**Wednesday 2nd Tri**

Morning all! Hope everyone is feeling good this morning. It's very cold here!!

Had a lovely nights sleep, H isn't feeling well so slept in the spare room and I have to say it was lovely to have the bed to myself (oops!). Other than that, not much going on here except for the fact that it's scan day! I'm torn between scared/excited. It's not until this afternoon so I have to get through the morning at work first. Will try to come back on later to update.



  • Morning,

    Good luck for the scan Flossy! Are you finding out the flavour? Will check back later this afternoon for an update

    AFM, I'm knackered. Work today which will be busy busy. Roll on Saturday (again!)

    Hope everyone is well x

  • Morning everyone.

    Flossy - glad you had a good nights sleep it makes such a big difference.

    WE - how exciting! Good luck for this afternoon.

    Midwife went well. Hear baby and hes nice and happy in there! Finally got my matb1 form so its official now :)

  • Ok i got confused there!! Flossy good luck for your scan :)

    WE hope your day goes quickly for you.

  • Flossy - yay to scan hope baby behaves and you can find out sex if you want too :) please update us lol

    Weekender hope work isn't too horrific

    MrsV - glad everything is good with baby!

    Afm - had rubbish night sleep was pretty sore last night think it's from midwife pushing to find the heartbeat yesterday it feels much better today.. Last nights meeting the parents went okay mil was on about baby a lot so that's good because before we got married every time she was drunk she told us to wait a few years haha.. We waited a month Opps lol!

    Not much planned today nice lazy day yay!

  • Morning!

    Flossy i came on especially to say good luck for your scan! Make sure yu update us later

    weekender- i'm with you on the tiredness at the moment! Early nights are the way forward!

    mrs v - glad the mw went well. HEaring the HB is fab!

    CC - sorry you also had a bad night, lack of sleep is really not fun at all. Glad your MIL is being ok about things.

    AFM - I think my SPD is on it's wy back. Not sure if it's the busy weekend which sent me over the edge but the oh so familiar pangs and pains are starting to creep back. I'm also starting to find it painfil in my pelvis is i sit or stand in the same position for long. Luckily in my job i can bob up and down a fair bit (i'm a teacher) but lugging books etc to different rooms is getting annoying already. Other than that i'm just on scan countdown....2 weeks tomorrow! I was thinking last night that with P i'd already started getting so organised and buying bits a bobs and this time i've done nothing! I just don't have time!!! Work today so busy busy.

  • Just had a very odd conversation with a man at work who is doing my friends maternity cover. He asked me if i had long to go, if i meant to  have 2 babies so close together (is 2 years that close?!), if i was worried about baby being big and if i had a natural birth with P. I know he was just being freindly (and he's a biology teacher like me, we tend to be comfy talking about body related things!) but it was just a bit personal for a stranger! Why do people think they can ask pregnant woman anything?!?!?! Also, people keep commenting on my bump being fairly large, which it is but it's getting annoying!!!

    Little rant over!!!

  • Morning All

    Flossy - good luck with your scan can't wait to hear your updates!

    WE - Agreed, Roll on the weekend

    Mrs V - glad midwife went well!

    CC - glad all went ok with the MIL - enjoy your lazy day

    AR  - what a weirdo lol! ask him how far gone he is??? lol

    AFM - nothing much to report really, still not sleeping due to the SPD, got aqua natal class tonight! me and hubby have decided to just pack a bag and go away for the weekend next weekend, so i'm googling places to go! hopefully ordering the change unit today and going to try getting the cot put together this weekend! Getting there slowly! x

  • Ha ha Flossy, kick the old man out when he's poorly lol! Is he alright? Good for you re sleep! Let us know re scan. Ooh exciting

    Weekender - apt name you have there! It'll be here before you know it :)

    Mrs V, got the official 'having a baby form' lol. Glad appt went well.

    CC - why was your MIL telling you to wait?! I hear it a lot with grandparents, they're all anti but once there's a bun in the oven they just can't wait! (wish my mum was remotely excited)

    AR - imagine if you started questioning him on his fertility or the size of his testicles! It is a bit weird. Hope the SPD isn't here :(

    NLH - lovely! An impromptu break, good for you.

    I can't remember the last time I felt movement but that always stresses me out, you'd think I'd learn! And work is bad. I don't know whether I'll have a job in 4 weeks. I am sort of used to it, a lot of my roles have been in cash-strapped businesses on the brink, but I love this job so much and have slogged to really improve things, so am feeling very deflated, and angry at my boss for making stupidarse choices. Maybe he'll come back today with good news and I'm worrying for nothing! :)

  • Oh no, I just lost my reply!!!

    Flossy- Good luck today! Hope you starfished in your bed!

    Weekender- Not long now til the weekend!

    Mrs V- G;lad midwife went well. hearing heartbeat is great isnt it.

    CC- Enjoy your lazy day! I told MIL it would be a few years whenever she asked, it was 2 weeks after honeymoon lol. I just didn't want her to know we was going to start trying.

    AR- Hope the SPD isn't too bad. Dos it help when you are active? That is quite personal! It is so strange the things you get asked when pregnant.

    NLH- I love spontanious things like that :) I cant wait to start ordering some big bits. Enjoy your class.

    Counter- Your job sounds very stressful! Hope there is nothing to worry about.

    AFM- Slept a bit better last night, no dead leg! Had a nice relaxing night doing nothing last night, was very much needed. Just waiting for the weekend!

  • AR - I hope that your SPD doesn't get too bad for you :(... and that's very personal an strange and no 2 years is not a small gap =\

    NLH - Oh a weekend away sounds amazing I hope you can find somewhere nice! I don't know where you are in the country but have a look at Dorset lol! It's lovely here haha!

    Counter - I am sorry to hear that you may not have a job fingers crossed he will come back with good news!

    Bertie - Glad you slept better!

    Counter - H is the youngest out of his family and so she's a bit protective of him.. It use too drive me bonkers! We are the only ones out of his brother and sister who are married and have a house... the other 2 are/were with complete wasters! but H wanted to try asap as did I so we did! haha

    Bertie - Haha I don't blame you! It's a bit odd to be asking when your having babies haha!

    In fairness they did mention about buying us a pram! so that's pretty nice of them!

  • Afternoon ladies,

    After starting the thread yesterday, I've only just had the chance to read it :( work getting in the way!

    Flossy - Good luck with your scan. Let us know how you get on.

    Weekender - Hope work isn't too stressful.

    Mrs V - Glad midwife went well. I still haven't received my Matb1 form yet! I just text my midwife to chase it up as I completely forgot to ask earlier.

    CC - Parents are funny aren't they. My mum was a bit the same. All career orientated and then when we told her she was so excited all that went out of the window.

    AR - Sorry about the SPD. You've still got loads of time to buy things.That's rude of your colleague to ask you stuff like that. I don't know why people seem to think pregnancy is public property. Counter's comments made me laugh.

    NHL - Enjoy aqua natal and planning your trip. Sounds lovely.

    Counter - That's really stressful, poor you. Hopefully they can turn it around without redundancies. They say you shouldn't really monitor baby#s

    Berties - Relaxing night sounds lovely. Have you been getting

    AFM - I had a midwfie appointment this morning and all is good. She told me to book the hospital tour so we are going to go on Sunday to have a look around. She also recommended we use the birthing centre as its a low risk pregnancy and I was leaning towards that anyway so hopefully the tour helps make my mind up. She said they arrange another tour in January which seems a bit overkill to me. I'm not planning on moving in :)

  • LD- Hi :) You didnt finish your sentence to me lol. Glad midwife went ok. I am hoping to use the birth centre at my hospital all being well. We dont get a tour, just a virtual one I think!

  • Haha sorry. I was meaning to say have you been getting a dead leg in the night?

    Our hospital has had a bad reputation locally as it was on a watch list about 15 years ago so I think they are going overboard with trying to show how much it has changed. I am still not overly keen to go there but it's the only choice in the area. If it's horrendous, I'll plan to be somewhere else when I go into labour.

  • Hi all,

    Missed getting on this morning due to a meeting first thing. It seems to be super quiet in the afternoon onwards so I won't do personals but I have read and caught up with everyone's news!

    Viability day for me! It's quite incredible to think baby would have a chance of surviving if born from this point. Had a mini shopping spree with New Look and H&M maternity so today is the first day I'm dressed for work and feel vaguely fashionable!

  • Ha, yea I have sometimes. I think it may be from not being used to sleeping on my side. ha good plan! Hopefully it will be good when you go and have a look around. I am quite lucky as I live near a really reputable hospital, so fingers crossed its good.

  • Hi SP, congrats on 24 weeks :) Are the New Look clothes any good? I've exhausted every other shop available and still don't seem to have any decent work clothes.

  • Thanks Bertie, I'm really hoping it's not awful.

  • Hi Sweetpea- Yay to 24 weeks! How do you find the fit of the clohes? i ma have to give them a try. I am coping with getting the next size in things but maternity jeans etc are much more comfy!

  • Thanks for all the good luck wishes!

    Scan was amazing, everything is where it should be and looking how it should. Baby was wriggling about all over the show so we got to have a good look. And...it's a girl!! I was a bit surprised as I've always imagined us with a boy, all least at first, but the little madam had her legs wide spread so there wasn't really any doubt! Feel such a sense of relief, and hope I can start to enjoy it a bit before I start feeling like a whale!

  • Great news Flossy! So happy for you.

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