**Wednesday first tri **

Morning everyone, hope you are all well.

Got the hospital at 3pm for possibly having the CVS. I just hope baby is big enough and it goes smoothly otherwise we have to wait another week and I don't want to tell anyone about baby until the results are back. I'm 10+6 and the full results take 2-3 weeks to come back so at the mo I might have to wait until I'm 14 weeks and in getting very impatient and look obviously pregnant. I'm as big now as I was when I was 16 weeks pregnant with k. I will get back on late afternoon/evening to let you know how it goes.


  • Good luck bunny. Hopefully baby will be big enough. You will get the initial big results in a few days so hoping all ok

    Afm, nothing to report, tired and dizzy and spotty that's it really


  • Morning!

    I hope all goes well today bunny! Xx

    RF- sounds like you're ready for the weekend! I hope you have a good day.

    AFM - feeling nauseous and so so tired. Working long hours with hardly any time to sit down let alone eat! So im feeling a bit drained :( On the up side, I finish at 4 today then have a sugar craft lesson this evening. Really looking forward to that! Then my weekend starts tomorrow! Wooo! Still no scan letter... if its not here tomorrow morning, I'll chase them. I'm getting impatient now! ha!

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • Morning all

    Bunny - hope your appt goes well today

    Rf- hope the dizzyness goes soon

    Boo - wow long weekend lucky you! good luck chasing the scan letter

    AFM not much to report, slept for 9 hours last night. Got my booking in appt tomorrow and 27 days til scan :)

    Have a good day x

  • Morning all

    Bunny - good luck today, hope you are able to have the CVS. Do pop back and let us know how you get on.

    TRF - hope the tiredness and dizziness soon passes, have a good day.

    Boo - Hope you soon feel better. Enjoy your sugar craft lesson this evening, sounds interesting! Definitely chase them up about your scan letter, actually, I'd ask them to give you a date over the phone.

    MrsL - hope your booking in appointment goes well tomorrow.

    AFM, not much to report really. Generally feeling quite well although I really need to curb the eating! 5 sleeps until scan - it seems to be so slow at coming round!

  • Bunny good luck, hope baby is big enough!

    RF hi! The joys of early pregnancy! Bring on the weekend ;)

    Boo - be careful lovely, does your boss know you're pregnant? Rest and eating is so important to keep your energy and blood sugars up x

    Sugar craft sounds cool, is that something you've done before or are you new? My Granny used to do all that and created amazing things.

    MrsL 9hrs.. nice!! And good luck for tomorrow in case I don't get on.

    WG Glad you're feeling good, tbh I'm not worrying about curbing any eating, if I can stomach it, I eat it! Makes up for the times I can't!!

    AFM I'm 11+1 now, can't quite believe I've got this far tbh, I've got 7 sleeps till my scan and I'm going to love every single one of them as I feel so knackered at the moment. And just 17 sleeps till we go on holiday!!

    Hi to all that follow

  • Hi ladies,

    Bunny: hope it goes well this afternoon, I'm sure you think you look bigger than you think you do.x

    RF: Hope you're feeling better as the day goes on

    Boo: Have you told your work yet? I'm sure you're entitled to sit down breaks if you need them. Enjoy your 4 day weekend & fingers crossed your scan letter comes through very soon

    Mrs L: What a great sleep! Hope your booking in goes quickly tomorrow

    WG: Not long till your scan, exciting stuff x

    Malteaser: Not long till your scan either, enjoy your sleep! Where are you off to on holiday?

    AFM: So today I spent 3 hours at the drs! Mainly as I was late so had to wait for my gp appointment, then had an emergency appointment for my daughter as it turns out she's got a skin infection then finally had my lovely long booking in with my midwife too. I forgot how much blood they take, although I guess now it's all about weeing in a pot & blood tests!! Just got to wait for a scan date to come through. The only thing that's slightly worried me is that my BMI is already 30 & in order to have the home birth taht I want I have to keep it below 35. No idea if that's doable as I don't know how much weight I put on last time but I guess that means I can't eat all the chocolate that I did in the 3rd Tri last time!! Whoops

  • Well I'm back and it didn't happen! The original consultant who was meant to do it wasn't there and the other one had to deal with 2 emergencies on the labour ward so we were waiting for an hour to then be sent home. They've booked us in tomorrow at 1pm to try again and if baby's too small they do have appointment next Wednesday. Can't be helped, but I'm glad I've got an understanding boss!

    Rf I'm spotty too. Hope you have had an easy day.

    Boo enjoy your sugar craft lesson, sou D's like fun! Let us know what you make.

    Mrs l 9 hours sleep sounds amazing! Good luck for tomorrow

    WG enjoy the feeling well! 5 days isn't too many hopefully it will go quick

    Malteasers not long until your scan. Where are you going on holiday?

    Bk glad you got to see the midwife for your booking in. Yup lots of weeing in pots, its so glamorous being pregnant isn't!?

  • Sorry to hear it didn't happen bunny. Will be thinking of you tomorrow x

  • Thank you ducky. Loving your peas in a pod timeline! x

  • Sorry it didn't happen Bunny but glad to hear they've scheduled you in tomorrow & have you pencilled in for next week if the baby isn't big enough tomorrow. Fingers crossed it works out for you tomorrow x

  • Blackkat - sounds like a tough long day there, hope your daughter is ok. Don't know much about home births but surely as long as you remain under midwife care, bmi shouldn't come into it.

    Bunny - sorry they couldn't do it today, that sucks but I'm glad they are getting you in again quick. Fx for tomorrow !

    Our holiday is to Majorca, H's uncle owns an apartment over there and his parents are using it and invited us to go with them. We didn't think we'd get a holiday abroad this year so it's a great chance for some sun and relaxation!

  • Bunny sorry your test wasn't done today fx for tomorrow x

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