**thursday 3rd tri**

Morning! Still pregnant here. Still all the same stuff going on, honestly giving up. Is rather have had nothing all week instead of false hope!! Have sweep tomorrow do at least the mw will be able to see if anything has happened this week and maybe it'll push things along. Even risked the agony off hips giving out and got H in on some action at 5am this Morning!!! Toddler messy play session this morning then going to buy a blackout blind for p's room this afternoon. Trying to keep busy!!!


  • Ps even though I want to keep them all to myself, baby out vibes to flossy and counter!! Counter are you having a sweep today??
  • In the nicest way possible I'm sorry to see you starting the thread, counter and I thought we were going to wake up to a BA from you :-(

    37+6 and still dtd that deserves a round of applause in my books Hun xx

    Afm- iv got some crap going on between some friends and it's starting to stress me out, but I'm unable to step back from it. I don't really know what to do, whenever I get stresses my feet swell up

    Other than that today's my last day at work until Tuesday which is nice so I might get my hair coloured at the weekend, and we are redecorating the lounge, so I have wallpaper being hung on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing it change !!

  • AR, I do feel for you. It's not right, having stuff going on but no sign of an actual baby!! Hopefully tomorrow will bring news so that you can feel encouraged. Monnie and I definitely thought Baby AR was imminent! I've got chilli for tea tonight and we're dtd every 2-3 days. I hate when people say 'it'll come when it's ready', not what we need to hear ha ha.

    Monnie - that's rotten about your friends. You do need to minimise that crap, try and duck it if you possibly can! Long weekend sounds lovely and having the lounge done is going to be a treat :)  

    AFM, yesterday was really busy, working, then locksmith, then summoned to hospital, then lunch out, then hanging out with my sister and the twins (BROODY!!!), then walking dog and out for a drink in the evening. I was exhausted at bedtime. Hopefully today I've a sweep at my appointment, then in to work, and I'm taking my team across to the hotel at work for a posh afternoon tea on me to say thanks for all their support and as a little goodbye (even though a) I'm not due to finish until next week, and b) the way it's looking I'm not really going anywhere, I reckon I'll be in touch daily by email!).

    Work is really hard at the mo, and getting me down a bit, but in a way it's good. I'm an impatient person and the more I'm focused on work the less I'm focused on a baby that isn't likely to come for ages yet!! So it's the lesser of two evils  :)

  • hey crashing had not seen you about on fb this morning autumnrose so thought you might be busy with baby but not:(....huge baby out vibes xx

    flossy and counter baby out vibes too xx

    Hi monnie sounds like a busy weekend...i love decorating just hate the mess xx

    Afm today was my due date...currently cosy in bed with Harris who is two weeks old already. He got weighed yesterday he is now 6lb13. I will hopefully get round to do my birth story soon. Today just chilling in house as its first day I have two
  • Massive baby out vibes counter and AR.

    AR you are amazing dtd, can't think of anything worse and am a week behind you!

    Monnie sorry to hear about your friends stressing you out.

    Counter enjoy the afternoon tea sounds lovely and good luck with sweep.

    Afm I've don't lots of reading yesterday evening about what food to eat and not eat, have modified to a certain point the last week and I've lost 2lbs. Sure the mw will be pleased as have high bmi! Still can't stop thinking of all the swee
  • Tho! Doesn't give you much space for typing on iPhone does it?!
  • children to look after all by myself lol. L has been at childminder all week so eased in gently xx
  • AR - Hope the midwife and the sweep give you some hope of things progressing! Lots of baby out vibes for you!

    Monnie - Sorry to hear people are stressing you out, hopefully you can do some nice things on your long weekend and de-stress!

    Counter - It is good that you can keep busy, hopefully the sweep will get things moving! At least you have work as a distraction for now!

    Trifle - Well done on the diet changes and weight loss, hopefully you can keep the GD under control through diet changes!

    ABC - Hope you are enjoying your little one!

    AFM, didn't manage to get on yesterday other than to have a quick read! Work is pretty manic and I had my 28 week midwife appointment. All seems ok, she took bloods (ouch), referred me to the physio as I keep getting pains in my thighs (SPD or sciatica) and she also measured my bump, which measured small (24cm), she was surprised as she said I look in proportion for my frame/size. So going to keep an eye on that, she did say my bump is very compact and all baby though!

  • Morning,

    AR sorry you are still here, that sounds weird but you know what I mean! Hopefully the sweep tomorrow will get things moving.

    Monnie- sorry about your friends, extra stress you don't need. Ooh a long weekend, lovely! I love a house freshen up.

    Counter- busy busy busy, did it help you sleep better? I have been trying to wear myself out so I sleep well. How were the twins? Afternoon tea sounds great, enjoy! Hope midwife goes well.

    Abc- hello, lovely to see you. Cosey in bed with baby Harris sounds lovely, cant wait for my turn!

    Trifle- well done on losing 2lbs! That's great. Especially at this stage.

    Afm had a nice time at lunch with my friend then come home and did some mammoth ironing... Then realised I had turned the plug off at some point and that's why the creases weren't coming out! Have sil round today, might do some baking. Midwife Monday, I have no signs this baby will be coming anytime soon but everyone thinks I will be early... We shall see.

  • AR - I'm so frustrated for you! I haven't had any real signs which is frustrating enough but to have so much going on must be annoying. Hopefully the midwife tomorrow can give you some good news and you'll know it's not all been for nothing. Well done for DTD at 5am, that's dedication!

    Monnie - hope your friends sort themselves out! It's easier to keep out of it I've always found!

    Counter - enjoy the afternoon tea, sounds like a lovely treat for your all. I'm so glad I worked until when I did and almost wish I'd done another week. I didn't even think that much about the baby coming while I was at work. If it hadn't been for the commute I think I'd have carried on.

    Hi ABC, lovely to *see* you! Can't believe your little one is 2 weeks already! Hope you're all settling into family life as a foursome. Hope today goes well!

    Trifle - I don't blame you not being able to stop thinking about the sweet stuff! I've developed such a sweet tooth in this pregnancy! I suppose on the positive side you don't actually have long to go, if you'd have been diagnosed really early on it may have been a lot harder. Do you know if you're having a boy or girl or is it a surprise?

    AFM - new bed is being delivered today so we can finally set the crib up in our room!

    Had a bit of a sulk last night because the prospect of three weeks of limbo is too much. I'm trying to keep busy but driving is getting really tricky and I'm not sure it's that safe, so I feel like I'm on the verge of having to stop and then I'll almost be housebound which will drive me mad!

    Woken up this morning feeling a bit better about things. I've not even got to 40-weeks yet so I'm going to try and get to that without complaining anymore! Me and H are never early/on time for anything so why would the baby be?! This is the start of thinking positively!

    Sending lots of baby out vibes for Counter and AR (and keeping a few for myself!)

  • Vix missed you there. Glad midwife went well. Don't worry about measurements, I was always a bit smaller than my weeks then last time I was ahead of my weeks by a cm.

  • Missed you Vix & Bertie!

    Vix - I seem to remember them taking loads of blood at 28-weeks! Glad your midwife has the sense to to reassure you about measuring small, from what I've read on various places lots of them seem to panic if it is too small/big and don't take into account peoples height/build.

    Bertie - definite baby brain! I really need to do some ironing but I hate it so much!

  • Coming back for a chat later but quick update:

    No sweep, couldn't access cervix. I get that a lot with smears too. Baby 3/5 engaged (been there before!). Slight signs of infection and protein in water but BP beautifully low. Still measuring off scale on fundal height. MW checked notes and consultant has approved induction at 41wks based on scan dates, not our accepted date we've been working with, so we've been using 8th April as due date but hopefully looking at induction 12th April, so not too bad really. Obviously shooting for the natural homebirth in the meantime though! Back next Thurs for further sweep attempt. Off to work now, it's all got crazy-busy and a bit stressy so the days 'til I finish next Fri will fly by. Yay :)

    And it's a stunning day out x

  • Just seen Grif's BA. So that's all the March babies born...time to get started on these April babies ladies!

    Counter - 12th April is still a good couple of weeks, plenty of time for Baxter to make an appearance before then. Fingers and toes crossed for you for the home birth!

  • Yes - let's get the April list under way. Today!

  • Popping back as been a long day, though may be too late....

    ABC - nice to see you, hope all is well with Harris and you are feeling well x

    Trifle - good luck on the eating habits, I'm not good with moderation so I'm impressed if others can do it. You can do it!

    Vix - getting referral now is definitely best idea, in case it starts to get a lot worse. Wish I'd asked for help earlier, hope you can stave off the pain as long as possible.

    Bertie - did I sleep better? Well... I woke 3 separate times and each time had dribbled on my arm (rarely happens) so I guess

    I had some very deep sleep going on!! Loving the 'ironing with the iron not on' scenario. Proper baby brain!!!!

    Flossy - I don't blame you for packing up with the commute, but I think I'm lucky doing part at home. Liking the positive thinking! Are you getting much in the way of possible pre-labour? I know many don't with their first.

  • No Wispa today?

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