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**Tuesday 1st Tri**



  • Sam I liked a lot of the things on the New Look site but most of it seemed to be sold out in my size which was very annoying! I ordered from Asos in the end. I also had a look at, and liked, H&M and Topshop.

  • Hi everyone! Late to the game today so I can't catch up on personals. Can;t wait to hear from Sam though.

    Also new look peed me off! I bought some vests on Friday and got an email on monday saying they were out of stock. Most of their mat stuff is!

  • Omfg. Garage been having problems with suspension bushes. They've been trying to fit normal ones to save me some money. However the parts their suppliers keep sending just don't fit. So they've concluded I'll have to have like for like fitted I.e. it currently has electronic ones, so they have to fit them. Normal ones were £160.       Electronic ones are £410. Omfg. It won't pass MOT without them..... Arrghh. Remind me never to buy a Japanese import again!!

    And they need to get electronic ones ordered in. So looking at least Thursday before ill get car back. Boooo. Feel totally stranded!

  • Scan was amazing! Baby was super clear and really active, doing headstands etc! Took them a while to get all the measurements but my due date is still 30th October so 13+6 as I thought. Will be making my way over to 2nd tri! I did come on to post a photo but realised I didn't know how to!? Educate me ladies!

    found it...

  • Yay!!!! Your pic is ace! Really clear! So pleased everything is good xxxxxx

  • HF - that sucks about your car :-(

    Sam - Great photo! Bet you're chuffed :-)

  • Hi LP. I don't understand why websites will take orders for stuff that they know is out of stock, it really pee's me off. Hope you get those vests through soon.

    HF - blimey! Sounds like a right nightmare, and an expensive one at that :-(.

    samjh87  - oh wow, look at that! Bet you're on cloud nine, huh? Sooo cute.

  • Completely over the moon. Because I was scanned quite late next scan isn't even that far away- 5th June!

    HF- big boooo about your car. Hope they get it sorted soon as at least you aren't stranded! It's horrible being without a car.

  • Sam - wow, that's a fab scan pic!! :-)

  • Sam what an amazing scan picture! Yayyyy! You can really make out everything, it's a proper little baby! :)

  • Imp- I know! I can't believe how clear it is. I was completely amazed that in 7 weeks it had turned from a little smudge in to a baby. It really does make everything seem so real and that little baby is growing and moving inside me without me feeling any different apart from a little more tired than usual. Feeling very fluffy today :)

  • Ahhh, as you should be. Enjoy moving over to 2nd tri. Hopefully I'll see you over there soon.

  • Great scan pic Sam. Will be joining you over on 2nd tri soon. I had my 20 week scan date through today it's on 14 th June! Can't wait x

  • Awwww Sam! Gorgeous x

  • I'm really late to this but just wanted to say hello Wave

    Sam that's an amazing pic!!!

    I've got my GP appt tomorrow evening, I keep waiting for someone to tell me it's all a dream so I'm hoping it will seem more real after that

  • Sam that's amazing news, so pleased all went well.

    Jem179  lovely to see a fellow dtcer on here, congratulations.

    I am getting myself really stressed and upset, have had a lot lot of cramping today . I am 9 weeks 1, we have booked a private scan for the weekend as the last scan was 3 weeks ago. I am not coping very well getting myself in a right state worrying.

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