**tuesday 3rd tri**

Morning! As I've been awake most of the night thought id get us started!! No baby, obviously! After a morning if loads more bloody show and cramps they died off in the afternoon. Bounced on my ball all evening and about 11pm had an hour or so of what felt like proper contractions every 10mins and then they went away. Been up to the loo with very loose stomach but that's it. So I'm tired and annoyed!! Assuming it all stats quiet I'll keep busy today. Who knows if anything will happen!!!

baby out vibes to counter and flossy


  • Oh AR! I feel for you! I think I'd rather be symptomless and accept 'today... is not the day' than get my hopes up because things are happening, just for it to lull. Maybe it'll be quiet for a while then all of a sudden - BAM! :)

    I'm 38 weeks today, want baby out but have got a lot to wrap up this week at work, and really enjoying it. It's a full day of board meetings on Friday so that sort of helps me to focus at least that far. A few days ago I was literally willing Baxter to come hour by hour and getting grumpy when batches of B.Hicks were coming to nothing! And I'm LOVING no to-do lists. Finished work at 6.45pm last night and did NOTHING. Not a thing. It was glorious :)

  • AR how are you coping without sleep? Do you nap during the day?

    Counter regarding your swelling post, I was talking to my mum and she said swelling is obviously very normal and they don't even consider PE unless you have a headache and blurred vision, so don't worry what anyone is saying, you know yourself how you are feeling!

    Afm I'm shattered I need some solid sleep. I had BH last night that now feel like I did a trillion sit ups :-(, the thought of an 8 hour day at work makes me want to cry!

  • Morning all :)

    AR how frustrating, I'm with Counter if rather have no symtoms so it doesn't get any hopes up, have everything crossed it all starts happening soon :)

    Counter great you haven't got any to of lists, perhaps you can take it a bit easy now ;-)

    At the hospital this morning for the glucose test and scan, be lovely to see the little fella again, but please be all ok with him :) I've not felt him move over night and this morning either the little tinker ha!

    Hi to those who follow :)

  • Monnie - sorry missed you there. I hope your day doesn't drag and is an easy one after the night you've had. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight :)

  • Counter it definitely helps to have plans I think. I've been trying to organise things to do for the rest of the week.

    Monnie i hope it eases for you and work isn't too bad. I can't really nap in the day with p about, occasionally do when she does but she's had a bad cough and cold so isn't sleeping as much. Plus it's made her uber grouchy, which is fun!

    Ll hope glucose goes well. Enjoy seeing the little guy again.
  • LL- good luck , if you have any questions please ask !

    AR- how do you get by on such little sleep? im like a uber PMT zombie today, im ready to jump down everyones throats and want to sleep at my desk! you must have a trick up your sleeve?

  • AR & Monnie - thanks and thanks for the offer of questions, you never know I will probably bombard you now haha!

    I've just read my first post today and what a mess, tired haha!

  • Oh AR, I'm so frustrated for you! You must be exhausted, hope you and P have a quiet day planned.

    Counter - so Friday would be an inconvenient day for Baxter to make an appearance..!  Make the most of not having loads to do, I keep looking at the piles of junk round the house but we have nowhere to move them to at the moment which is so frustrating. I feel like I can't relax!

    Monnie - sorry you had such a rubbish night. Hope work isn't too bad, is there any way you can duck out a bit early?

    Leelee - hope all goes well at the hospital today. Enjoy seeing the little one again.

    AFM - nothing going on here. I don't think she's going to be ready for a while. Trying to think of somewhere nice we can go this weekend for our first anniversary as I don't want to be stuck in the house and I feel like we should do something to celebrate, especially as it could be another two weeks until baby makes an appearance.

    All my walking seemed to do yesterday was make me hungry. No matter what I ate last night it still felt as though my stomach was empty!

  • AR, I reckon it'll be a very sudden and quick labour now.all this can't be for nothing!!  Do you have a PP? Or will you be keeping us in the loop yourself?

    Counter, I hope you just make it to Fridays board meetings, and then just as everything essential with work is taken care of.. BAM! Baby out!

    Monnie, any way you could just do a half day?  Exhaustion is worthy of a sick day!

    LL, vibes for the test and scan, it'll be lovely to see I'm again.  I wasn't feeling much either, but at the scan on Saturday they said Holly jolly was squirming around rather a lot, I just wasn't feeling it!  

    AFM, good news on the car front.  It's definitely covered by warranty, the claim has been accepted, and also it won't take as long as I expected.  I thought minimum 2 weeks, but they've said earliest we could get it back would be this Friday!  Which might mean we don't have to figure out how to get the bus to our first NCT class next Wednesday.  In terms of Holly Jolly, nothing much going on.  Oh, but we have tentatively started planning baby's first long haul flight.  Originally I was going to try to make it over to the states just me and her in August to spend a week with my younger older brother and sister and their 4 boys, but they've not gone ahead with their cottage plans.  So now we are planning first week of October, H would come too, and we will be going to my mom's in Canada for Thanksgiving.  I might decide to stay in North America with Holly Jolly a bit longer, but H will have to come back for work (and Wispa).

  • I take so long typing, I always miss someone!!

    Flossy, I hope it's not another two weeks, but I suppose what will be will be.  Maybe you won't get any of the typical warning signs of pre labour and then suddenly just start having contractions?

  • Oh AR - Really hoped yesterday was the day for you! Fingers crossed that things are starting though!

    Counter - Hope you get everything wrapped up at work this week then Baby Baxter can make a speedy appearance!

    Monnie - Sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well, hope it passes soon for you!

    LeeLee - I'm sure the scan and tests will be fine. I have been monitored a few times because baby has had a quiet day then as soon as we get there they decide it is party time!

    Flossy - Hope you make some nice plans for your anniversary! I keep pointing out to my H that we only have potentially 10 weekends left just the 2 of us!

    Wispa - Good news about the car! I envy your travel plans - we were supposed to be doing a roadtrip to my families house in France in September for our 1st wedding anniversary but just think that nearly 24 hours of travelling with a 2 month old  and an excitable Labrador may be too much and too long in a car seat.

    AFM - Actually managed to sleep last night without being convinced I was going to be sick! Seem to have reverted back to needing to eat every hour or so to keep the sickness away. Guess it must be my bodies way of telling me that I need to eat more!

  • Vix, we are looking at having to move back to Paris and I've told H that he will be the one to drive with all our stuff and Wispa, while HJ and I'll be taking the Eurostar!  He had no idea why I didn't think it would be fine for us all to drive together.  Not just the time in the car seat, but also how much room we would have!  Is the train an option for you to get to France?  I know it's difficult with a dog as well, though...

  • Wispa - The house there is in the middle of nowhere, so would definitely need to drive unfortunately. We did look at H & dog driving over whilst me and baby flew over but the cost was crazy for the amount of time we could actually be there. Think we are going to attempt it for our 2nd year anniversary when baby will be 14 months and just do the drive down spread out into manageable chunks!

  • Monnie-you just have to. Wait until you've got a newborn ;-)

    Flossy-making weekend plans is a fab idea. Maybe baby will arrive on your anniversary?!

    Wispa yes Hollywood is my pp, she's fab at updating. There is good 3G signal at hospital so I can update myself on fb etc. good news about your car

    Vix yay to sleeping! I went through a tags of feeling sick again about your stage. Just keep eating if your body needs it.

    Spent the morning at messy play with p to wear her out. Feeling really sick now :-
  • Hello Ladies

    A quick one from me. I am surprised no one has had a BA since me. We are all fine. We finally came home on Sunday night, discharged around 8pm and a mad dash home so the kids could see their new brother before they went to bed. All settled now. MW just turned up .....

  • Hi s4! Does little man have a name yet??

  • I intended to come back on and chat a bit, but actually I want to ask a Q:

    If your movements were a fraction of what they had been, and you were not prepared to ring your midwife, who would you call? The delivery suite at the hospital? Someone else? Thanks!

  • awww hello S4 nice to see you !!!

    does your hospital have an assesment unit? they normally have somewhere you can go like a drop in clinic after 20 weeks, call them and see if you can pop in hun xx

  • I don't have a contact number for my midwife (other than the answer phone service), so when I needed to go in for monitoring I used the number I had on my notes for a 24-hour midwife assessment unit. I think some places have maternity triage too...not sure what the difference is or if it's just the name. If the only number you have is the delivery suite I'd go for that, they can always transfer you to someone.

    Hope all is ok?x

  • Delivery at the hospital. We call maternity triage at the hospital for anything like reduced movement, being in labour etc.

    Definitely call counter, reduced movements are always better checked than not.
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