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**Thurs 2nd Tri**


How are we all today? I'm annoyed with myself as I was feeling exhausted yesterday so had some crappy food which resulted in me having my first gallstone attack in ages. The first since having a proper bump and trying to find a position to feel a little more comfortable was so hard! I won't be making that mistake again. Babywise not a lot to report just baby having it's fidgety moments. Ooo - just had my delivery for the extra bits of cloth nappy stuff we needed to have 2 of them in the nappies at once. So I'm off to sort that while M is napping.


  • Hi All

    Sappphire you sound much more organised than me with your additional cloth nappies already ordered. Figety babies are lovely hope you manage to avoid any more Attacks they sound very uncomfortable.

    AFM not much news remembered to book my 28 week appt with the mw v annoyed as got th last slot but rang exactly 3 weeks in advance which is the earliest they say they will book appts so where all the other slots have gone who knows?

    Hi to anyone who follows

    Drifter 25+2

  • Hey Sapphire,

    I am the worst for naughty food so cant say anything. Exciting re parcels! AFM got indigestion distracting me at work when I'm really busy ..hmmm maybe linked to naughty food ;-) ! But other than that all is good.


  • Drifter - money is pretty tight for us so we just have to work out what we can buy when (especially with Christmas coming up too). Plus I prefer them being line dried so added incentive for me to do the pre-washing now. In fact just finishing their 2nd pre-wash now.

    Rio - I find even when being good indigestion can be evil. Hope it's not too bad for you.

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