**Tuesday 1st tri**

Good morning ladies!

Hope no one minds me starting one for today!

I have been a bit flaky posting on here recently will try and post more!

I have been awake since half 5 after waking for one of those annoying night time wee's!, hopefully get to nap later! Feeling pretty good so far this morning! (Apart from tired) Hope it continues! H thinks my boobs have grown yay! Most of my symptoms have died down apart from tiredness, sore nipples and occasional indigestion.. I have a new symptom though TMI alert! Constipation! Had it for 2 days now :( hope that goes soon hate feeling all bloated and uncomfortable!( funny when your pregnant but I am sure it's not the same haha)

Hello to all that follow 


  • Morning, thought I would pop my head in the door and say hello!

    Not sure how I'm feeling yet as I feel as though I have the mother of all periods coming ! I was awake last night from 2-5 and don't know if that's excitement , nerves or anything else!!

  • That's totally normal moonie, I had Af type cramps for a good few weeks as did many ladies on here I think!

    So pleased you got your Bfp! Congrats once again :)

  • Morning

    CC- tiredness in the 1st tri is a killer. I have been awful at posting on here too.

    Monnie- Welcome! Another one with no sleep. Feeling like that early on is natural.

    AFM- I didn't get back on after Saturday. Have been discharged from EPAU, after my scan. I had my booking in appointment yesterday. The midwife I normally see ended up popping in to the office and was surprised to see me there! She is lovely though. I even have a 25 week midwife appointment booked in for 2.1.2014....seems ages away ;-) (I will see my consultant at 16 weeks) . They are taking away our car for inspection today (following the crash the other week) Although there doesn't seem to be damage we are getting the car looked at underneath as she hit us with such impact and it is a relatively new car we have. We are being left with a 40K courtesy car.....I will be afraid to drive it! Have my scan for next Wednesday, although need to chase the date as the midwife yesterday had something else written in her paperwork.

  • Hi CC, constipation - I've had that, and it's even caused irritated cervix and I've bled, which has really worried me a few times. I have a very small dose of laxative every other day now, as well as more water. It's not solved it but it's not as bad.

    Hi Monnie, hope you feel a bit more settled soon and sleep more. I had several half-nights of sleep in the early days!

    Hi S4, glad things are progressing with you. How far are you now, I can't remember?

    AFM, I'm fat, miserable, stabbing breast pains plus tenderness and aches, nausea at a level that annoys me but I can handle it, sinus problems are back so I am feeling pants today, and I am absolutely terrified of Monday's scan. Tried to get a private one last night but no availability and I simply can't take time off in the day to go. It's almost an hour each way. I am having 2-3 nasty dreams a night, scary stuff about a variety of things, including but not limited to babies, but always lots of anxiety and upset. I think what scares me most is if something is wrong I don't think I can do this again. I shouldn't even think like that, it really upsets my husband. Oh well. Time to get on with work, there's a stack to do. Whenever something is worrying me I'm always grateful I have a challenging job so I can't ruminate all day long lol.

  • Morning All

    Hi CC - I know what you mean about the nightime wees - so irritating! Hope you feel more comfortable soon!

    Hi Monnie - congratulations again!! All completely normal to feel very strange - I had sickness the first few days but think that was probably adrenaline!

    Hi Section4 - good to be organised with appintments, glad you're OK after the crash sounds like a nightmare bless you.

    Oh Counter bless you, it's natural to feel really anxious, I think we're programmed to almost protect ourselves by realising that things can go wrong whereas men are much mroe positive about it (well mine is anyway!) The likelihood is that everything is fine there's a much higher chance than not being so hold onto that and hopefully Monday comes round quickly for you.

    Weekender when you log on those pants arrived last night! Thank-you so much I shall look forward to fitting my bump in them.

    AFM feeling a little more human today - still a bit nauseous and wish I could sleep without peeing 4 times in the night but hey ho hopefully there's light at the end of the tunnel. Trying to do a ticker but it doesn't seem to be working - anyone any ideas?

  • Morning everyone,

    CC - I too have been awake since 5:30am since I got up for a wee! Glad most of your symptoms have died down though.

    Monnie - I was exactly the same for a few nights after my BFP - couldnt sleep at all!

    S4 - Glad you've been discharged. Hope there isnt too much damage to your car! But I know how sometimes your car looks fine but the damage actually done to the car that you cant see is significant. FIngers crossed thats not the case!

    Counter - Sorry you are feeling rubbish. I am also having strange dreams - last night I dreamt we were having triplets! I also dreamt that a really wierd man was following and chasing me: not good!

    AFM: Starting to worry my symptoms arent that strong. My pregnancy book says symptoms start fully around 6 weeks - I'm 6+3 today :/ Generally I feel a bit nauseous on a morning (only been sick once last week and it wasnt much), tiredness mid-morning/lunch time then perk up in the afternoon/early evening then tired so I go to bed early. Boobs hurt during the night and I wake up for several wees during the night. Been a bit emotional every now and again, a few headaches. I feel like I'm getting away with it a bit too lightly atm. Maybe things will kick up a notch soon? When did everyone's symptoms get into full swing?

  • Grif - must have crossed posts! Glad you are feeling ok today x

  • Morning ladies

    CC, glad you aren't feeling too bad today

    Monnie, welcome and congratulations

    Section 4, great about being discharged by EPAU!  Enjoy whizzing around in the fancy car!

    Couter, sorry you feel so rubbish, not long till your scan now, but I remember what I was like before mine so can sympathise xx

    Grif glad they arrived, did they fit okay?  Glad you are feeling better x

    Browny I had a bit of nausea but no sickness at all, apart from that my symptoms were exactly like yours.  In fact, now I feel a bit tired but pretty much normal at 13+3, hoping this means I'm in for an easy ride the whole way through!

    Doing okay here today, got a busy day again - toddlers this morning then home for lunch and M and I are going to make our Christmas cake, we got the fruit soaking in the brandy yesterday (then I caught her eating fruit out the bowl, oops!!), then M has gymnastics this afternoon and we have to go pick my mum up after that, she's coming to stay for a few days.  

    for those who were asking what maternity clothes I'd ordered, here's a selection:






    I ordered more tshirts/vests too and I've got jeans and trousers sorted already, plus a couple of different winter coats (I HATE being cold!) so I'll choose one and return the rest

    Have a good day everyone! x

  • Morning,

    CC- Night time wees are annnoying! Hope things get movinf gor you in the bowel department!

    Monnie- Welcome :) I had those pains for the first few weeks, epsecially when lying in bed.

    Section 4- Scan next week! God I would be scared to drive it too!

    Counter- Sorry your feeling rubbish. Being worried etc is all normal and like Grif said its like a defence mechanism to protect us but I am sure all is fine!

    Grif- Glad your feeling better today. Im not sure how the tickers work yet!

    Browny- To be honest I have never had overly strong symptoms. I get nauesea but never sick. I have tiredness but htats only statyed to become strong since 9 weeks. My boobs have hurt all the way through but mainly just at night. I wondered why i didnt feel as rough as others but I had a scan and all was well :) Dont worry, we are just lucky!

    AFM- I seem to get tired from 2pm onwards so work is a bit of a drag in the afternoons. Have my booking in appointment Thurs so looking forward to that then 16 days til scan, I am counting down the days! Do they do your bloods if you have your booking in app a home?

  • Hi Weekender, must have crossed posts. i wll have a nosey at your new bits :) I have bought a few things in the next size up so far. cant wait to have an excuse to buy new clothes lol. I hate being cold too! I got a bargain coat from Matalan kids section with ten pounds off so it was £16, H was pleased as I was going get one for £95 from Topshop. jealous of your day! making Christmas cake sounds lovely.

  • thanks ladies xx

  • WE - I love those clothes! Especially the dress! Hope you have a lovely day x

    Bertie - good luck for your appointment. No idea re: the bloods as I haven't had mine yet!

    At least it isn't just me then with the symptoms! I think I'm just overly worried about everything and read into things that I probably shouldn't x

  • Just browsing and wanted to say to Browny that I never had strong symptoms. A little sickness in the evenings, tiredness and that was about it. Boobs didn't hurt all that much either. It doesn't mean anything other than you are just lucky not to be hugging the toilet every day :-)  xx

  • oooh my house is now on the estate agents website, yay!

  • Thanks for popping in LP! I know my sensible head says its normal, but I cant help worrying lol.

    Bertie - congrats! I hope it sells quickly xxx

  • just a re quickie from me!

    i had to call my conultant this morning to get advise on my medications, and he has asked to see me tomorrow in the antenatal class ! eeekkk scary

  • Monnie, what meds are you on? I'm sure its just routine x

  • Metformin 2000mgs I bet this is because I'm fat!!!

  • Evening all. Monnie lovely to see you in here! It's a struggle for me to get on before work and then impossible to get one once i'm there. Will try to be better on my days off!!

  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry not posted since last week, had a terrible week at my work last week:( Hoping that its going to be better this week.

    Chocolate Cupcake - I have been waking for nighttime wees too:( so annoying, its tricky this time too we have a puppy so trying not to wake her is proving tobe tricky

    Monnie - congratulations:)

    Section 4 - glad all is ok - hope your car gets sorted out soon

    Counter - dreams sound horrible

    Grif  - your counter is posted in wrong format in signature strip

    Brownie - we must be due around the same time - I am 6 + 5 i think:)

    Weekender - you have been busy shopping I have started looking must really look out clothes from last time:)

    Bertie - Not long till your scan now and how exciting that your house is on the market

    AFM - I been in bed pretty early most nights and been feeling quite hungry. Back is extremely sore but I had bother with it during my last pregnacy:(

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