**Thursday (halloween!) 1st Tri**

There's no thread yet??  How is everyone?  I didn't make it on yesterday to check in, but I've seen we've got quite a few tentative joiners for 1st tri, and I'm super excited for everyone!

I'm 9+2 (8+6 based on scan) today, and I only just looked at the 9 week entry on my pregnancy app - woohoo, baby doesn't have a tail anymore Laugh.

I've been spending a lot of time on mumsnet reviews recently, that's not going to jinx anything, right?  I'm amazed at how expensive some things can be.  Some things look worth the extra ££, but others don't.  For example, that round/oval cotbed from stokke looks pretty cool, but for over £500, how could it be worth it when you can get a perfectly good cotbed (also with adjustable heights, removeable sides to grow with baby) for a tiny fraction of the cost?  But then I'm looking at the prams and thinking that I definitely would be willing to splurge on one of them if it's going to see me through walking in the woods with Wispa, onto buses and trains, etc.  VT's post about everything being head mashing is so on the money.  Luckily I've still got loads of time to sort through everything.

Oh, and I know it's not baby related, but on the house news, our offer for the lovely little detatched house in Oxted fell through.. divorced couple couldn't agree whether to accept and now wife is taking husband to court, so we've withdrawn our offer.  Just not worth being in the middle of that.  We have now put an offer in on a smaller semi-detatched place only a 5 minute walk from where we currently live.  So... still exciting!  Should hear today whether it has been accepted!


  • morning

    we have been looking at prams for dog walking etc and we have decided to get a sling for walking the dog instead of a pram. although most prams can get foam filled wheels for woods/parks etc

    we also looked at the uppa baby vista pram as the reviews look good for offroad etc

    i like the stokke cot but everything has to be stokke like the bedding etc becasue of its shape, and so that leaves you fairly limited.

    my app toldme today that my baby is a poop machine and has fully functioning bowels now. which left me questioning "where is it going" ?

  • Haha, Monnie, where indeed?  

    Uppababy does look good, but for some reason I'm fixating on the bugaboo buffalo.  Ridiculously expensive, but we'll see if I change my mind in the coming months.  I'm hoping to find a sale at some point, but not counting on it.

  • Morning all.

    Wispa, woop for our babies being tail-free! (Hopefully!) It is completely overwhelming trying to work out what you want/need once baby is here, but you've plenty of time to sort it all out. I have the bugaboo cameleon, kind of the buffalo predecessor, and it's awesome, so I'd back your pram choice. For me it's been totally worth the cost. (Especially as it was actually a present from H's parents!) I'm really sorry the house fell through, fingers crossed for the next one.

    Monnie, Hmm, poop machine sounds so unfun! J did his first poo on my chest just after he was born, so it doesn't get any better!

    Nothing exciting to report from me. Still feeling a bit rubbish much of the time. 2 1/2 weeks to the scan, I'm on a major countdown!

  • Ladies it's like you're all talking in a vey scary, very foreign language!

    Wispa, sorry your house fell through. We've just lost ours too. Where is the house that you just put in an offer on? We used to live in Nutfield, which is only just down the road from Oxted.

    Monnie, does the app not say where the poop goes? I'm wondering now too lol

    SG, sorry you're still feeling rubbish. Hope it passes soon.

    AFM, still tired, still got some aches, but other than that I'm fine. Dr's appointment on Monday when everything becomes "official"!

  • Afternoon you lovely lot!

    Wispa - I'm only 2 days in front of you and I was the same when I saw the tail had gone haha!

    Monnie - haha that made me laugh! Where indeed!

    Spikey - hope you feel better soon!  Yay for scan!  Mine is on 18th November and feels like ages away!

    AFM - I'm in a worryingly good mood today to say it's halloween.  Going out for tea tonight to avoid the kids with their grubby greedy hands.  Wow, I am going to be such a GREAT parent haha

  • Missed you Figaro!  It will all come clear soon, when I first looked in here before BFP I was like "what the very ***?"

  • Spikey, my SIL had the chameleon (my mom bought it for her!), and she's now traded up to the donkey duo and has nothing but good things to say about them.. It's probably what's swaying me most, tbh!  Sorry you're feeling rubbish, but at least it lets you know all is well, right?

    Figaro,  we were looking in the Oxted/Hurst Green area only because of train links to London Bridge for H's job.  We are in the Orpington/Green St Green area now, and are now more likely to stay in the area, even though it's expensive.  Don't be underwhelmed if your doctor does pretty much nothing on Monday other than ask when your LMP was and if it's your first pregnancy or not and then refer you.  I was in and out of mine in under 5 minutes!  It didn't make it feel any more real for me, but hopefully yours will be more impressive :)

    VT, I don't think wanting to miss out on halloween means you're going to be a bad parent!  You can hate other peoples' children and still be a wonderful mum to your own.  That being said, I've never seen much by way of trick or treating in the UK.  Certainly it's nothing like in Canada.  We've never had our bell rung, and I got the impression that it was a group of parents all taking their kids round to each others' houses!

  • Afternoon everyone.

    Wispa - There is quite a lot to think about for babies isn't there?!?! lol  Sorry the house fell through but I believe in fate, that one wasn't for you.  Fingers crossed for the other one.

    Monnie - hope you are well lovely xxx

    Spikey - not too much longer to go until your scan now.  Hope you feel a bit better soon xx

    Fig - woohoo to doctors appointment on Monday.  Not long until its all official!!!

    VonTrapp - hi lovely xx

    AFM - I'm trying my hardest to be positive today.  Nothing major happening really.  I'm not stomaching my cereal with milk in the mornings very well.  I'm not sick but I'm thinking I might need to change for something else.  

    Also, I'm currently toying with the idea that I should probably phone the doctors to tell them I'm pregnant.  I'm scared it might jinx something!!!

  • Hi all,

    Wispa - sorry about the house falling through but glad you've found another, I hope your offer gets accepted :)

    Monnie - ooo pooping, inside yuck hahahaha!

    Spikey - I bet that scan can't come round quick enough ;-)

    Fig - good luck with the drs on Monday, woohoo

    VT - have fun escaping those grubby kids haha ;-)

    Candy - don't worry about calling the docs I think most of us have been there, I know I was, I felt sick and heart jumping all over the place. I hope you ring them and feel better/relived for going so :)

    AFM well my midwife called me this morning at 8.45 when my appt was for 9am to say she had to cancel as she had to take on another's surgery from 9-5. Not great news when I had only sent a text to my director saying I had a doctors appt then be in after. It's now even worse as I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow morning so another doctors appt! I'm never off work and have used all my annual leave, so I'm in a bit of a pickle and I bet my director is thinking something fishy is going on! Oh [email protected]@er.

    Hopefully see you all tomorrow at some point but by then no one is around haha!

  • Well yesterday and today have been a little scary but ultimately good. Had a bleed which I discovered as I was about to leave work and cycle home. I had some weird tugging sensations and was concerned. There was more than spotting but not like my period starting. Three bosses in work were lovely. They heard me yelp when I saw the show in my undies and they were outside the door before I knew it. "What's wrong?", "I think I'm losing it." I came out and they were like "I got you a chair!" "Have this glass of water" "I'm calling H! I don't have H's number" "I'm taking you to the hospital!"

    I was teary but I called my husband and he said he'd come and take me up to the hospital. He took me to the NHS Walk-in Centre and when I changed pads there was no further bleeding. They did my vital obs and felt my pelvis and did a urine test. I was still positive. I was booked in for a scan this morning and asked to bring more urine.

    This morning I went along and saw the little sack on my scan. It dated me where I thought (just over five weeks (I think I'm 5w + 2) and it's all normally placed and everything. I'm told the tugging and the blood was implantation.

    My mother in law took me I she was very excited when we came out but I was very tired and still trying not to get over excited as I'm still so early. I'm very happy but cautiously so.

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