**Wed 3rd Tri**

morning! Trying out the mobile site and i can log in, yay!
Woke up early to go to loo then started thinking about money so couldn't get back to sleep!
H put one set of shelves up last night. Yay! No idea why he didn't do both but hopefully will do 2nd lot tonight.
No plans today at all, except putting things on new shelved!!


  • Hey Mrs Bass! Woo, the shelves are (half) up! Glad to hear it :) ooh you can have a nice chilled out day then, lovely!

    All is fine here, yesterday I sorted out our antenatal classes (we start this weekend), dug out a tankini that still fits and checked the aqua natal times, and started looking into yoga. I'm full of a cold right now which is unpleasant but I'm coping. H makes a very nice honey and lemon too, much better than mine. Can't believe I'm 29 weeks today, time is flying!
  • Morning ladies

    mrs bass - have fun shelf filling!

    Ob- ive had the cold for approx 4 weeks now. Getting a bit ridiculous!

    Afm - all fine just plodding on. Very busy few weeks with all the kids christmas parties and stuff so not much chance to rest. Ill get that after christmas :-)

    Ck 32+5 x

    Ob -

  • Morning,

    Mrs B - glad the shelves are up. Is this for your nursery? Exciting!

    OB - I know how you feel, time is whizzing by. That's a good idea about yoga and aqua natal. I do yoga and it's only started to make a difference now I am a bit bigger. Hope you feel better soon.

    Afm - all is good. Having some crazy dreams at the moment. I working from home today as our damaged cot is being picked up and replaced. Depending what time they've been I might nip into the office and go to yoga tonight as its right by work. Otherwise I think I'll give it a miss.

    I feel really sad about CCs news. Can't imagine how horrible this is for her.

  • Morning CK, sorry I miss you. You'll definitely need a rest by January. Hope the cold goes soon.

  • Morning All

    Mrs B - Yay for the shelf! lets hope you dont have to wait a week for the next one to be put up!

    OB - nice productive day for you mrs! good for you! hope the cold starts to bugger off soon, mine is still lingering!

    CK - Hope your heticness ends soon!

    LD - Morning to you, hope you can have a semi relaxed day working at home! i know i read CC's update also, really devastated for her

    AFM - had our second Hypnobirthing class last night, there is a lot to take in and i have to say it is a bit "hippy" but i am going to take from it what i can!,  another bad nights sleep! but hey ho not much i can do about it! off to see micky flanagan tonight and i am really excited!

    hope you all have a lovely day x

  • Morning ladies

    I will be officially joining you all tomorrow when I'm 28 weeks! Why is 3rd tri timing so confusing?!

    Mrs B - Your H sounds like mine, he didn't want to do some painting over the weekend because he wasn't in 'work mode'. He has promised me he'll do DIY all day on sat though!

  • OB- thats very proactive with the pregnancy activities. i had every intention of doing all those things but never got around to any of it!

    CK- sounds like a hectic few weeks, hope you get some time to relax and put your feet up between parties!

    LD- yeah they are. H had taken the attitude that as the baby won't be sleeping in there for a few months we can leave the stuff in bags on the floor! As the changing station and feeding chair are in there and will be in use (and because i wanted it all done before baby arrives) I pestered him! Exciting about the cot!!

    NLH- I'll go crazy if he does!! Oh sounds like a fun evening! Have fun!

    Ive put a couple of bits on the shelves and it suddenly looks more like a nursery than a store room already! yeah! Plus i've remembered that I got a 'make your own sock monkey kit' for my birthday so I think I'll make that today then it can go on the shelf!

  • Morning!

    Peak of the week!

    Mrs Bass, woo hoo for the shelves, sending vibes that the other one gets done today!

    OB, can't believe what a productive day you had, I feel tired just thinking about doing stuff at the mo!

    CK, hope you manage to get your feet up I between the kids parties.

    LittleDude, is the replacement cot being delivered at the same time ? Hope it is'

    NLH,  so very jealous about Micky F, have a brilliant time.

    Afm, on my way to work but have a quiet day planned. Today will be about making lists, I've started hospital bag, so list to finish that. I'm doing Xmas #2 for my family on Saturday, so need shopping list. Qns for the midwife. Make a list of all the lists methinks x

  • Hey Mrs V - Nice to see you here, i am a newbie too! :)

    Mrs P - I love a good list!

  • Morning all!

    Mrs Bass-Yay for the one shelf!  you can dust it and arrange things on it to your hearts content ha! :-)

    OB- boo to the cold but yay to 29 weeks, thats flown by! I remember your bfp in the fb group. Scary how time flies!

    CK- try to enjoy your busy periods but make sure to get some rest, if possible!

    LD- those dreams can be a little far fetched and odd. I often wake up and think what the?!

    NLH- enjoy tonight!

    Mrs V- hellooo! :-) looking forward to you joining us!

    Mrs P- got to love a list! Im always writing them! Good luck finishing off that hospital bag too!

    AFM- I had some very strong, what I thought were BH last night, but they were really high, above my tummy, under bra strap. The whole of the top of my bump went rock solid. I had about 5 coming every 6-10 mins apart. Bad lower back ache and period cramping. Thought it may have been something but turned out to be nothing.  Then last night the pelvic pains were really bad, presumng he's getting comfy lower down. Baby has got 6 days until DD so he better be taking note!

    Today I have nothing planned with friends or family, so going to prepare tonights dinner, do some cleaning and get on all fours and scrub the kitchen floor. They say that helps?!

  • Ugh ugh.. A watermelon now?!

  • NLH - I love Micky Flanagan. He's hilarious!

    Mrs V - I didn't get the third tri timing either :)

    Mrs B - I'm glad he is getting everything done, albeit slowly :) sounds a lot like my H and we don't even have a nursery to decorate!

    Mrs P - yep they are delivering the replacement cot at the same time. I am currently researching bedding sets yey! Oh I do love a list, especially a list of lists!

    Gemini - I know, going by my dreams I'm having a baby with a serious attitude problem! Have a good day cleaning and relaxing. Hope the watermelon is getting ready to make an apperance.

  • Quick question - for those planning to breastfeed. Have you bought any stuff such as pumps etc? I have some pads and cream but that's it. I don't know whether to buy equipment in advance or wait and see. Or should you buy formula just in case?!

    I LOVE pretending to work but actually shopping online and coming on MD!

  • LD- I have bought breast pads and cream and luckily my friend has lent me her manual and electric breast pump, along with five small bottles. I havent bought any formula as I personally think that if its in the house when times are tough, ill cave and use it ( not that theres anything wrong with formula obviously).

    If my friend hadn't have given me the pumps Im not sure I would have run out and bought them. I probably would have waited to see how I got on with BF first. Guess its preference though. I wont be aiming to express until my milk supply is established, so at least 4-6 weeks or so, plenty of time for you to buy one once you know how you feel about it.

  • ive got about 10 bottles as they were given to me, got breast pads and cream, and a manual pump x

  • Thanks Gemini and NLH. I think I'll wait and see in that case. I can always send H out once the baby is here.

  • I would love to breast feed but bought a couple of bottles and a manual pump cheaply at a baby fair just incase.im sure I'll use them anyway to express, but being due over Xmas /new year, felt more comfortable having something in just in case I'm sent home with a baby on the 1 day the supermarkets are shut. Haven't bought formula for the reasons others have stated, but also thought it I really needed it, a 24 hr garage would be more likely to sell that than bottles etc.

  • MrsP- how is the last week going? I  have a general to do list  then end up doing a to do list for each day!

    Gemini- be careful, when my mum was heavily pregnant with my brother she was on all fours scrubbing the kitchen floor and somehow got half stuck under the kitchen counter!!

    LD- I have bottles, steriliser, pump, cream and pads just in case. Im very aware that not everyone succeeds with breast feeding so wanted to be prepared!

  • Mrs Bass, I'm onto my 3rd list and have reduced my emails from 2624 mails to 25, so going well. Have my appraisal tomorrow and then Friday I'll try and have lots of coffees with people and an early finish x

  • Sounds like a plan Mrs P! are you excited?!

    having such a lazy day, i even had to unload the dishwasher in to goes as i couldn't be bothered to do it in one! Have a very active baby this afternoon!!

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