**Wed 2nd Tri**

Hi Ladies! :)

Hope I'm allowed to start this given I have hardly been around! Apologies. Basically, I'm really struggling to get on in the day and I'm seriously going through the first trimester tired stage again as when I get in from work all I want (and need) to do is sleep! I've got the rest of the week off so should be able to make a bit more of an effort ;) I have no excuse for the weekend though, I think I feel a bit in limbo? I don't really have much to report at all!

Baby is lovely and wriggly, its so nice. A true blessing to feel. Has anyone else had any real discomforts in their abdomen though? I don't mean all the time, but last night for example, I got up and it was really painful - like to walk etc. It soon went again, but I wonder what causes it in the first place? My only thought was that baby might have wedged into an uncomfortable area? They were quite low in my pelvis at the last scan. I can't really explain the pain.... it doesn't feel cramp like, it is just literally 'pain' ? !

Going to buy some baby bits on Mothercare today as its 15% off if you spend £100 and there's a few final bits we need. I'm debating whether to buy a slumber bear now or wait and see if its needed? Hmmm.

Just a quick update on the personal matters for those that may be interested. I had a bad week when I went back, I think some toys were thrown out of the pram about the fact I'd been off in the first place and they were just being really quite ridiculous. It seems to have died down (fingers crossed) and my attitude of taking it all on the chin is back, which is a relief.


  • Hey Pep! Good to see you!

    I am glad to hear things are ok at work, although you sound busy still. Enjoy your days off this week, I bet they'll do you the world of good.

    I actually tried to message you but couldn't. Are you on FB/or I could email you?

    AFM.. I submitted my mat request and annual leave request yesterday so I'm hoping that's all ok and it'll be confirmed. Looking at my diary ahead makes me feel happy as it really isn't that long left now! Roll on June!

  • Hey Pep & Imp.

    Pep - lovely to see you again, can't answer the random pain questions but I could barely walk the other night and I don't think baby is big enough to be causing it yet for me! Sorry work was awkward but glad to hear you are not letting it get you down x

    Imp - June really doesn't sound far away at all! How many weeks will you be when you intend to stop working?

    Afm - Wednesday is my day off so going to lounge around the house and try not to buy anything on ebay and/or worry about the consultant tomorrow!

  • Hello pep! Nice to see you back. Glad to hear things have calmed down at work but sorry the tiredness is back. I get horrible stitch pains in my lower bump when I walk now but I don't think it's baby position, I am sure that happens though. Shopping sounds fun! Hope you have a nice, quiet couple of days off now

    Imp- ahh how exciting. Junes not far away at all! I want to get my dates sorted ASAP so if I do get redeployed they can't make me change anything! U should get a full blown countdown on the go if you haven't already.

    PS- have a lovely day off. Not tinkling about tomorrow is a good plan for now but I'm sure it will all be fine and whatever decision is made you know it will be the right one for paper clip.

    AFM- I have my scan in just over an hour. Barely slept last night and annoyed H with sleep talking when I did manage some so neither of us are feeling very fresh. I've also got he day off so will hopefully be back soon with an update.

  • Morning all,

    Pepp - good to hear from you. Hope you have a lovely few day off and make sure you have some r&r! Glad you are taking work in your stride sounds like you'd been through it and in need of a rest.

    Imp - fx you get your leave approved as you want it. June will be here before you know it!

    PS - have a lovely day off! Try not to think about tomorrow until you have to - worrying won't help (as my h always tells me and it makes no difference!!) but I really hope the meeting is positive.

    Jonesy - good luck for your scan! Let us know how you get on and give us a flash!

    AFM - well we finally got sent the photos of the house yesterday and mum didn't do it justice! Really like the look of it so we decided to go for it. I just hope we pass the credit checks with me being made redundant! Cross your fingers for us!

    We're going to Iceland tomorrow for a long weekend, back Sunday morning. I'm sort of looking forwards to it: seeing the northern lights (fingers crossed!) is on my bucket list but I'm worried about the cold (I hate being cold) and also I'm still haunted by how vulnerable I felt in Vietnam and I'm scared I'll ruin the trip by worrying the whole time. It'll be nice to spend some time with H though and get away for a few days x

  • Morning,

    Hi pep, glad things are better at work as hope they continue that way. My abdomen feels very tender at times, especially when I'm turning in bed or getting up out of bed, like I have to hold onto it as it feels sore. Think it's all normal due to the stretching.

    Imp, must make it feel more real submitting your mat leave, countdown begins!

    Ps, enjoy your day off and hope the appt goes well tomorrow

    Jonesy, good luck for your scan, am sure all will be fine!

    Afm, day off today, off out for dinner tonight with my mum which I'm looking forward to and maybe a spot of baby shopping! Am loving feeling baby move and h even felt some kicks the other night!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • PS I hope you succeed with the not spending money.  Is it sunny there?  Maybe get outside if it is?

    Jonesy good luck today, I will look forward to seeig your update later!

    Browny I hope you manage to enjoy Iceland.  Is it being scared of being away from home when pregnant that makes you nervous about it?

    PS& Jonesy I am already in countdown mode, I have 40+ working days left, eeek.  PS I will be finishin work when I am 35+2 weeks pregnant, using 4 weeks AL though so my mat leave will start when I'm 39+6.

  • Missed you browny, glad you like the house, fingers crossed for you! hope you enjoy your trip and that you're able to relax out there. Will be amazing to see the northern lights!

  • CO I missed you there, enjoy your day off and your dinner out.  Baby shopping is the best type of shopping!

  • CO - amazing that your h felt the baby move! I can't wait for that. I almost feel guilty that I'll be able to feel it for a while before he can as I know how much he'll want to feel it too :(

    Imp - yes I think thats mainly it, just that I felt so far away from home and not very safe, if anything went wrong. Maybe its the protective maternal instinct kicking in?

  • Iceland sounds brilliant browny. I understand you being nervous but hopefully this holiday will be more relaxing as you're further along? Very pleased the house was even better than you thought!

    CO- enjoy baby shopping, that's what we're doing this afternoon. Dinner out sounds good too. Nice day planned.

    Imp glad you got a countdown! I figured out that I have 15/16 weeks left which was quite scary. Doesn't sound like too long.

    Just got back from the scan and everything was measuring fine, no concerns. We are staying team yellow despite mild protestations from H haha. She said I have an anterior placenta so I won't be expecting any big kicks any time soon but baby definitely has my nose! Got quite emotional in there too. Need to start buying things now!!

    aorry the the photo shows first, I can't figure out how to move it!

  • Browny I would say you're right.  I feel nervous doing things that would have been totally normal before being pregnant too.

    Jonesy, yay!!!!!  Great picture too.  Enjoy shopping and spoiling mini jonesy.

  • Jonesy thats a great pic! X

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