**Weekend 1st Tri**

Hi All,

Had my scan! We have a baby :-) It had a heartbeat and measured at 8+4 (I thought I was about 8 or 8+1). We are obviously very happy.

Hope everyone is OK x


  • Ahh Pep that's fantastic news! Do you have a photo? So pleased for you x

  • Here he is... (Must stop saying 'he'!)

  • Fabulous news Pep, I'm really really pleased. (I can't see a pic though?)

  • Now I do, lovely little bean!

  • Thank you :-) I can't stop smiling! Best feeling ever, I'm so grateful.

  • That's brilliant news Pep. So pleased for you. You'll be able to relax a little bit now and it won't be long until your next scan xx
  • Pep - fab news and love the scan pic!


  • Yayyyy! Congratulations pep! You've got a little baby in there.

    It's such a lovely feeling, isn't it?!

  • Sneaking in to say congratulations Pep! x

  • Pep so very pleased for you, lovely update :) xx

  • Hi ladies. Happy Sunday!!!!

    How are we all???  I went for a run today which is just as well because I skipped it yesterday because I was being lazy!!  Now I can be lazy for the rest of the day guilt free lol.

    I was wrapping Xmas pressies last night until 11.30pm and I've still got loads to do so might try and do another few today. I'm off tomorrow and plan to put the Xmas tree up, wrap more pressies and write some cards.

    Nothing to report baby wise for me. I don't feel pregnant, don't know when I will. Nausea disappeared again on Wednesday and yet to return. Boobs are still sore but that's been the only consistent thing. I've had extremely mild cramps the last few days which have made me feel a bit better but I constantly worry about lack of symptoms. At least my next scan is only 2 weeks tomorrow. Roll on!!!!!

  • Thanks everyone :-) I think H will need to hide the photos as I can't stop looking at them!

    CA so jealous of your day off tomorrow. I'm dreading a full week at work, including two days in London which are just chaotic. Had toyed with cancelling some of my leave over Xmas so I could take a day this week if I need it. Don't want to tho, will have to see how I go I think!

    I know  it's hard not to worry about symptoms but I've read a lot about symptoms easing around 9 weeks, and your BBs being sore is still a sure sign everything is OK.

    We are having our baby niece and nephew (8) today, looking forward to cuddles :-)

  • Hey CA.

    Well done on the run!

    I don't really have any symptoms - Monday is the start of my 7th week and no sickness or anything, and the last week my boobs feel a little bit sore but that's it.

    Were you running before you knew you were pregnant?  I did belong to the gym and had got my fitness up but then got lazy about 3 months before I got pregnant and it all lapsed, but want to start again....

  • Pep - I hope your week at work isn't as bad as you think it's going to be.

    CJ - everyone is different with symptoms but I know it's nice to have something to reassure you. I've been running for years so I've just cut back my miles and intensity but plan to keep it up for as long as I can. Depends what you did before at the gym but if your body is used to exercise it's ok to continue - obviously you might need to alter things a bit. I was all set to do a half marathon again in March but I've shelved that idea for now.

  • Hi cj, try not to worry about the symptoms. As the others said everyone is different and some people get away with no symptoms at all.  Sore boobs is a good sign anyway. Remind me, when's yore early scan?

    Ca- I'll join you with celebrating a day off tomorrow! I'm so glad you inspired me to book it off as I'm shattered and really need a day of rest. I hope you enjoy doing the tree and finishing your wrapping.

    Pep I hope you've enjoyed having your niece and nephew today.

    Well I'm the most tired person in the world, had the worst nights sleep last night so I'm looming forward to turning the light off tonight!  I'm planning to have a lazy day tomo, just got to nip to the post office to collect a parcel and then meeting a friend for lunch. Lovely day!

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