**Wednesday 1st tri**

Morning ladies, hope you're all well. I'm not feeling so good today :'( I have IBS and a flare up started last night...not being able to take meds has left me in agony so I've had hardly any sleep. May ring docs today if only for sick note for work...need to rest up and focus on my family and growing this baby. Google search of natural remedies has annoyed me too..thanks Daily Fail! x


  • Morning ladies.

    Sorry to hear about your ibs coco, it sounds dreadful. Did it flare up last time around? I would phone in work if you're feeling rotten.

    I slept much better last night, I seem to alternate a good night and then a bad night. Scan tomorrow. To say I'm shitting myself is a huge understatement.

  • Morning all.

    Coco - sorry you're feeling so rotten. Hope you get some rest and feel a bit better soon.

    Imp - glad you had a good nights sleep. Only 1 sleep to go. Stay calm!!!

    AFM - after nearly 2 weeks of feeling good I've felt rubbish since Monday. I'm not complaining though. Only 5 sleeps until my scan!!!!
  • Sorry you're feeling rough CA, is it sickness back again? Not long to wait now, it'll be here in no time.

  • Imp - I had a flare up in 1st tri last time and then was fine throughout...hopefully it'll be same this time round. Glad you got a decent night's sleep, hope you manage to get one tonight too..will be thinking of you tomorrow. Really do have everything crossed.

    CA - Sorry to hear you're not feeling good...hope it eases off again soon. Exciting that your scan is so close now...everything seems such an age away here at the mo!

  • Morning ladies,

    Sorry you're feeling rotten Coco. I hope the docs can suggest something.

    Glad you slept well Imp. Not long for your scan now! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow lovely, can't wait to see a pic :) xx

    CA, hurrah for feeling rubbish :) I know you'll be getting a lot of reassurance from that. I do hope it's not too bad though.

    AFM, 6 sleeps until my scan! I'm nervous but just want it here now. Still feeling sick at times, normally after I eat a proper meal, and the tiredness is still at an all time high. But I do like my symptoms - they're very reassuring!

    My friend is having Christmas nibbles at hers tomorrow afternoon/evening which I'm sneakily going to tie in with a meeting I have to go to over that side of town. I'm looking forward to it!

    Hi to all who follow, hope you're all doing okay x

  • Not longf for you either Fig, it's good that you've still got your symptoms for reassurance.  Enjoy your friends tomorrow, what a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

    Coco I hope this is your one and only flare up then.

  • Hello everyone. Just woken up after a night shift. Very broken sleep due to this stupid tickly cough I've had on and off for 3 weeks now, and of course I can't take anything for it. Sooo tired. Actually I'm tired, have developed teenage spots, boobs are killing me, and mildly nauseous, and you know what? I'm embracing it all. Last time the only symptom I had was sore boobs and by 6 weeks even that had gone. This time I'll take every symptom and discomfort going if it confirms I'm still pregnant!

    Coco, hope the docs can help you out, and you get some sleep.

    Imp, good luck with the scan. I'm on nights again tonight so won't see your update until this time tomorrow, so fingers crossed for you x

    CA, you seem to have the same attitude to me about feeling awful. It's bad, but it's good!

    Figaro, hope you have a lovely evening with your friend, sounds like a great plan!

  • Hey ladies

    Coco - concentrate on getting yourself better

    Imp - glad you had a good night's sleep and will be thinking of you tomorrow.

    CA - hope you feel better soon and scan so close!

    Fig - wow, another close scan and the tiredness is getting to me too

    BF - glad you are embracing your symptoms and hope the cough goes

    AFM - bit annoyed as woke up with sore throat and blocked nose and only had full on cold and voice gone about 3 weeks ago.  I normally never get sick and just have one annual cold.  I;m guessing my immune system bit compromised!  Extremely tired and been getting to bed at 9.45 ish which is super early for me but don't feel any better in the morning!  3 days until my scan!


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