**TGIF 2nd Tri***

Morning All! Happy Friday!

I haven't managed to get on all that much recently, work has exploded!

Due to the redundancy uncertainties a lot of people have found new jobs which the excellent but sadly temporary result being I have been promoted until such time that we are all made redundant or redeployed. Silver lining and all that. Means a bit more money for the next couple months which is always handy! Also helps my CV out so I'm feeling quite perky about work for the first time in a long time.

Baby wise I think I felt more movement on Monday and only 5 sleeps til my scan. Starting to get nervous now!



  • Morning Jonesy! Sorry things are so uncertain at work at the moment but as you say the promition etc can only benefit you, even if just in terms of cv :-) Hope you have a loveoy restful weekend.Will have everything crossed for your scan...exciting times :-)

    I've a busy one today...work for a few hours and then taking O to one of his friend's birthday parties straight from work, scary to think my little boy will be 2 himself in less than 3 weeks :O Then I've a weekend off work so planning a spot of (window) shopping, and packing more boxes in prep for the move in 4 weeks.

    Hi to all who follow, and happy Friday! x

  • Morning!

    Jonesy - does that mean more maternity pay for you too? I think if you get a package its an average of your salary over the 18 weeks before maternity leave?

    Glad you are feeling perky about the situation - def sounds gd for the cv. How lovely to feel some baby movement!

    Coco - Enjoy the party this afternoon and packing over wkend - how good will it be to move! :)

    AFM -Im 17 weeks today!! How did I get here? Def feeling better, far less sick so I am happy :)

    Estate agent coming to value house this afternoon so I have left OH a list that would choke a horse haha but he is off today! Going eternity ring purchasing tomorrow and then its a bank hol on Monday - plan to rid out all the cupboards etc. House looks nice & tidy but if any viewers opened a cupboard at the min stuff might fall out on them!

    Have training later today but will try to get back on - Hi to everyone who follows!

  • Morning all,

    Jonesey - not long until your scan! At least the promotion is good for the CV and future employment!

    Coco - gosh you are organised! We move in 6 weeks, haven't even found a house yet and haven't started sorting stuff out or packing!!

    SaSaSi - good luck for the valuation. Hope your H manages to get through your list!

    AFM - mw appointment went fine yesterday. She isn't the most sociable person in the world but I guess she won't be my mw much longer.

    Today I plan to do some cleaning and hopefully make a start on doing some sorting as we have so much crap and there's no point in moving with lots of crap!!


  • TFIF at last! Wooooo :)

    Jonesy - sorry to hear about what's going on at work but at least you have a philosophical attitude towards it and yep the money and extra knowledge on the cv can't do any harm at all :) Lovely to hear of the movements it makes it seem more real to feel something and I'm positive everything will be fine for the scan and yep I know nothing will stop you worrying until you have the scan :)

    Coco - blimey you sure do have a lot going on in the next few weeks, birthday for O and house packing/moving, I hope it all goes to plan and isn't too stressful, have fun with the window shopping at the weekend

    SaSaSi - what is it with everyone moving haha! I hope you get good feedback from the EA today and the eternity ring shopping sounds wonderful, I hope your fingers haven't swelled though due to the pregnancy, have fun!

    Browny - sorry to hear your mw isn't the best and like you say if you are moving (to a new area?) you'll get someone else and fingers crossed they are much better

    AFM - not a good nights sleep up about 4 times for the loo and so uncomfortable, my left hip is aching today and I feel so tired, oh well it's Friday, not long til the weekend :)

    FAO imp and Fig many thanks for your advice yesterday re uploading of pics from my phone, I think I have the options showing now on my phone to upload, for some reason I had an update through settings on my iPhones and once I updated hey presto I then get the upload dropdown options on here, very bizarre!


  • Righto, I'll try and post some pics of the comfy ted in our boys bed keeping it warm and of our little dudes wardrobe, a bit boring but some of you did ask hahaha!!!

    It worked, but so sorry they are huge and not the right way up!

    Shock - I think I'm now 3rd Tri eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! xx

  • I hope you both enjoy the party Coco. I bet those 2 years have gone fast! Hope packing goes ok. Thank you for the scan luck. I don't know why it's so scary!

    Sasasi - lucky H haha. Have you started looking for something else? Also have fun ring shopping, what a lovely way to spend a Saturday! Sadly my mat pay is calculated from the last 2 months before the 15th week before due date (complicated) so I just miss out on getting more pay but still. Better than a knee in the groin!

  • Sorry missed you there Browny and Leelee.

    Browny hope the sorting goes ok. I need to do that soon. I have sorted through our bedroom but the spare room is like aladdin's cave at the moment. Not going to be fun. Glad the mw appointment went well even if you're not her biggest fan. Fingers crossed for a lovely northern one.

    Leelee - the bear looks so cozy! I can't believe how sorted your nursey is! I bet you can't wait to see your little man in there. Hope you don't get too tired today and enjoy a weekend of rest!

  • LeeLee - sorry you didn't sleep well - hope tonight's better. Lovely pics :)

  • Morning,

    Jonesy, sorry to hear of the uncertainties for you at work :( but yay to feeling movements!

    Coco, hope O has fun at the party, hope packing goes well

    Sasasi, ooh ring shopping, lovely! And yay to feeling less sicky

    Browny, glad your appt went well even if the midwife wasn't so friendly, like you say you won't have her throughout which is good!

    Leelee, sorry you didn't sleep well, am loving the nursery pics though - your little man has some lovely outfits there!

    Afm, nothing much to report, having a lazy morning which I really shouldn't as have lots of housework to do!

    Btw haven't seen pep for a while, is she ok? x

  • TFIF!! Woohoo :)

    Jonesy, congratulations on your promotion! It will definitely help your future career options. Go you!

    Coco, hope work is okay, enjoy the party later! Good luck for packing this weekend.

    SaSaSi, ooo lucky you going eternity ring shopping! Do you know what sort of style you're hoping for? We'll need a pic of it of course!

    Browny, hope your cleaning and sorting goes well, good luck!

    LeeLee, ahh lovely pics! I love ted in the cot :) And look how many lovely clothes you have in the wardrobe! Makes me want to get our baby things out but they're all in boxes in the hope that we might eventually move before she arrives. Are you still painting this weekend?

    AFM, working today and then taking my parents to look at prams later this afternoon. Might go for a bite to eat afterwards too. Baby seemed to have lodged her foot against my cervix last night which wasn't especially pleasant but she's wriggling around lots today and seems to have moved it :)

  • CO, missed you! Enjoy your lazy morning, housework can definitely wait :)

  • CO - hope you are enjoying your lazy morning, it's so hard to get motivation for housework!!

    Figaro - sounds like a lovely afternoon! Hope baby behaves tonight!!

    Well I think I *may* have felt baby move this morning. Not 100% though - think I felt a couple of very light touches one after the other then nothing, so I'm now doubting myself. I know it's still early so might have been my imagination! X

  • Good Morning!  Yay for Friday!

    Jonesy it sounds like the promotion could be good for you?  What do you think will hapen with your mat leave if things are delayed?

    Coco yay to a weekend off, are you housey window shopping?

    Sas how lovely to go eternity ring shopping, did you decide the style you're going to get?

    Browny, I would say have a nice day but cleaning and sorting don't sound much fun to me!  Can you squueze in something nice for lunch?

    LL- lovely cot and wardrobe, what a lot of clothes your little man has got!

    CO- enjoy your lazy time.  Pep was around last week I think, she was back at work so is possibly just busy.  I hope she's ok and they're not pushing her too hard.

    Fig Glad that baby has moved her foot, that doesn't sound comfy at all! Enjoy the shopping and lunch, I want something yummy for lunch but I'm still on plain food.

    AFM- well after a quiet few days, happy feet kicked off big time yesterday. Wriggling and kicking, it made mw very happy as I had been just a tad anxious about it.

    Going to get the base to the car seat fitted this weekend, just to check it fits ahead of buying it.  Then out for lunch on Sunday.

  • Jonesy - thanks, I have a busy weekend coming up but could do with it being lazy :) The nursery has a long way to go yet, some paint on the walls and stickers up, and the silly thing is he won't be in their for a few months yet, as he'll be in our room with us.

    Browny - thanks, I hope I sleep better too thanks. Your little one could be moving as early as that, if he/she is how lovely for you to feel so soon :)

    CO - thanks, the clothes aren't all for new borns some go upto 9-12 months and all bought in the sales, I thought best get some bought now when I'm still earning :) I hope you have a good afternoon and forget about the housework, it's supposed to be nice this afternoon :)

    Fig - I hope you manage to move before little lady arrives, are you expecting delays? Aw your going to look at prams, have a great time, it's very exciting and naughty little madam playing drums in there, I know what you mean about it not always feeling pleasant but great to feel them move especially with the worrying. Yep, I still want to get the nursery painted but I'm now thinking we've got a busy weekend planned already I may have to do it the following weekend and we haven't bought the paint yet.

    imp - horrah HF is playing, that's such good news and a relief for her mum and dad :) I hope the car seat base fits and have a lovely lunch on Sunday :)

    I forgot to mention that my Pink Lining changing bag arrived yesterday its big and I'm happy with it :) Even better was that it was only £36.95 in the sale down from £79.99 :)

  • Im back!

    Browny - he has just texted me to say he has, wee trooper! Excellent that you might be starting to feel baby move! Ive so much abdominal fat I bet I dont for ages! Good luck with the clear out!

    LeeLee - peeing during the night is horrible isnt it, I find it so hard to get back over! Beautiful pics, you are getting well organised! My fingers have started to swell so thats why Im getting now instead of my 30th in August where I will have no chance of wearing it for ages!

    Jonsey - yea looking all the time, have a viewing next week. Anything we love the look of has sold before we had a chance to arrange a viewing, like gone within 24 hrs / 3 days etc! Bugger but as you say better than nowt!

    CO - housework can wait, enjoy the rest!

    Fig - yep picked my style, it sits flush with my engagement ring, channel set round diamonds in a white gold band :) Prob will be a couple of weeks before I get it but hopefully it will still fit!

    Imp - glad happy feet is grooving away :) Enjoy your lunch out!

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