**Wednesday 1st tri**

Happy hump day ladies! Was lovely too see you joim us yesterday Browny - so pleased you had a positive early scan. Not much going on baby wise here...no symptoms bar an ever growing belly! We have however preliminarily booked onto an NCT refresher course...not for the birth/baby stuff as confident with that but more as we've moved since O was born and it'd be be fab to meet some new people with little ones! :-) Quiet day today with no work...may take O to a group and then making a curry...yummy! x


  • Morning!

    Whats an NCT refresher course? Are they free? Enjoy your quiet day & cooking!

    I cant bear to cook at the moment and do miss it but even opening the fridge makes me want to be sick :( Wasn't sick this morning (yea!!)  but have a pounding head despite a paracetamol and 4Head. Had an early night too so its not lack of sleep. The joys!

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Morning love. The NCT refresher condenses bits from the usual NCT courses (bf, labour and birth etc) but as it's aimed at parents who already have children it's more to do with issues from previous births, sibling bonding/rivalry etc. we didn't do a course first time round as we did NHS ones instead. NCT ones are charged but this course was £60 so not too bad.

    Glad you're not sick this morning but that's not good about the headache. Hopefully it'll ease off quickly xx

  • Morning all. To those who asked yesterday, we're not planning to move soon (can't anyway until our fixed-rate runs out in August) but we want to start getting a feel for what our place is worth and therefore what we could afford elsewhere. Hoping to move soon after baby is born but that could be optimistic!

    Coco - that refresher course sounds good, we may look into it. Hope you are feeling ok still after your fall x

    Sasasi - sorry you're feeling so bad! Last time I couldn't bear to eat homemade, the thought of eating a sandwich I'd made for lunch was unbearable and I spent a fortune on ready-made stuff! Hope your headache eases x

    AFM just starting to get really worried, the few small symptoms I had have vanished. At this stage with A, I was puking every morning. H has agreed to book an early scan in sometime this week. Today is A's first settling-in day at nursery but I think it's just going in for a chat really.

  • Morning all!

    Coco - I was thinking an NCT refresher course might a good way to meet some new mummy friends too since most of mine have had their 2nd (and probably last) child and are back at work again now.  Will have too look into it in at some point.

    SaSaSi - good news not being sick this morning, must be awful for you at the moment x

    Not much going on here, feeling a little queasy but still eating normally at the moment.  I started Slimming world 2 weeks ago just before I got my BFP and got my next weigh in tomorrow - I knew it was something you could follow while pg, and felt it might help keep my eating under control a bit (I'm a little above a normal BMI at the moment so losing a few pounds at the moment won't harm) - although that could go to pot if I start going off any food that's healthy.  I haven't told the SW consultant yet as I'm worried she'll then not let me weigh in until I've got consent from the MW, but I'm not seeing her for another 3 weeks, so I'll just keep going and hoping that I don't put on too much weight.  Plus I don't want to tell anyone that I don't have to at the moment.

  • Morning all!

    Coco - gosh I couldn't stomach a curry right now! Like SaSaSi I cant open the fridge without feeling sick! We've only been home for 3 nights and we've had pasta, sausage mash and beans and last night had fish and chips as we got back late from the vets. Not a great start!

    SaSaSi - glad you havent been sick this morning but sorry about your headache.

    AFM: well I feel rubbish today. H has had a cold and I think I'm starting with it so I just feel exhausted and really crappy. I guess it hits you harder when pregnant! I had my flu jab today as well, bit late but thought I better have it now I'm pregnant. My meeting yesterday confirmed they're starting the consultation process for redundancies. I don't know what they're going to offer for voluntary redundancies but think I'll seriously consider it. They want it all over with within a few months, but I think I'd at least want my 12 week scan out the way before I make any decision - not sure if the timing will work out though. I'll just have to see how it goes.

  • Missed a couple there!

    Saisi - sorry to hear you're worried but its good that your H has agreed to any early scan. I'm sure everything will be ok - as they say every pregnancy is different.

    Deedee - I believe when pregnant you're allowed more healthy extras on SW? I dont really fancy anything atm so I dont think I could stick to a diet. I could do with losing some weight but not sure how to do it at the minute.

    On that note, does anyone here exercise? I do jog, haven't since before Xmas due to holiday, but not sure whether to continue with it or maybe try something lighter like walking or yoga or something?

  • Saisi - I know it's worrying, but symptoms do come and go and not every pregnancy is the same. xx

    Browny - I had found out about the extra healthy extras, but I'm just sticking to it as normal for now since I already feel I'm eating too much some days!  Being able to eat pasta, rice, potatoes etc again without feeling guilty is good enough for me!   I'm not doing any exercise as I just don't have time, but walking or yoga are definitely good things to do.  Redundancies at work don't sound like good timing for you, but hopefully you'll have a bit of time before you have to make a decision x

  • Saisi - FX you get an early scan arranged soon. They say each pregnancy is different so please try not to worry (easier said than done I know). Re homemade - that's exactly how I feel and I usually love cooking etc! Its horrible, Im not even doing a grocery shop this week, no point!

    Deedee - SW would be great to stick too and would give you a good healthy focus. My BMI is above 30 & ideally I would be eating really healthy at the moment but I am currently living off bready things, cereal, chips and breaded chicken. I wouldn't tell your consultant either - baby is getting everything it needs.

    Browny - FX redundancies work in your favour! And hopefully it is a cold which passes soon rather than a horrible part of pregnancy sickness.

    I was actually thinking about exercise last night - I havnt been able to do anything since start Dec with my operation and now I feel too awful to do anything! Yet it might really help! I've been going for walks at lunchtime but I was used to running 2/3 times a week, kettlebell and pilates. Hoping to try a run on Saturday and pilates in another week - waiting on my surgery wounds healing a bit better before doing squats etc again! There are a couple of pregnant ladies in my pilates so I know it'll be fine but I will tell instructor anyway.
    With exercising in pregnancy I think its important to have the mindset of maintaining as opposed to reaching new fitness goals etc?

  • Yes I think I just need to lose a bit of fat and maintain my fitness really. I dont have the energy for it at the minute but could do to get into a routine of doing something at least! x

  • Hello all,

    Am on my phone but will do personals this eve, when I'm home (been out the last two nights). I'm stressing out a bit as my boobs aren't as sore and don't feel sick today. Did another test this morning and line is getting darker on ICs which I guess is good. I'm still peeing like a racehorse though! It's just so hard not to worry!!

  • Hi all, no personals at the moment because I'm having another panic :-(

    Woke this morning with really bad cramps that went away a bit after I drank a load of water but have now come back. No bleeding as yet, but I feel very bloated and crampy. Boobs still sore and still no appetite(my only real symptoms) but I can't help worrying. I had a scan on Friday at 8+4 (8+6 by my dates but not far off so wasn't worried) and all was well, so I don't feel I can ask for another just yet. My "12 week" scan isn't until 5th Feb when I'll be 12+5. Has anyone else had cramps about this time (9+2 today) or should I do something? Really worried again, and I thought I was doing so well after my last anxiety attack at 7 weeks :-(

  • I'll reply to everyone else properly in a while but didn't want to read your post and run Barefoot.

    Some cramping is normal in pregnancy - when stretching etc happens. If you feel at all concerned though please please give your MW a call. Having suffered with anxiety myself I know how it can take over your every thought. Your me will have had other ladies suffering previous loss/anxiety so please don't feel you're being a burden. This is what they are there for.

    Big hugs xx

  • *your mw even x

  • Hi All,

    First post on 1st Tri!! Hope everyone is doing well!

    Coco – enjoy your curry!!

    Sasasi – hope you feel better soon

    Sasi – maybe the symptoms are simply easing off -  hope you get your scan soonish

    Deedee – good luck with WW!

    Browny – great to ‘’see’’ you again –hope the redundancy issues are ok for you

    Gavi – Good luck – I’m sure all is good

    Barefoot – I’m finding it very hard to relax and enjoy the pregnancy – I think its normal after a MC. Hugs  

    AFM: We moved offices this week so its been crazy.  Had to tell everyone I’d hurt my back so I wasn’t lifting many boxes etc!!

    I’m 8 + 3 today (I think) and ended up telling my PIL as they wanted to book a holiday just after or on my due date so kind of had to tell them.  They were delighted!  We are definitely waiting until the 12 week mark before telling anyone else.  I’m getting most excited about telling my 3 year old – she has been going on and on about having a brother or sister – actually more brother so I wonder how she will react!.

    I know that I put on 1.-2 KGS over Christmas as I always do – but I honestly have quite a bump already – probably more bloated rather than baby but still having to disguise it with baggy tops….. Does your tummy always pop earlier with 2nd babies???

    Next hurdle is booking a screening appointments in week 12 where they measure the depth of the neck-fold and length of the nose bone (sorry not sure what its called in English) – this gives a statistic of how likely Downs Syndrome may be.  Hopefully everything will be fine and that will be the end of any tests.

    Have a great evening!

    Sue xx  

  • Thanks xx. Midwife not answering her phone at the mo so I've sent a text. I know worrying is normal but these cramps actually hurt and I am so scared. Sorry. Will post back if I hear from the mw, otherwise I may ask hubby to book me another scan on Monday. The clinic I have been going to says some ladies get scanned every week for reassurance so maybe they won't think I'm an idiot.

  • Hugs to you Barefoot...... any chance of a scan before Monday?

  • I'm not sure. Will talk to hubby when he gets home and see if he thinks it's worth trying to go tomorrow. Pretty sure the mw won't be able to get me in before that. When I had my mc I had to wait 3 days for a scan on the NHS. Thing is, I know deep down a scan won't change anything. This is just how I felt (cramps and anxiety) at 7 weeks and I really hoped I was over all that. Miscarriage Association website says if you see a heartbeat after 8 weeks there's only a 2% chance of problems, but then I hear of so many losses after 8 weeks it doesn't really help.

  • A heart beat reduces the chance of a M/C - thats what's keeping me going.....having heard it last week.    I know its easier said than done but try and think positively and don't let the anxiety get to you too much - that could be making the cramps worse - it may really only be stretching pains -  hugs  

  • Finally spoke to the midwife. She has called EPAU to request a scan but they are closed. She's going to call again in the morning and let me know. Problem is I can drop everything to go tomorrow or Monday, but not Friday so if they say Friday I'm stuffed :-(. Husband is on his way home, and has said he will get me a private scan if I want, but I've already paid for 2 of those and think that if I'm actually having pains, the mw should be able to sort something.

  • Barefoot I really hope the mw can sort you something in the morning. I hope everything is ok and the pain subsides soon xxx

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