**Tuesday 1st Tri :)**

Hi Everyone! How are we all?

I'm 9 weeks today! Quite excited by this. Still feeling rough but not as bad as I was (touch wood). Its mainly evenings that are the problem for me, they can be quite unpleasant really. I'm on countdown to 2nd Tri for this reason, hoping it won't be an entire pregnancy thing for me!

Just wanted to ask - do any of you have any form of a bump as yet? I look every morning, but didn't exactly have a flat stomach to start with so its hard to tell. I know its probably just water retention at this stage anyway, but you hear about people who struggle to hide it at 12 weeks and I keep wondering if I'm getting any closer to having anything 'noticeable'. H says no, but he read online you don't get a bump until 14+ so thats it now - I won't have one then till then! (Men!). I'm not worried or anything, just curious. Is it weird that part of me can't wait to have one?


  • Morning!

    Pep, congratulations for being 9 weeks! Exciting! Glad you're not feeling so rough anymore. Evenings are my worst time too. I'm in a size bigger jeans already (10+3). I can't wait to have a proper bump!

    We told my parents at the weekend. My mum screamed, twice, and then cried. She's very excited! My dad is less thrilled about being married to a grandma lol. Two weeks today until my next scan!

    Hope everyone is well!

  • Thanks Figaro! I'm wearing bigger jeans too. I needed a new pair and my normal jeans were already snug from putting on weight before BFP so got the next size up! I think I might try on some maternity jeans at lunch, is it too early? I'm living in the same pair of jeans so could do with some more and and I'll end up buying maternity ones soon enough anyway.... God, I'm just dying to get into maternity clothes I think. I'm such a weirdo! Ha!

    Ahh, how lovely / exciting! Had you planned to tell them then or was it a last minute decision? It must make it feel so real telling people....

  • Morning ladies.

    MD is driving me mad with the constand logging in bug.  Grrrr!

    Pep I didn't really lose my bump fully after last time so it's hard for me to tell too.  I couldn't wait to get into mat clothes last time, I will tell you know-  they are the most comfy things ever.  The jeans and trousers particularly!

    Fig It's so lovley that your mum is so excited for you!  Not long until your scan.

    AFM- well after a few days of little or no neausea it returned yesterday and I've got it again today. I have to admit to being relieved about it.  Only 9 days until my scan now, very scared!

  • Morning ladies!

    Pep - obviously I don't have a bump yet, but first time round I definitely had maternity jeans around 8/9wks as I was bloating a bit and mine were uncomfortable. You may find it goes down a bit and then comes back as a proper little bump! So definitely give maternity jeans a go....some have adjustors on the inside too so you can tighten/loosen when needed.

    Fig -Yay to telling people, it makes it so much more real doesn't it?! We're obviously only v early days, but planning to tell our parents at xmas. Doubt they're expecting it! Hope the next couple of weeks go quickly for you.

    AFM - Not much to report pregnancy wise, just mild boobache. Didn't really get any symptoms last time so fingers crossed for the same this time round! Was hoping to go to Lakeside this morning but the fog is terrible here and the motorway was chocker, so we came back. Otherwise taking O to a group this pm to try and chill him out....he's fristrated at the mo at not being able to communicate what he wants all the time, so we've had a few tantrums of late :'(

    Hello to all who follow!

    Coco 3+6 x

  • Sorry I missed you there Imp....yay for your scan date being so close! Hope you're not feeling too green xx

  • Evening ladies.

    Pep - embrace the sickness, it really is a good thing.  I do hope its just a 1st tri thing for you and not a whole pregnancy one.  I don't have a bump.  A bit of a Buddha belly and some bloating later in the day sometimes but not an actual bump.  Not sure when this will appear.  I think everyone is different tbh.  Some people show quite early, others it takes a bit longer.  If you are uncomfortable then I'd just go ahead and buy some mat or bigger clothes.  No use in torturing yourself and being uncomfortable.

    Fig - thats brilliant your mum was so excited.  Its lovely to be able to tell people good news for a change I think.

    Imp - yay to the nausea.  Its good to be reassured by it.  Wow, 9 days.  Hopefully it will be quick!!!!

    Coco - hey, hope you've had a good day whatever you ended up doing.

    AFM - confused about what day it is because I was off yesterday and my first class of the evening is now cancelled for the year.  I need to remember to go out for Metafit at 7.30pm.  My plan was to write some Xmas cards before I headed back out but so far I've checked my FB and come on here.  Oh well, there is still time.  Once I get started I'll be fine.  My nausea has returned a little bit today.  Not as bad as its been but defo feeling a bit 'off' at times so I'm relieved about that.  My scan was 2 weeks yesterday.  I honestly think time has stood still right now.  That said, I actually can't believe its Xmas 2 weeks tomorrow!!!!

    Oh and the milestone for today is that I'm now 10 weeks pregnant - double figures!!!!!!

    Hi to all that follow Wave

  • Hey ladies

    Haven't be on for a while

    Pep - yey to 9 weeks!  I am a massive bloater at the moment.  I can still fit in to my normal clothes and are slim, but stomach not flat anyway.  I've put on about 3/41b already and feel constantly bloated, but might even be the pregnacare vitamins I'm taking!

    Fig - how exciting for you parents to know!

    Imp - hope the next 9 days fly by

    Coco- fingers crossed fo no symptons!

    CA - woo to double figures!

    AFM - no symptoms other than boobs being a little sensitive. My scan is a week on Saturday so feeling quite nervous.

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