterday. Managed to eat plenty and was only sick a couple of times, Hurrah! I think I overdid it on the Christmas week and thats why I had such a bad weekend, so going to try and not overdo things until the First Tri nastiness has gone. This meant that I was in bed at 7.30pm last night! Nothing else to report, looking forward to Thursday when I'll be 12 weeks :-)

  • Hi ladies!

    CoCo your party sounds fun ! I love Christmas dinner

    Purple Star - glad you had a gd nights sleep & are not feeling too sickly.

    Pep - we cross posts :) glad your sickness is easing 

    Gonna be a quiet nye in our house, onsie, pizza & TV. I got some mocktails from sainsburys so I still feel like I am getting something.

    Symptoms so far are not major - twinges, cramps & sore boobs. Although sometimes tiredness takes over & I need sleep there. & then. Still doesn't feel real! Also booking in for an early scan , just waiting on them contacting me from doctors referral.

    Hi to all that follow & happy 2014 to all :)

  • Hi ladies!

    Coco - your roast sounds immense! Enjoy it. I also can't believe the year is out already. Crazy!

    PS - Good luck for calling the GP. I'm waiting until 6th January. Not sure why. That is just the date I have in my head. Dingbat. Have a lovely NYE despite working tomorrow.

    Pep - Great news your feeling better. 2nd tri is coming fast for you!

    SaSaSi - Lovely to see you here :)

    AFM:  I got my 2-3 on a CBD today. Things are moving in the right direction :D

    I booked an early scan for 20th January. I'll be 7+1 (touch wood).

    Happy New Year ladies. I can't believe I am pregnant!!

  • Morning ladies!

    Coco- enjoy your roast. I'm kinda jealous actually, room for one more?!

    Ps glad you escaped without being poorly last night. Agree with pep that the tiredness makes it all 100 times worse, so make sure you get plenty of sleep.

    Pep I'm glad you felt better yesterday. You poor thing. Are you managing to stay hydrated when you're being sick?

    SaSaSi- early scans are great as they give you a small goal to look forward to.

    AFM- 13 weeks today! Going for a scan at 12.40 and just hoping the baby us still dancing and hand jiving away in there.

    Off out tonight with friends for food at the local, there a dj on etc so should be good. Going to squeeze in a 2 hour nap this afternoon though as I can't hack it otherwise.

    Will come back later and update you all, hopefully with a happy scan picture. Very nervous though.

  • Missed you Ducky- happy 2-3 and happy New Year's Eve! :)

  • Imp - Best of luck for your scan, not that you will need it :) Make sure you update us as soon as you can afterwards!

    Yes managing to stay hydrated absolutely fine, its mainly food thats the problem rather than liquid! Although if I drink a glass quickly then it won't stay down - especially water bizarrely!

  • Good, not that throwing up food is good but it's inportant to stay hydrated. I hope it eases for you soon pep.x

  • Hi ladies

    Coco - quiet one sounds lovely and cosy.  Love staying in NYE

    PS - yey to early scan. Glad you had a good night's sleep

    Pep - sorry to hear about the sickness.  Hope it subsides.  woo to almost being 12 weeks

    Sasasi - make sure you get lots of rest and quiet one sounds lovely even if you do have to settle for mocktails

    Ducky - hopefully time until first scan will go quickly and great to see 2-3 weeks on the test!

    Imp - hope scan goes well and will look out for an update!!  Ha your night out sounds like far more than I could take atm

    AFM - dreading going back to wok Thursday and think I will struggle big time with the tiredness.  Tonight we ae going to our friends who live about 10 minutes walk away.  Was looking forward to it as thought it would be a few of us, but it's spiralled to about 20 people which I don't fancy at all because just so tired!  Wish I was staying in!

    Happy New Year to all

  • Turkey and trimmings sounds great coco. Have fun this evening.

    PS- great news that you slept well. I agree, being tired always impacts on other things negitively. Boo to working though. What do you do? Yay that your H agreed to an early scan.

    Hi pep! Sorry you've had a bad weekend. Fingers crossed the sickness goes soon.

    Mock tails will be nice sasasi. We have a bottle of really good champaign that we were given. We planned to have it this evening to celebrate the year being over as its been a hard one. But guess it will stay in the cupboard now! Early scan is exciting too.

    AFM I did my run this morning. It was hard as I have been lax these last few weeks but I managed it. This morning I'm working on my next assignment. This afternoon H is taking me shopping for running shoes as one of Christmas presents. Then tonight we have a table booked at a local Italian which will be lovely. Happy new to all.

  • Oh wow I must be really slow at typing!!

    Ducky- great that you have an early scan booked. I think your attitude if enjoying it all and trying not to worry is very healthy.

    Looking forward to seeing that scan imp. Enjoy your nye, I hope the dj is good.

    CJ,  hopefully you'll enjoy it when you get there. I often find nights I think may be a bit rubbish end up being the best ones!

    Happy new year!

  • Pep - Sorry to hear you've not been well but I'm glad you are feeling a bit better now

    SaSaSi - Sounds like a lovely NYE to me! :)

    Ducky - 2-3 already? :O I reckon you've got two in there!!

    Imp - Good luck at the scan today x

    CeeJay - Hope tonight isn't too stressful, if it gets too much fake food poisoning or something and get yourself home to bed!

    Raincloud - I work as an Assistant Manager at a Touring Park. It  closes to the public for the winter on Sunday (5th Jan) and we don't reopen til 1st March but the office is still open Mon-Fri for people to call and book so still need to go into work each day for that. I hope you have a lovely evening!

    AFM - Rang GP this morning and they've said I have to go in and see a doctor first before they'll refer me to antenatal. Receptionist didn't ask how far gone I was or anything so will have to wait and see. Earliest they could get me booked in was January 9th so got a lil while to wait. I'll be 5+3 by my estimations but i'll be 7+3 by going by my last period.

  • Good scan update ladies! Baby was dancing away like mad so I've named them happy feet! The picture is a bit odd as they were covering their face. The lady said it all looks good at the moment had that baby is developing well. Dated me a day ahead, 13+1 so that's good.

  • Lovely update Imp, happyfeet looks like a lovely growing baby :)

  • So pleased the scan went well Imp! x

  • Imp Imp Imp ! awww congratulations on your scan! 13.1 and we haven't got you for much longer on first tri threads have we?  I think so cute baby covering his or her face - almost a little shy!

    Raincloud - wow to your run - very impressive.  Is assignment work or study related?

    PS - glad you got an app even if you do have to wait until 9 jan!

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