**Weekend 1st Tri**

Morning ladies,

Imp and Ceejay, I hope you're both home safe and sound and that your journeys were uneventful. I bet it's lovely to be home x

AFM, 13+3, so technically my last day of 1st tri! I'll stick around for the weekend (if that's okay) and take the plunge with 2nd tri on Monday. Can't believe I'm graduating!! We're thinking about braving the sales today...we *might* even take a sneaky peek at the baby bits...eeek!!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x


  • Morning Fig! I'll join you in 2nd tri on Monday, I'll be 13 + 4. Enjoy the sales!

  • Hi ladies

    Please may I join in, I am 5+1! found on 23rd December and was a lovely Christmas present and this will be my 2nd child having a 3yr old little girl.

    my due date is 29th August

  • Congratulations JenJens! Wishing you a smooth an uneventful pregnancy :)

  • I think I'm finally feeling brave enough to join in if that's ok? Early scan yesterday confirmed I'm not making this up so here I am!

    Figaro - I hope you get some good stuff in the sales. I don't think I could face the crowds up here! Good luck for Monday!

    Lxia - good luck for Monday too!

    Jenjens - hello and welcome. What a lovely Christmas present!

    AFM - starting to relax a bit, just a bit, now we've seen the little bean. I haven't had much in the way of symptoms so I was bricking it yesterday. All seemed fine though so I thought I would get stuck in here! It took us just under a year of trying with a little break halfway through and I keep thinking it's all too good to be true. Look forward to "meeting" the rest of you 1st tri ladies

  • Hey ladies

    Fig - thanks for the good wishes.  Home last night and was very happy to be back in my own bed!  Can't believe this is your last weekend on 1st tri - congratulations on moving to second tri - you will  be missed on here

    Ixia - another one graduating to 2nd tri - congratulations and you will be missed! hope to catch up within about a month!

    Jenjens - hello, welcome and congratulations!

    AFM - Going to hit the shops today - still need to get H a Christmas present (bad wife) and will hopefully get a warmer coat.  Maybe one size bigger at this stage to get me through to spring? what do you think?  I have tiny upper body so easily swamped, but chunky bum and thighs.  So glad to be back home and in my own bed!

    Hi to all who follow

  • Hi jonesey! welcome and congratulations!  I'm pretty much symptomless but had an early scan as well and all ok!


  • Fig - Get yourself added to the due date list! Ixia is looking lonely in July at the moment ;)

    JJ - Congratulations!

    Ixia - I added you to the list earlier :) Hope you are enjoying your last few days of 1st tri

    Jonesy - Welcome to the thread - pleased your early scan went well. How many weeks to people typically have one? I am guessing because of my long cycles I'll have to have one.

    CeeJay - Hope your sales trip goes well x

    AFM - Today I am 3+6. I did a CBD at 6am this morning and it came up saying Pregnant 1-2 so I'm starting to actually realize this is real!! H has texted his mam a photo of the test and told her she can't tell anyone but she's on holiday in Dubai at the moment so I don't think she's spotted it yet. I felt bad he'd told his parents and mine didn't know so we are going to tell them this afternoon.

  • HI PS - how exciting to tell your parents.  I told my parents when I next saw them as just couldn't keep it in.  I had an early scan at 7.6 as I just couldn't wait the 12 weeks.  You can have them as early as 6 weeks I think....

  • Hi ladies. Happy Saturday.

    Fig - hope you enjoy the sales and pick up a few bargains. Enjoy looking at the baby stuff. Yay for graduating to 2nd Tri after the weekend.

    Ixia - hi lovely. Another one moving to 2nd Tri soon.

    JJ - congrats and welcome xx

    Jonesy - nice to see you here. Symptoms very much vary and come and go so try not to worry too much about them. You've seen your little bean now so all is well.

    CJ - hope you enjoy the shops and get a coat that will do you until spring.

    PS - yay for CBD pregnant 1-2. Feels more real when yo use those words doesn't it. Enjoy telling your parents today.

    AFM - I'm still feeling good apart from feeling really tired. Thats probably got a bit to do with the insomnia I've been having. I was up from 2.30am to 5.30am again this morning unable to get back to sleep. I'm going to download an app to try and help me. It's worth a try at least. I'm 13+1 today so last few days here on 1st Tri.

    Hi to all that follow.

  • Hi ladies,

    Still can't believe I am actually here!!

    fig - enjoy the sales, you are braver than me! I'm currently in my slanket :)

    Lxia - enjoy the next stage! :)

    Jen jens - Hi & congrats :)

    Jonesy - how lovely to have an early scan & see bean!

    CJ - a swing cost would work well. & would sit over a bump nicely? Good luck !

    PS - it's so exciting !! I'm so pleased for you. Enjoy telling your parents - I thought mine were gong to faint!!

    my clear blue digital showed 2-3wks yesterday but doc thinks 6 wks, def 5 wks. Although the writing has now disappeared - I've been carrying it around with me & kept reading it but it hasn't really sunk in. I have to cancel our fertility treatment app on Monday when appointment lines are open again.

  • Hey ladies, hope you've all had a nice Saturday.

    Ixia, whoop to 2nd tri!

    Jen, welcome and congratulations!

    Jonesy, so glad your early scan went well, congratulations!

    Ceejay, glad your journey home was okay, hope you found a nice new new coat.

    PS, I forgot about the due date list! Will post over there now thanks. Hurrah for the CBD, I hope you had fun telling your parents :) Such wonderful news!

    CA, really hope you sleep well tonight lovely. Not much longer until 2nd tri - how exciting!!

    SaSaSi, so exciting that you can cancel your fertility appointment, I love when people invoke the law of s0d, it's fantastic! I still have my first positive CBD, even though the battery is long dead now.

    AFM, went shopping. The baby stuff absolutely overwhelmed me! My head is spinning lol, there's so much choice and so many things I've never heard of before! I think it'll be a while before I'm brave enough to look again...maybe once the baby is born and living in a sack lol lol

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend x

  • PS I had my scan at 8+5 but they say to go after 7 weeks as sometimes they can't find it with an external scan if it's earlier than that.

  • Why am I awake?! I am so tired, I went to bed at 9pm last  night but have been wide awake since 2am. Currently downstairs bumbling on the iPad.

    So many of you are 'graduating' this week, it's probably just as well we had a little influx of BFPs. Hello to Jonsey and JenJen.

    PS - I enquired about an early scan today. I'll be 6+6 but I am desperate to know how many are in there! We also get an 'early' scan with the IVF clinic but they don't tend to be until 8-9weeks, never can have too many scans!

    SaSaSi - Great news you get to cancel your appointment!

  • Morning ladies!

    Fig - Aww time to graduate! Exciting! Hope you had fun shopping and sussing out the baby bargains.

    Ixia - Best wishes for 2nd tri!

    Jen -Huge congrats on your BFP!

    Jonesy - Good to "see" you! How far along are you? Must be lovely having seen your baby already.

    Ceejay - Hope you managed to get some bargains and enjoed a night in your own bed :-)

    Ps - Sure your MIL and parents are made up at your news!

    CA - Glad you're still feeling well, hope your sleep is back to normal soon .

    SaSaSi - So thrilled you're here!  Yay to cancelling your appointment too!

    Ducky - It sure is good to have had so many bfps this week...1st tri ould've been really quiet otherwise  ;-) Sorry you're suffering insomnia. Great news about the early scans too... Be fab finding out how many you have :-)

    AFM - Busy day yesterday finishing off the decorating in our spare room...though now we're expecting again we're looking to move somewhere bigger, hopefully before baby arrives.Other than decorating just been playing with O and all his new toys...it's crazy how much people have spoilt x him!

  • morning everyone,

    SaSaSi - Its so lovely to see you here Mrs.  Yay for 2-3 on the CBD.  I hate that they don't last that long on the display!!!!Thats good news  you had to cancel your fertility appointment!!!!

    Fig - just as well you've started looking at the baby stuff now - plenty of time to get your head round it and learn what all these things are.  I'll need to start soon too I think!!!  As long as you had fun thats the main thing.

    Ducky - it still makes me smile every time I see you here.  Sorry you're suffering some pregnancy insomnia.  I'm suffering too and its not fun.   Hope you get a scan soon and see how many you've got on board!!!!!

    Coco - Glad you've got the decorating done.  Hope you are chilling out now.

    AFM - After my lack of sleep on Friday night, a 7 and a half mile run yesterday morning and cooking a big dinner for me and OH I was absolutely exhausted last night.  Went to bed at 9pm to watch a movie and crashed out.  The good news is that I slept all the way through to 7am (minus a few trips to the toilet).  I'm really glad.  We've invited my parents over for dinner today so I need to do some housework.  Thats about it.  Both me and OH are off this week so we really need to make some plans of nice things to do instead of wasting our holiday.

    Hi to all that follow


  • Morning ladies!  Sorry for my absence, had a nightmare journey home which took 12 hours and didn't get home until 5am yesterday! Zzzzzz!

    Fig- 2nd tri! Yayyyyyy! How bloody exciting, lovely lady!

    Ixia- you too!

    Jenjen- congrats- get stuck in.

    Jonesy- glad you're now able to relax, early scans are a must in the first tri- IMO.

    CJ- did you go shopping yesterday? What did you buy?

    CA- I'm glad last nights sleep was better. Makes a huge difference. Nearly 2nd tri too! Yayyyy!

    Sasasi- yay for CBD! It's do lovely seeing the words.

    Coco- did you get any decorating done? I am terrible at decorating!

    Ducky- the insomnia is the worst. I have it too. It comes in patches for me and generally I'm awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. Not helpful when I've to be at work the next day. I've not found a solution yet, but I'm tempted to diwnload some apps.

    Phew- that was a biggie! I hope I didn't miss anyone?

    I'm headed out in a bit to get a new tv. Ours is on the way out so we're going to use some Christmas money to get a new one. Baby wise morning to report. I think I'm going to book a scan for in about 10 days. I can't wait 6 weeks between the nuchal and my next scan.

  • PS- I can't believe I missed you, sorry honey! Yay for the CBD and for hubs being so excited! :)

  • Ceejay - Thank you!

    CA - 7 miles? :O Crazy lady! Glad to hear you slept better after doing it though :)

    SaSaSi - I'm another who now needs to cancel her fertility appointment. I'm supposed to be going to it on 10th Jan!!

    Fig - Haha. A sack baby does sound adorable but I'm sure you'll of made some decisions on what to buy before it comes to that ;)

    Jonesy - Thank you for the tip. I'm not sure what the GP's will want to do re:scan - I'm assuming I'll get an early one because I was on cusp of fertility treatment, i've ongoing bladder/bowel issues and my cycles are 'abnormal' but I might have to book a private one if the NHS say no.

    Ducky - Hello conception/test twin. 6+6 is so exciting... that's less than 3 weeks away now :D

    Coco - Hope today is more relaxing for you :)

    Imp - Good luck finding a TV! Any idea what sort/size you are going for?

    AFM - I am 4 weeks today! That makes me an entire 1/9th of the way through. Telling our parents went well yesterday. H's parents rang from Dubai squealing down the phone and crying 'tears of joy' as they put it. My parents also cried and wanted to mass hug me but I managed to avoid it and poor H got smothered instead haha!!

  • Just wanted to say a huge congrats to all the Christmas BFPs... how lovely!

  • Morning ladies

    CA -  wow so impressed with your 7 mile run.  Just the thought of it makes me feel a bit heavy

    Imp - hope you book your scan and get youyr TV today

    PS - it's so lovely telling the parents. Amazing feeling

    Hey Saisi

    Ducky - poor you sounds like you wll need an afternoon nap!

    Coco - glad O has been spoilt and the house search goes ok

    Fig - I'm with you -totally overwhelming.  Went shopping yesterday and had a look at the baby dept. in a few department stores.  So overwhelming - how do you know where to start?  How to you even begin to choose stuff? there's so much stuff|!

    Also realised we will need a different car - we have a tiny ford KA - we can't have a kid with that, can we?

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