**TFI Friday 1st tri**

Morning ladies! Hope you're all well. Sorry didn't get back on til late last night. Midwife rang yesterday and I've now got my booking in this afternoon...I know not much happens at this appointment but I'm excited to be in the system properly. I really struggle in first tri...some say I'm lucky with no symptoms etc (same in whole of my 1st pregnancy) but it always leaves me struggling to believe I'm pregnant if that makes sense? Booking in means 1 step closer to scan. Talk later lad


  • *ladies....damn that stupid mobile site!
  • Morning ladies.

    I can understand that coco, I wanted to feel every symptom going- more for reassurance in my case- but I would have gone mad with no symptoms at all. I hope it won't be long until your scan now.

    I've still got toothache. It's really sore just now. I'm going to give it an hour and if no better then I'm going to try and find an emergency dentist to see me. I am terrified if the dentist so not looking forward to it.

  • Morning both!

    Coco I know I am much earlier than you but I have no symptoms either. Wish I had just a little bit of nausea!

    Imp - Toochache sounds nasty :( I hope you can get is sorted quickly.

    AFM - I could get used to these two day weeks! I called the docs yesterday to find out what the procedure is at my surgery. They like you to see a doc as soon as you find out then they will attempt to date you and book me in to see the midwife at around 8 weeks. So I have the docs next Wednesday. Not sure why I'm so scared about that!

  • Ducky all these steps make it feel real. I can understand feeling scared, I was the same. I held of booking in for a while because if it. On the nausea front mind started at 6 weeks I think.

    Just realised it's my last day in first tri! Eeek!

  • Coco - good luck for this afternoon. I hope the apt goes well. What do they do in the first apt?

    Imp - wow moving to 2nd tri, how exciting. I hope your tooth ache goes. I hate the dentist. I have problems with one tooth in particular and so if I ever have tooth ache I use my mouthwash more often and usually that seems to keep issues at bay.

    Ducky - that's nice that you see a doctor straight away. I felt a bit weird to be told that I wasn't to be seen until week 8. They didn't even give me an advice sheet which I was surprised about.

    I've had no symptoms really, just a bit of achey boobs when I take my bra off. But this morning I really struggled to get out of bed, despite having a solid 8 hours sleep. I'm only 5 weeks though so plenty of time yet. A day of work for me today ready for real work on monday! It will be strange being back after two weeks off, and the weeks have gone slowly which is nice. But I'm sure I'll be in the swing of things soon.

  • Coco - I totally understand what you are saying, it's such a massive life changing experience & for your body not to be telling you anything would be unnerving. At least you were the same with your first so you know it's standard for you. Good luck this afternoon!

    Imp - yuck to the toothache, hope you get something sorted today.good luck for 2nd Tri!!

    Ducky - good luck at docs next week. I am so so pleased for you still. It's amazing to have do many long timers getting bfp's at once!!!

    Raincloud- good luck getting settled back in today ! 

    Well I'm 7 weeks today & I feel disgustingly sick - sore head, sticky tummy, first time I've felt I could actually be physically sick. I'm constantly cold as well - mum thinks I'm anaemic as I'm not a big meat fan. I'm for nurse this afternoon about my post op wound/ stitches so I might mention it to her  & see west she thinks. Hope it is just standard. & I'm not getting a bug!!

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Coco - I think that is completely understandable. It must be reassuring to know your last pregnancy was the same?

    Imp - Hope your tooth starts behaving soon :( Yay / Wow for moving over to 2nd Tri tomorrow! Hopefully see you there soon :)

    Ducky - I think its totally normal to be scared! I get scared for every appointment I have, still!

    Raincloud - I'm surprised they haven't given you an advice (food) sheet too. Maybe they'll send something in the post?

    Sas - Sounds like the symptoms well and truly kicking in to me. Rest helps!

    AFM - Consultants appointment yesterday was awful. Everything is fine, but the experience and the 'consultant' (definitely was not a consultant, trainee doctor perhaps?) was awful. She didn't know I was pregnant (she thought I was there for my irregular cycles), she couldn't understand why I was only 12 weeks when my last period was 14.5 weeks ago, and she kept leaving the room to check things with the registrar (trainee consultant). She advised me to stop taking medication that I've been taking for well over a year now, which I was put on to help PCOS and regulate my hormones and therefore my cycles. Well, I say she 'advised', what she actually said was "I think it would be OK to stop taking that now". Erm, 'think' really isn't good enough right now! Thats when she left the room and come back and said 'I've looked it up, and you're OK to stop taking it but if you want to carry on then thats understandable and I'll just make a note that we suggested you stopped and you refused'. I'd have probably felt completely different if the person I was speaking to seemed to have a clue what they were talking about, but they were so wishy washy. I said I'd think about it and she then said if I did decide to stop, to ring my midwife and let her know, because if she had a problem with it / didn't agree she could contact them. WHAT THE HELL?! Why would my midwife disagree if you're saying I should stop? Baffling. She then said my next consultant appointment (sad face!) would be in 14 weeks time and with an ANTENATAL consultant because they'd be able to.... then stopped in her tracks (I think she was going to say deal with pregnant issues better, or along those lines). I've spoken to my midwife this morning and she's said to carry on taking the medication, they don't advise pregnant ladies to stop with it, and if anything they see it as a benefit to carry on taking it. Fine by me!

  • What a palava pep! She sounds useless!

    If it is metformin you're taking it is perfectly safe to carry on. In fact ladies with gestational diabetes are given it!

  • Coco - I am due the same day as you and I get a bit tired and feel a bit sick in the evenings but that's it. I've found it quite hard to believe I'm pregnant and my scan was now a week ago so the doubts have crept back in. Trying to ignore them and I feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one that feels almost completely normal!

    Imp - happy last day! Hope your tooth starts feeling better soon and if not then I hope you get a nice dentist who doesn't cause any more pain!

    Ducky - I think it just makes it all more real. My doctor was less than useless, just told me to take folic acid and not eat liver... When I spoke to him about how worried I was about another mc he said "yes but really it would be a positive thing as it would mean something was wrong with the embryo". Right.

    Raincloud - I hope your first day back isn't too painful. I only had a week off but this week has been really quiet which has helped me ease back into it.

    Sa sa si - fingers crossed you're not coming down with something. I feel hot all the time which is very unusual for me but hormones can do all sorts of crazy things. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick now too.

    Pep - That sounds horrific! Well done for just sticking the appointment out! What a doofus. At least you have a sensible midwife. What a nightmare! Just what you don't need.

    AFM - found out today that my SD's mum is pregnant and is as far along as I am which is weird. My parents also rang last night to say that I might want to tell all the aunts and uncles as my Dad had told 2 of his brothers and they didn't think it was fair for some to know and others not. Well yes, that's why we asked you not to say anything!!! It's hard to get annoyed when he's so excited about it but for gods sake Dad, it's not really your news to tell! Had to send an en masse email out to all the relatives (not how I wanted to do it either) so fx all is actually ok at 12 weeks or we will have to go back to everyone.

    Hi to those that follow

  • Hello All!

    Pep - that sounds like a truly useless appointment, I'm please you've clarified with the midwife.

    Sasa - It must be slightly good to feel some symptoms. I'm with you on the tiredness!

    AFM - I had an epic sleep of about 11hrs, still woke up knackered though. I went out to Tesco to do the weekly shop and felt icky the whole time. My Tummy aches a bit today as well. I'm pleased though after a good few days of no symptoms except tiredness. My lovely husband has painted what will be the nursery yellow, we've had this on the to do list for a while regardless of whether we would have baby quickly or not. I'm 5wks and 4 days today!

  • Evening everyone!

    RC- how was work? I only got symptoms at about 6 weeks and then they sort of came and went a bit- there's time yet.

    Sas- boo to feeling rotten but yay for symptoms. How was it with the nurse?

    Pep the doctor/consultant sounds like a joke. When I was first supposed to see the consultant I got a doctor instead too, he was so awful he made me cry! I'm glad you clarified with the mw.

    Jonesy- it's nice that your dad is excited. Annoying that you've been forced to tell people early though.

    Well I braved the dentist. This is a big deal to me as I'm terrified of it. I'm currently enjoying the anaesthetic and no pain! *gory bit* he's cut away a bit of my gum that he said was infected and had given me instructions to use a weird pipe cleaner brush on it.

    I hope this fixes it or he wants to take it out. Eeeek!

  • Hi ladies.

    Coco - hope booking-in went well!

    Imp - just to check, you know you can get dental treatment free with a pregnancy exemption card? I hate the dentists too (er... not been since before I was pregnant with A!) but the thought is always worse than the actual experience.

    Ducky - Yay for seeing the doctors, but boo to feeling nervous. Am sure it will all be ok. I guess you'll need some time to let it sink in that it's real!

    Raincloud - hope work went ok. It's nice to have a day to ease yourself back in haha! And now it's the weekend!

    SaSaSi - still makes me smile seeing you on here, it's lovely! Are you taking pregnancy vitamins (I assume so!), do they have iron in them? Quite a few ladies end up on extra iron tablets but it can make you constipated (oh the joys).

    Pep - that sounds disgraceful! To be honest from the sounds of things your midwife WAS better informed! Hopefully the antenatal consultant will be more on the ball.

    Jonesy - oh what a pain about your dad telling everyone. I assumed my parents would but they've actually been quite good and not even told my grandparents (well, as far as I know...!) I'm sure they'll all be really excited for you.

    Ali - 11 hours?! I am so, so jealous!

    AFM - had quite a busy day, went shopping and got some clothes for A. My dad came round to lower the stairgate (it was originally too high and yesterday A got under it and up the stairs without me seeing, cue huge panic attack looking for him on the ground floor when all along he was sitting upstairs in his bedroom laughing at me! MONKEY!). We are using some of my Christmas money to go out for lunch tomorrow just the three of us which will be really nice I'm sure, then a lazy weekend of just sorting out bits and bobs. Might go to the park if the weather's nice. Nothing to report pregnancy-wise, still no real symptoms other than occasional queasiness but it was the same with A until morning sickness hit with a vengeance! Think am 7+3 today. Oh and I've now got my scan date (3rd Feb, can't wait!) and got my booking-in appt in a few weeks time, so I'm pleased it's all in order.

  • Cross-posted with you Imp. I hope that does fix it, well done for being brave!

  • Sorry not been back on again til now.....with taking O to a 2nd birthday party and then having my MW appointment I haven't had a moment to stop!

    Imp - Happy last day on 1st tri!! Wishing you all the best over on 2nd tri....shall be lurking to see how you're getting on (I'm not a stalker really ;-) ) Hope your toothache has eased off now.

    Ducky - Don't feel scared....doctors will be completely run of the mill, and it will get you in the MW system if nothing else :-) Exciting stuff!

    Raincloud - I find my only symptom of pregnancy is just extreme tiredness....I literally fall asleep on the sofa every night!! Haha!! Glad you're well just now :-)

    SaSaSi - Sorry the symptoms have kicked in - hope they eased off as the day went on and aren't an ongoing thing for you. Pregnancy is exciting but so unglam!

    Pep - That appointment sounds like a real PITA .....You're supposed to be able to put your faith in these people and when they don't even have a convincing answer to something like medication in pregnancy? FFS? I feel your pain!

    Jonesy - Ooh, another date twin!  How annoying that families feel the need to blab our news! I know it's only because they're excited but it's blinking annoying! We've had it too but I will leave it in their court to be bearers of bad news should anything go wrong.

    Ali - Wow to 11hrs...I'd take that! And check you out with the nursery painted already!

    AFM:  MW was lovely. They come to your house here for your booking in (v different to where we used to live!) so that was nice as informal and O could still run around and play (though he took a liking to the blood pressure machine!! Haha!)  All in the system now, so just waiting to hear about a scan date and all systems will be a go!

    I'm blinking crackered tonight!

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