**thurs 3rd tri**

morning! I thought there might be someone else awake after yesterday's thread! been awake since 3.50 :( the bump currently has hiccups! So scunnered at work I've taken today off and booked a pregnancy massage for 2pm. My back has Been killing me! 

How's everyone today? 


  • Ooh I really hope a massage helps! Good thinking. Hope you managed to get some quality sleep after posting!

    Have had a lot of wriggles yesterday. I love to know baby is okay but must say I don't really enjoy the sensations, most mums love it though. I've decided I'd rather have a womb-cam and *see* baby is okay, than all the moving. How can such a wee thing cause discomfort already? It's only about 3lbs!! It's very low down and squishing bits that have never been squished before ha ha. Very tired but things starting to come together at work and home so, just past the halfway mark with both huge projects so that's something to feel good about :)

  • Morning!! Hope you've got back to sleep sp. The massage sounds amazing, enjoy! I've had a night of waking up lots, so annoying. No work today. P has toddler group this morning and then we've nothing planned for later. I'm really achey and tired at the moment but nothing else to report. Have to call for Gtt results later and must book whooping cough jab. Hope you've all had good nights.
  • Morning counter! Hope you're getting done early nights between your mad days!! Think it's getting to the point where everything is getting squished. Ive started to notice the breathlessness already so definitely less room in there but given baby boy is pretty long and I'm short that makes sense!!
  • Morning,

    Sp - hope you managed to get back to sleep. Good call in the massage! Sounds amazing.

    Counter - I know what you mean. My movements have slowed down which I think is normal but doesn't help from a reassurance perspective nor when I get asked every five minutes if the baby is moving. Glad your projects are coming along.

    AR - hope your results come back ok and you get plenty of rest today.

    Ive had a rubbish nights sleep. I did actually sleep a bit but kept waking up in agony. It's just so uncomfortable now :( got work today and not much else. Can't wait for my last day tomorrow although I am feeling quite apprehensive about it.

  • I just noticed the ticker says I've got 16 days to go. How did this happen!?!

  • Hello

    SP hope you managed to get back to sleep and enjoy your massage.

    Counter thats good about your projects the end is in sight

    Autumnrose hope your results are ok and enjoy your day with p

    Little dude its an odd feeling when you finish work for maternity leave. Hope the next 2 days go ok x

    Afm was in agony with my back and legs yesterday think it was due to sitting too long in meetings :( escaped work early has had to get L. Hope its better today x
  • Morning ladies

    SP a pregnancy massage sounds amazing, enjoy it :) hope you got back to sleep

    Counter, hope you get some relaxing time this weekend, glad to hear things are moving on well though x

    AR, good luck with GTT results!

    LD, not long to go now, it will be nice to have some quiet relaxing time before baby

    ABC, hope the aches are gone today

    I'm fine this morning, working from home again, got M at the docs first thing so will start slightly later. Got a to do and a to buy list ready for the weekend, H is going to be very busy Laugh 5 days to scan so I'm going to have everything crossed for days that the placenta has moved!

    Hi to all on later (if you see me back on here tell me to get on with work!) Laugh

  • Morning! Hope most of you slept better yesterday!

    SP - such a good idea, enjoy your massage! I've been meaning to book one but can't find any reviews of local ones so not sure where to go.

    Counter - glad things at work are continuing to get better. I'm now having to use 4 pillows to prop me up when I sleep to stop the breathlessness, can only see it gettin worse!

    AR - enjoy your quiet day. Hope the GTT tests come back ok.

    LD - 16 days! Are you feeling prepared?! I know what you mean, I can't wait to finish work but I'm a bit apprehensive about it.

    ABC - I'm finding 2-hour long meetings too much so no idea how you can sit for that long. I have to keep getting up and walking around otherwise I get too fidgety.

    Weekender - fingers crossed for the scan next week. I keep making lists and then misplacing them...could be why I'm not getting much done!

    AFM - I'm feeling ok, just very tired and achy after spending 8 hours in the car yesterday! Was nice to see H's nan and I think it out his mind at rest that she's ok...think we were worried about her confidence more than anything. She's having the op on her leg tomorrow so hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.

    Made the most of some spare time yesterday while we waited for visiting hours and made a start on buying some bits for my hospital bag! Mainly it was an excuse to have a good spend up in Boots and get some more advantage points so I can treat myself to some new makeup before the baby arrives!

  • AR - let us know about GTT. I've got my jab Monday. Definitely getting squished. Harry was large but so much higher up. I woke up in agony this morning - thought it was labour!!! But no, baby must've had a handful of my bladder, lol. Once I came to properly and realised what it was I was relieved. Took me ages to get to the loo though, every step was painful. If I'm moaning now it's going to be a looonnng 11, 12 or 13 weeks ha ha.

    LD - sorry to hear it was a rubbish night, hopefully you can make up with naps once you're off. I think I'd be quite emotional about to go off, hope the last couple of days are nice for you.

    ABC - the long sitting is difficult isn't it, it's not as though you can just get up and wander or have a bit of a stretch, would look a bit weird if you started going all yoga in the office :)

    Weekender, REALLY hope you get a positive scan when it comes. Not that you'll see this, because you're busy working ;) x

    Flossy, the breathlessness is surprising me actually. I thought it came much later. And sleeping propped isn't comfy really, I never sleep the same. I managed to lay down for half of last night and slept much more deeply. So glad to hear that H's nan isn't too bad, as you say it's often the emotional/psychological impact that's the worse, hope she's keeping her spiritis up.

    My sister has been in for over 24 hrs now, nothing happening, she's in pain, fed up, hungry and bored, bless her!

  • Morning,

    Sweetpea- Hope you managed to get back to sleep. Massage sounds great, you have just reminded me to book my pregnancy pamper package.

    Counter- I know what you mean about being squished in places!  Glad work is going ok and house is getting there too.

    AR- Hopefully you can get a litle rest in this afternoon, this not sleeping well isn't much fun is it. Hope the gtt resukts come back ok.

    LD- Sorry you had a rubbish sleep, this seems to be a 3rd tri thing! Last day tomorrow, how lovely. I am counting down the days until mine! 16 days, gosh, is it going quick?

    ABC- hope your feeling better today.

    Weekender- Fingers crossed for your scan next week. I have a list too, not that i seem to stick to it!Hope you manage to get your bits over the weekend.

    Flossy- great news about H's nan, hope the op goes well. Sitting in the car is so uncomfy isnt it. Good idea about bits for hopsital bag. I have a few bits, hoping to get a new bag and few more bits pay day.

    AFM- I had my friend round last night who is 15 weeks pregnant, so had a nice chat about baby stuff. Lots of wriggles from baby, the midwife showed me her position yesterday so its nice to know what bits are poking at me! Hopefully have an early night tonight, feeling quite tired. was going to go for a walk with H before dinner but the weather is rubbish so will scrap that idea.

  • Hello all,

    This thread is already so busy that I won't give personals to everyone. I hope that those that had rubbish sleeps last night have a better night tonight and that AR gets good GTT results. Hugs to those who need them.

    I have my 38 week GP appointment in an hour. I just hope that my BP is behaving because I have been getting a few headaches. It's normally low but towards the end of my last pregnancy it shot up and any plans of a birth at the local MLU were scrapped by my midwife. As it turned out, I had to be induced so I had to be at the hospital and will be at the hospital this time. My DD is at nursery today and I have taken the whole day off work so that I can put my feet up and relax. Just had an email from Amazon saying that my new changing bag should be delivered today. It's backpack style so that I can carry it around easily whilst babywearing. I now have at most three more days at work left :-)

  • Hi all!

    SP- Boo to the early start but pregnancy massage sounds lush- enjoy!!!

    Counter- It's amazing how such a tiny thing can cause such discomfort but I guess your body is working for 2 so it's bound to. At least it's not forever, I always find this comforting whenever i'm particularly uncomfortable!

    AR- Hope the GTT results come back okay!

    LD- Hope the last 2 days at work pass quickly. I know what you mean about 16 days!! Although I am willing that it will be less, had enough of the discomfort now! Hope you get a  better night's sleep tonight.

    ABC- Hope you're feeling less achey today!

    Weekender- Hopefully you won't see this ;) But in case you do, have a good day and not long to go until your scan!!

    Flossy- Well done on starting your hospital bag and I like your thinking about the extra points, nice one!!

    Bertie- It's funny when the MW tells you which bit is which isn't it? I'm pretty sure I grabbed some sort of finger or toe this morning poking into my rib. So weird!!

    PS- Hope your appointment goes well and your last few days at work pass quickly!

    AFM I hate to sound boring but yet another kak night's sleep thanks to little man making himself comfortable entirely at my expense! Lots of aches and twinges but nothing to report really. Off for lunch with a couple of the NCT girls (and meeting our first baby in the group!) which will be nice and then relaxing for the rest of the day- will be putting blinkers on so I can't see the mucky house and end up doing housework ;-)

  • All was fine. Baby is 1/5 engaged (not that it means much with a second baby) and BP was slightly higher than last time but still very good.

  • Hi ladies, I'm on my phone so won't manage personals for now. AR I hope your results come back clear.

    I've done a few jobs this morning and now in knackered! My lovely mum is her cleaning my bathroom bless her.

    All of us have colds so we're a bit grumpy, baby is oblivious ;)
  • That's good news PS!

  • Yay to no gestational diabetes, Gtt results all clear. May have some cake to celebrate!
  • That's great, what a relief!

  • That's great news AR! You should definitely treat yourself to a slice of cake (or two!)

    Relieved to see Zara Phillips didn't steal our potential first choice baby name! She did use our middle name but I don't care about that.

  • Good news AR! Have some cake :)

  • Sorry no personals as I'm so late I've spent all day sorting out a break in we had last night in the garage. The hardest bit was trying to remember what the hell had been in there to be stolen lol.

    AR glad the GTT went well


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