**thursday 2nd tri**

Morning all, 

how are we today? I've got "self study" at home till lunch time. I do genuinely have something to look at...but whether I manage to actually look at it is another matter! Baby wise all is super well! What is it when you feel a pulsing on your bump...my own HB? Placenta? Artery?! 

Hello to all who follow! AR how is your sister? no one seen Isis I take it? 


  • Morning SP, enjoy your home study time. I really don't want to go into work!

    I thought it was the placenta but I'm not sure. I'm interested to know now though. I haven't seen Isis for ages, hope she is ok. I remember that she was busy once her LO started school.

    Afm - not much to report really. Working from home tomorrow so today feels like my Friday :) I'm meant to be going to a gym class tonight but I am not sure how much longer I'll continue for. It's quite a tough circuit class but she tailors everything for me and it's probably not doing me any harm trying to keep fit.

  • Hiya, I love the sound of your day lol. I don't know about the pulsing. Looking forward to the responses. I haven't seen Isis and when I posted about her the other day I had already done a search on her name and hadn't seen anything for weeks. Hope she's okay.

    I was brave and got the Doppler out last night. Only 3rd time and only did it because I was worried. HB of 146, which seems normal. At work for 7am today, we're doing legal-type stuff to keep the business going but I might not know for a month or more whether we'll make it through which is a bit rubbish. All I can do is keep focusing on the job and the day I'm sent home is when I start ringing round agencies for short-term temp work. Still on plan with the diet, so that's good and 3 days is probably the most conscientious I've been with it since pregnant.

    Hello to followers!!!

  • Missed you LD. I love an early Friday! You;d really miss your class if you didn't go, would you substitute it with something else?

  • Morning,

    Sweetpea- I say put your feet up with a cuppa until lunch time :) Not sure about the pulsing bump? Hopefully somebody else will!

    LD- Happy Friday. I want to start a class. Did you go long before you was pregnant?

    Counter- I didn't realise you had a doppler. I dont really use mine now that I feel movements but its nice to have as a back up if you get worried isn't it. Hope work isn't too stressful for you. Well done with the diet! Is it slimming world?

    AFM- My bump has really popped now and customers at work are noticng im pregnant :) they are all mainly male an I can tell a few of them notice but dont want to say just incase its cake in there and not baby! H felt the baby kick twice last night whilst we were laying in bed :) was so lovely that he could feel it.

  • Morning all!

    Still on a bit of a high after yesterday's scan (we're having a girl for those who didn't get to see my update!), it's lovely to feel reassured for a bit that everything is ok with her. Plus today is my birthday (and my last year of my 20s!) so I have today off and I'm off shopping with my mum. Then tomorrow H has booked for us to go to Barcelona, so all in all, a pretty good week!

    Sweetpea - hope you manage to get a little done...don't work too hard though!

    Counter - so sorry to hear about your job. You don't seem like the sort of person who panics though so hopefully all will work out well and the company can keep going. Must have been lovely to hear the heartbeat!

    LD - I imagine with the gym class if you miss one it'd be harder to get back into it while you're pregnant. Can you switch to something a bit less difficult?

    Bertie - it's lovely your H could feel the kicks-you must have a potential footballer on your hands! Mine still aren't that strong, but can't wait for H to be able to feel them.

  • Nice to see everyone!

    LD - how nice to have the Friday feeling of a Thursday! I went to a circuit class for years and know a couple of pregnant ladies who carried on right through their pregnancies doing exactly what you say re adjusting the exercises. Spin might be an alternative? Still high energy but not so jumpy!

    Counter that all sounds very stressful on the job front. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things work out for the company. Well done on sticking to the diet! Not easy in pregnancy. My appetite settled down dramatically in 2nd tri compared to first where I could have eaten a scabby horse every day!

    Bertie - exciting news re the bump! I just love stroking mine! That's the pregnancy rather than cake giveaway!! Must have been lovely for your H to feel those kicks! Mine gets bored after 30 secs of feeling my tummy and nothing happening!! Lol!

  • Missed you flossy! Happy birthday!!! Such lovely news about your little girl - no wonder you are on a high! Are you going out to buy some lovely baby girl things today in amongst birthday shopping? Have a wonderful time in Barcelona - I've always wanted to got there!

  • Flossy- Ha if they take after their dad then it will love football! Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like a lovely day, treat yourself to some bits :) and have a great time in Barcelona, such a lovely suprise for you.

    Sweetpea- I stroke mine too :) To be fair I hope people dont think its cake as im only small lol. I just grab H's hand when I can feel the baby wrigling right at the front of my tummy. The night before he didnt feel anything so was great last night. Thought it was a bit too early for him to feel them but clearly not!

    Mothercare have 20% off toys until the 18th which includes some bouncers etc. Might be worth a look for some people.

  • Thanks for the tip Bertie - I'm in the market for a bouncer!

  • The code is XMAS20, forgot to put that!

  • Morning ladies, sorry no personals as just heading back into work after mw appointment. All well but she couldn't find the heartbeat at first, not that she was worried because she kept saying baby kept moving away from her! She went into more detail about the low placenta, she says that it's basically lying front toback right across the cervix so chances of section are extremely high, as it's not just got a couple of centimetres to move as with a lot of lowlying placentas? Eurgh. So just need to hope for best at 32 wk scan but be prepared.

    Hope everyone is well, will try to get on later but it's more likely to be tomorrow x

  • Counter - That sounds really stressful. Hope they can keep the business going. I really would miss it. Think I'll give it a go for a few more weeks and then pack it in for swimming.

    Bertie - I did it a few times before I found out I was pregnant and then stopped for nearly two months before the instructor caught me and dragged me back. It's really good as she gets your heartrate going but it's low impact for me. That's lovely that your belly has popped out. I really hate the fat phase and mine didn't become apparent until about 23 weeks.

    Happy birthday Flossy! Enjoy shopping. I can imagine how excited you are. There are some lovely baby girl clothes around at the moment. Enjoy Barcelona.

    Weekender - Glad all is well with baby. Is the placenta likely to move in that time? It's a shame you have no choice in the matter but at least you have time to get your head around it.

  • Ah WE that's a shame. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it moves but agree with LD in that at least you have plenty of notice to get your head round it. Hope you are feeling okay lovey.

  • Hey All

    late on for me today, had a busy morning in the office!

    SP -enjoy your home study, not sure what it is your feeling, i always think its the placenta as that seems louder than babies heartbeat!

    LD - very impressed by you still going to the gym,  i have no idea what the inside of one of those places looks like!

    Counter - its so handy having the Doppler isnt it, i used mine yesterday to

    Bertie - so nice ot hear that hubby felt some kicks, mine still hasn't felt any yet!

    Flossy - Happy birthday hun, ps i love barcelona its awsome! x

    WE - hope your placenta moves hun, mine is also low and at the front apparently, i have a scan on december 27th so fingers crossed its moved for both of us!

    AFM - baby has still been quiet so i go tthe doppler out last night and heard its heartbeat so i know its there! felt some movements today but still no actual kicks, do you think i should speak to Midwife?

  • Hi Weekender! Fingers crossed it moves for you. Atleast you have time to kind of prepare yourself if not.

    NLH- Is your placenta at the front? I know that can stop you feeling kicks.

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