**Wednesday 1st tri**

Morning ladies

Weekender sorry I didnt get on yesterday morning to wish you luck.  I was thinking of you all day though and so pleased to see all is ok  . Are you going to start telling everyone now?

I'm absolutely shattered. First day back teaching yesterday and I was exhausted by the evening. Not really helped by not having really caught up from the weekend. I also have a big problem in that I now, at 10 weeks tomorrow, have a bump. None of my trousers do up!! I have plenty of leggings and tunics etc but they all make me look prengnant!! Yesterday im convinced people were looking at my tummy, at lunch I overheard a womam look at my stomacg and then glance at another lady and say'yep youre right she mumust be'!! Oh dear!!!!

Other than that the usual feeling sick and yuck ans boobs hurting im fine! !

Hope weveryone is well and not feeling too bad. 


  • Morning AR, sorry to hear you are feeling so tired! And oh dear re: the tummy and gossiping colleagues. Are you planning on waiting until after your scan to tell work?

    AFM no news really, didnt hear back from the hospital yesterday so will try again today. I'm busy all day though so just hope I can find time to break away and make a call! Might have to be at lunch though.

    Time is going so slowly! Did another CBD yesterday and it has gone up to '2-3' which was of some comfort I guess! x

  • Morning ladies,

    AR, it's so much harder to hide second time round isn't it? I told one of my friends yesterday afternoon and she went "I knew it!!" I asked how and she said, well my first clue was that night we were out and you werent drinking Embarrassed and my second clue was. Well. Your bump. Laugh

    Browny the first couple of weeks are the looooooonnnngest. I hope you hear from the hospital today, it's a shame they are keeping you waiting.

    AFM, total relief! I literally didn't stop yesterday until half seven last night so didn't see any point posting then but thank you all for your good luck wishes. We had the most lovely sonographer ever, he spent at least fifteen minutes just showing us baby before he took measurements etc, gave us five pics, just made it feel really special. Lovely guy. Quite good looking too, but thought that was an inappropriate thought when I wad lying holding my husbands hand and he was examining the contents of my womb Laugh

    Ill get a pic up in a few mins

    Hi to all coming on later xx

  • The box won't load to let me add the pic,sorry ladies!

  • Morning

    I have finally made it here!

    AR- I feel your pain RE clothes. I said to my H yesterday that you can most definitely see a bump now. I wasn't this early with my others. I have to wear a Victorian costume to work on Thursday as I am out on a trip with the children. Not sure if it will hide or reveal more!

    Browny- Hope you have more luck with the hospital.

    Weekender- glad the scan went well yesterday

    AFM- Well this is the first time I have posted on the 1st tri. I have probably been lurking though. I don't have a great history in the first tri and didn't want to jinx myself! As you may have guessed by my name change this will be my 4th section. I have 3 other children. My first was born at 31 weeks due to me having severe PE, my second ended up being a c section too because they suspected IUGR and that was the safest mode of delivery. He was born at 38+2. My third was also born at 38+2 and to round things off with that pregnancy I developed obstetric cholestasis at around 36 weeks. Some people might say I am mad going for a 4th but this most definitely will be our last baby. I went to see my consultant back in June and she was happy for me to have another section. She thinks there is a good chance I will develop OC again, but like in my other pregnancies I will be monitored. I am nearly 11 weeks and have been under my EPAU since 6 weeks. I am on cyclogest and aspirin. I have another scan on Saturday there.

  • Hi section4, welcome! Glad to hear they are taking good care of you. Am I right in thinking you have a girl and two boys? Any preference this time round? What does the cyclogest and aspirin do?

    It's great to have you here xx

  • Aspirin is doing 2 jobs. I am on a double dose and its main use is to try and keep PE at bay. The cyclogest (and the aspirin) are to help with not having early miscarriages.

  • Thanks :)  I thought there was something about aspirin and pe, it's amazing what you learn in this place over the years isn't it?

    I remember years ago aspirin was used as a painkiller but it seems to have so many uses these days.

    Hope it works for you xx

  • Hello lovely ladies. Happy hump-day.

    AR - Sorry you're so tired, maybe people aren't noticing your bump, you know how we all think certain things are obvious but they aren't? Maybe it's that...? :D

    Are you going to buy some mat clothes?

    Browny - I'm frustrated *for* you re the lack of comms for scan etc. is it worth emailing perhaps? Or turning up with a loudhaler lol...

    Hey Weekender, fab scan news. I had a very handsome junior doc in my labour, it's normal to acknowledge it, just not normal to ask for their number ha ha ha.

    Hi Section 4 - welcome to first tri. You're a brave lady, how are you coping with tiredness?

    I'm heady with sinus problems again. I'm floating around, lol. And overslept by an hour. Pants! A friend has FB'd me asking if I want to share some news. Weird, I've not seen her since my wedding so I don't know what that's about, but she knows lots of people I know and we're not super-close so I think I might do my first denial on her. Feel bad though! 12 days 'til scan. Yep, ticking off the days. I spent 8.5 months counting down to our wedding and as soon as that's done it's about the same again (I'm assuming overdue again) counting up to a baby coming. My username is perfect for me!!

    Hi to followers Wave

  • browny - i hope you can get the hospital soon, what a pain. Definitely not telling work until after the scan.

    weekender - soooooooooooooo much harder this time!! Bloomin tummy muscles! SO so pleased for you!

    section4 - lovely to see you on here!!! We had a victorian day at work when i was pregnant with P, not fun!!

    Counter - perhaps they're not, perhaps they were just saying i've got fat!! Hehe!! Very much hope you find something for the sinus problem. I'm jealous you have your scan date. Still waiting for mine.

  • WE - can't believe the pic won't post! :(

    Section4 - sorry to hear of the complications but hope they are looking after you x

    Counter - your scan isn't too far away now!

    Feeling very sick today - more so than any other day so far!

  • Morning :)

    AR- Are you telling work after your scan? Oh no, as if they said that! I wonder if people can see mine too, my boss did look at my belly the other day. I dont have a bump as such but i normally have a flat tummy and am petite and now I have constant bloating.

    Browny- The first few weeks draaaaag! I just tried to keep myself busy. Thats bad about your hospital still not calling.  Hope you get chance to chase them up.

    Weekender- Glad the scan went well! ooh a hot sonographer helps :)

    Section4- Welcome to first tri! 11 weeks already! Sounds like you are being well looked after.

    Counter- How strange of your friend. Dont feel bad, tell people when your ready. my grandad called me last night asking me to tell my auntie... I was a bit annoyed really. I just said no, im waiting for my scan first. 12 days, not long!

    AFM- well I woke up feeling really sick today and also had a headache but that seems to be easing now. Glad I sorted out my booking in appointment. Just hope I still get my scan date at around 12 weeks, dont think I can wait much longer! Got a busy day at work today so hopefully time will go quickly.

  • I can't believe how much the booking in/scan appointment process seems to vary from place to place. I was referred to my chosen hospital and within three weeks had a letter about both my scan and booking in appointment. I think I'd be so impatient if I hadn't heard anything by now! On the flip side I was really disappointed with my doctor as he didn't give me any advice/leaflets when I saw him. He only mentioned folic acid as I was leaving the room (I was taking it anyway but could quite easily not have been as it was a bit of a surprise that I was even pregnant!)

    AR hopefully you're just being paranoid. I suppose it's difficult in a school as you've not seen them all for 6 weeks soapy be changes are more noticeable to your colleagues. As I see mine every day I'm hoping that they won't notice until I'm ready to tell them!

    Welcome to the 1st tri Section4! Sounds like you have lots of experience of this pregnancy thing. Fingers crossed for a smooth ride for baby number 4.

    Counter - sorry you're feeling rubbish. Hopefully there's something you'll be allowed to take that'll help. It's strange about your friend, maybe she just had a weird dream or something. Don't feel bad about lying, I feel like that's all I do lately! We haven't even told our parents yet!

    Sorry for those I've missed, I'm on my phone and struggling to type.

  • Managed to get it uploaded ladies - check out little drama baby with the hand up at the forehead Laugh  Sorry it's huge and side on!

  • Counter, sorry you have the sinus problems back - I've had blocked ears for a few days, I had it when I was pregnant with M, drove me mad but literally disappeared the day after I had her!  Weird.  Hope yours isn't a whole pregnancy thing!

    Bertie, hope you feel better

    Flossy Wave your GP sounds useless!  Up here they recommend we take vitamin D supplement as well, don't know if that's a Scotland NHS thing or UK wide?

    I've told a few people in work today, feels weird saying it!  Told my bosses and they both said "ooh I was wondering about that!" - seems my secret is the worst kept secret ever Laugh

  • Ooh Weekender, you've a baby in your belly!!!!! Great pic. Love that he or she is swooning! x

  • Great pic Weekender! So glad all went well today!

  • Great pic weekender! :)

    Well I rang again and got a voicemail again so I left another message :( on a plus note though I had a call from my midwife and have a booking in appointment on 4th Oct! At least I have something to work towards! x

  • Browny, is the hospital close to you? Can you hand deliver a note? I did it when I needed an urgent appointment about my son's skin and the consultant's secretary rang us the next day. It sounds extreme but I always feel better doing something even if it gets me nowehere, lol

  • Its about 20 mins away but in the opposite direction of work! I thought about sending a letter - might see if they have an email address. Failing that I'll ring my GP and check they sent the referral and raise the fact I havent heard anything yet. Doubt they'll do anything but you never know! x

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