**tuesday 3rd tri**

Md just ate my post, will try against!!
Morning!! Very restless night dreaming about being in labour and not being able to contact H or mum to have p. Today is first day I should have been at work so I guess mat leave has started. Eeeek!! Doesn't feel real yet. No plans today except lazing about and playing with all p's new toys. Might meet my mum for coffee later. Baby out/in as required!


  • Counter I've just seen your update from last night. I hope you're home and feeling better by now. X
  • Hey

    Autumnrose weird feeling being on maternity leave when everyone else at work. Hope you have a relaxing day. Have your aches died down a bit.? X

    Afm got my paperwork that was lying around yesterday done. So slept better. There is an awful bug going round our school just now so Im hoping i dont get it x baby wise he feels really low and I feel lots of pressure when standing. he was moving loads last night and giving huge pokey movements lol.
  • Abc I swear you are actually me this pregnancy! I'm with you on the pressure!! Glad you got your work done, are you confident about making it to your planned work date? Still aching a lot really but I feel less stressed about it knowing I can take my time and plan my days rather than rushing about with work.
  • Lol Autumnrose everything is very similar. It reassures me you feel the same though x
  • Morning ladies.

    AR, happy first day of maternity leave! Hopefully having more chance to  take it easy will allow  you some relief from the aches and pains. What's P doing while you're on maternity leave, will she be at home with you more or is she sticking with normal childcare (not sure whether she's in nursery normally or with family etc.) I'm keeping J in nursery so in looking forwards to a few completely free days when I start ml!

    Abc,  yay for finishing off your paperwork and therefore having a good night's sleep, everything feels a bit better when you're not exhausted. Fingers crossed the big at school skips you.

    Afm, trying to post between playing peepo with J, there will probably be 7 more posts by the time I'm done! We've a busy day planned of toddler group this morning, soft play with friends this afternoon, then I'm going for dinner at a friends tonight. I'll have to make it a fairly early finish though as I had a bad nights sleep and need more tonight, yawn! Nothing to report babywise, just lots of kicks and wriggles.

    Hugs and get well soon vibes to counter. Hope you're feeling better this morning. X

  • Morning!

    AR - snap!! I had a rough night and almost exclusively dreamt about labour! Must stop watching OBEM me thinks! How exciting to officially be starting mat leave and I love that your only plans are "playing with toys". That's the way it should be!

    ABC - that's good you got the paperwork done. You'll feel better for that. I do wonder of your baby will make an early appearance!

    H had a bad night and moved himself to the spare room about 3am as he was keeping me awake. I read for a bit but managed to drop back off. Anyone else get sore on their side because it feels like all the blood is gathering after about 10 mins? So uncomfortable now! My bestie is popping over about 11 for coffee and that's my only plans for the day. I *think* the baby has moved. I won't know for sure till I seen the MW on Thursday but fingers crossed.

  • Oh I've just seen counter's post from last night! Are you okay this morning? That all sounds a bit awful and a bit scary!

    SG that's a busy day indeed! How you mum's find the energy to survive the day heavily pregnant, poorly slept as well as playing with toddlers just amazes me! You are heroes!!

  • AR, yay to mat leave! You've soooo done the right thing x

    ABC, hope you avoid that bug!

    SG, sounds like a nice busy day! Enjoy x

    SP, coffee and a chat sounds good, hope baby is now in position and won't be long coming!

    Counter, hope you are ok

    All ok here just exhausted, M will be at nursery tomorrow so that's good, more opportunity to rest then. In the meantime I have midwife this morning, then going to friends for a cuppa while the kids play, this afternoon M has gymnastics.

    Hi to all on later x

  • Sg-mum usually has her when im at work so ive got her all the time now. Luckily she still naps for 2 hours a day, did 3 yesterday, so thats good.Im a bit jealous of people who have theirs in nursery though so good plan of yours. I will look at that bra name for you in a sec

    sp yep get sore on my side too. Sorry you had a bad night, youre on the countdown now though. Hope you're right about baby moving.

    Weekender anymore brown/rest? Hope gymnastics wears M out for you!

  • Oh yuck just had a huge pouring nosebleed. Stopping now but went on about 10mins. Disgusting! Has anyone else had any? Nhs website says they're quite common late on as they're hormonal. Not fun though!
  • WE hope all goes well at the MW. Enjoy your afternoon with your friend.

    AR that's horrible! I've had a few small nose bleeds over the last couple of months. Nothing lasting 10 minutes but I'd also read it was normal. What I found strange was that they've come out of no where and literally blood has just come dripping out of my nose! It then generally disappeared as randomly as it arrived. Hope its all dried up.

  • Just popping in while I'm on the train, will come back and post later but just wanted to say hope all is ok with Counter and you're back home asleep now.x

    Sounds like everyone could have done with a few more hours sleep last night. I blame One Born Every Minute for my restless night!

  • AR, no everythinh seems fine, thank goodness.

    Flossy, sorry to hear you didn't sleep well either! Third tri joys!

    Is it weird that it only occurred to me yesterday that I could start contractinh or waters break before c section date? Everyone's been so focused on what to do if I bleed that other possibilities didn't cross my mind!

    Can I just add you lot are mental watching obem Laugh

  • Morning,

    AR- yay to maternity leave, although it's a little earlier than you planned it's better for you. h has been the one getting the baby dreams here. Enjoy your day.

    ABC- glad you got all your paperwork dine so you could relax. Fingers crossed you don't catch the bug! The low down pressure is uncomfy isn't it. It sometimes stops me in my tracks.

    Sweet pea- I get that in bed, constantly have to change sides. Fingers crossed baby has turned for you, that would be nice :)

    SG- busy day ahead, sounds good fun though! Enjoy your dinner out, always nice being cooked for.

    Weekender- hope midwife goes well, didn't get chance to catch up yday, did the blood stop ok?

    Hi flossy, one born was quite funny last night I thought!

    Afm we'll had my first day of maternity leave. Washed some baby clothes, did all the housework, had health visitor and our first antenatal class so busy day! Today I have a breast feeding class and will probably wash some more clothes too. Coming to terms with the fact we nearly certainly won't be moved before she arrives.

    Counter haven't seen your post but hope all is ok xx

  • Morning!  Room for another?  So, this is the third tri then?  This unsettles me!

    AR - Happy maternity leave!  Hope you manage to get plenty of relaxation time in!

    ABC - Hope you manage to avoid the school bug!

    SG - Busy day ahead for you planned but dinner tonight sounds lovely!

    WE - Good luck at your MW appointment

    SP - Sorry you had a crappy night.  I've just noticed your ticker, one day!!  Any signs yet........just kidding please don't kill me ;-p

    Flossy - *waves*

    Bertie - Happy maternity leave day to you too!

    AFM - nothing to report but just thought I'd dip my toes into the thread to say hi!  Hope I haven't missed anyone and hi to any followers :)

  • AR, so pleased for you you're on mat leave now, and a bit jealous you've new toys to play with even if they are P's!

    ABC - I don't like that pressure either, Baxter is much lower than I ever carried Harry and it's no fun is it?! Hope you avoid the bug.

    SG - you have a busy day planned, hope the dinner is lovely and that sleep is more forthcoming tonight. There's nothing quite like tiredness to push an otherwise sane person over the edge ;)

    SP - I *still* am a back sleeper a lot of the time, albeit a very propped up one. My bump feels stretched and awkward on the side and I prop with pillows but in the night stuff moves and it gets awkward. Be good if baby has started the downward journey, fingers crossed.

    Weekender, sorry you're so tired but every day there's no news from you is brilliant, I report to my husband on your progress every now and then! It's been such a hassle for you and a worry but lovely the finishing line is in sight.

    And I concur Weekender, OBEM is well off my watch list. This bunch *are* crazy.

    Bertie - first official mat leave day sounds divine. So sorry you won't be moved in time, I would take that really badly, I know what a sulker I am lol. But, if you know it's after I guess it's better than it being 'around the time' baby is due and it getting delayed and upsetting, I think that would be worse, if you know what I mean. You will get there in the end, and it'll all be worth it!

    AFM, thank you for the good wishes! I was pretty frightened last night. I was ill over weekend, but we were at a friends for dinner and I went hot, BRIGHT red, breathless, and a horrible headache but in my neck. Our friends kept saying I was just tired, which annoyed me, I knew it was more than that. Went home at 8.30, rang NHS, went to local OOH. BP of 147/91 and all my MW appts were 110/70. I was really quite out of it, more swollen than I've been so far and weirdly no temperature whatsoever. Went to A&E then the lights were hurting my eyes, stabbing neck pain, rash on my arm, got wheeled up to the delivery suite. About 2am and after bloods, urine, BP and monitoring they announced they were bringing the medical team to do a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis. I was petrified! Then they decided I have a virus, to rest and take paracetamol, and catch up with the MW at my appt Thurs.

    I feel rough but the drowsiness and neck pain has gone. I plan to pop in to work for about 60-90 mins this afternoon for 2 meetings I had already booked with my team, just to break the day up. They've advised me to stay away, which is fine, but I really do prefer being at work than not and we've worked so hard as a team I'd hate to just see it go to dust now. Off tomorrow and it will be a totally work-free day. I'm in bed now, only slept 4.5 hours as we didn't get in until 4.30am, but I'm bored! So grateful to be home than in hospital though, so uncomfortable there, and noisy!

  • Hi VT! Good to see you here :)

  • Counter, glad you are feeling a bit better. Rest will you woman!

    VTnice to see you here!

    Hospital called, I have a date.......

  • Morning all,

    AR-Glad you're now on mat leave and can rest up a bit

    ABC- Hope you manage to avoid the bug

    SP- Fingers crossed for you the babies moved

    SG- Enjoy the dinner

    WE- Good luck at the MW

    Bertie- Enjoy your mat leave.

    VT- Hello good to see you here

    Counter- So sorry you've been ill, take it easy and don't do too much!!

    AFM- Feeling a bit better today. I went dizzy in bed last night but ok other than that. I too watched OBEM for the first time last night and had nightmares about my section all night. I think I'll avoid it next week!!! I've been to the MW this morning and they've upped my iron. She says the baby is 4/5 engaged, can't belive this time in 8 days 'noods' will be here.

  • Counter, please rest up!

    Weekender...you have a date! How exciting. I bet it's before I finish work...not at all jealous!

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