**Weekend 1st Tri**

Hi Ladies,

I decided to be brave and start today's thread :)

Nothing to really report from me. I had a funny turn last night but feeling much better today. My early scan is 2 weeks today! Eeeek!!! No real plans for today, just taking it easy.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x



  • Very brave Fig! :)

    I'm glad you're feeling better after last night, it sounded scary for you and hubs. Plenty of R&R for you today.

    AFM- I'm so glad it's the weekend! I managed up sleep in until 8.30 today, that's the latest I've slept in for weeks and I'm do grateful of it. No really plans today, chippy tea planned for tonight and I can't wait already!!

  • I know, I hope I don't jinx anything now!

    Still incredibly jealous of your chippy tea!! Ohhhh I love chip butties slathered in salt and vinegar!

  • Chips and gravy!  Mmmmmmm!

  • Imp chips and gravy!! I forgot you was northern!!!! Chips need salt and vinegar and that's it!!!!!

    Fig hope your feeling better today!

    im off to meet the hitchers but realised I look 10 months pregnant today!! It's shocking

  • Morning everyone!

    Slept from 11pm through to 8.30am, definitely much needed!

    Having a bit of a onesie day, watching films. Feel a bit bad as hubby is downstairs doing building work but I really can't help anyway! Going to make the most of relaxing whilst I can!

    Tiredness and nausea are still here, sore boobs seem to be getting better though!

  • Mon you don't know what you're missing. You'd be horrified to hear I also have mushy peas, chips peas and gravy!!! Enjoy the meet today, will look forward to hearing about it.

    Vix enjoy the relaxing day, it sounds lovely.

    I've actually dragged myself into town for the Christmas markets. It's not too busy as we're in early so it's ok, gonna grab some yummy looking food in a bit.

  • Wow, all this talk of chips and gravy has me craving poutine, but I haven't had any since the wedding :(

    Fig, I must have missed something from yesterday, but I'm glad your feeling up today.

    Imp, Christmas markets are one of my favourite things ever, but they do sound tiring to me at the minute.  

    Vix, I'm jealous of your onesie day!

    AFM, I bought our niece a birthday present for her 3rd birthday, a tinkerbell costume for her build a bear and a little book.  Also posted some Christmas presents, because I'm totally on the ball this year.  And this afternoon we are headed to the in laws for a Chinese, and all Ants aunts and uncles will be there, too.  I expect they all now know our news and I'm not sure why, but I'm not looking forward to extra attention.  I'm working tomorrow for the first time in over a month, at the British museum, and I'm actually looking forward to it!  

    Hello to everyone who follows, I'll try to get back on later this afternoon!

  • Is poutine chips cheese and gravy? It's a Manx speciality too which is where I'm from. I love if when I go home.

  • It is indeed, imp!  We had it at our wedding in an homage to Canada :)  it must be a northerner thing, whether nor American Northern or British Northern ;)

  • Hi ladies.  Seen as chips are being mentioned I like chips & cheese or chips & curry sauce.  Actually I could go chips & curry sauce for dinner hmmmmmmm

    Fig - hope you are taking good care of yourself.  Two weeks will fly by, can't believe its come round so quickly already!!

    Imp - yay for lots of sleep and chippy's!!!!!  Hope you enjoy it.  Also hope you had fun at the Xmas market.

    Monnie - I hope you have a lovely time today.  Give everyone a big hug from me xx

    Vix - onesie day with films sounds awesome!!!  Hope you've enjoyed it.

    Wispa - sounds like you've having a busy weekend!!!!  Hope you get some rest in amongst all that!!

    AFM - 6+6 today, can't believe I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow.  Feeling quite tired today but I did go for a 6 mile run so that might be something to do with it.  My back is better now but still not 100% but at least its on the mend.  I went to an Xmas Fair today with my mum and sister.  It was really good but really busy.  I got a couple of Xmas pressies too so I'm quite pleased that I'm on the road to getting organised early this year.  I'm not really feeling just as sick today.  Felt the same yesterday as well although by dinner time last night I felt ill again.  Not sure if this is good or not, feeling less sick?!  Makes me worry!!!!!

  • Figaro -  Hope you are feeling better now. Not long till your scan at all!

    Imp - You've started off a chip fest here! I'm a battered sausage, chips and curry sauce girl. Had one the other night!

    Monnie - Hope you've had fun!

    Vix - Film day sounds fab!

    Wispa - Will they know the news from your parents? Never know, they might not know, people might have thought you'd like to tell them yourself?

    Candy - Yay for being 7 weeks tomorrow! I think its normal for symptoms to come and go so don't worry. I've not had any nausea for the past 2 days.

    AFM - Booked scan yesterday, 8th December when I'll be 8+1 or 8+2. I've been really emotional in the last 24 hours. I don't know if its hormones or general worry thats causing it? Yesterday it was over a work issue (being asked to do something I'm not comfortable in doing). Today its because I thought H was being moody with me because I expressed a concern about him saying he would still book flights etc for a friends wedding overseas thats the weekend after my due date, just incase the baby had been born and he was able to go. I don't even know why I raised it as I'm still taking the pregnancy each day as it comes, but I can't seem to shake the thought of us having a newborn baby and then H leaving me for 2-3 nights to go overseas. Anyway, this ended up with me crying and H clearly thinking I was bonkers because he hadn't even said or done anything, his comment about the flight was made over a week ago now!

    ETA - H went out and come back with chocolate to cheer me up, what did I do? Started crying again! I am bonkers!

  • Morning all.

    I'm on my phone so struggling with personals I'm afraid, I have a memory like a goldfish, I'm so sorry!

    Lovely scan pics from Friday Wispa, I'm glad everything went well.

    I managed to stay up until 9.45 before heading to bed last night, that's the latest it's been in weeks! J slept through completely and didn't wake up till 7.20 so I'm feeling like I've been given a massive Sunday treat. Scan tomorrow morning, eek!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their chips last night, and are having a fun weekend.

  • Morning folks!

    SG, we'll all be waiting to see your scan pic tomo. Good luck!

    Pep- I wouldn't think booking flights 2-3 weeks after your Edd is a good idea. Can your H not wait 8 weeks and then see how things are going?

    Ca- hope you're ok today? Sickness definitely comes and goes so try not to worry- easier said than done I know.

    Well I loved my chips last night, they were yummers!

    Candy apple has managed to make me NEED a bacon bagel though now, she told me that she had one yesterday and ever since I've been craving one. Going to get H out of bed soon so he can go to the shop and buy some!

  • Imp - Its the weekend after EDD! It's for a friends wedding overseas, we were both meant to be going. I think I'll wait till early scan then try to discuss it properly with H.

  • Morning ladies!

    On the phone so can't do personal but did see a link talk about chips! Not long woke up after 12 glorious hours of sleep :) I'm 12 weeks today and it's scan day tomorrow so I'm pretty excited! Spikey what time is yours? Mines at 11:30!

    Hi to everyone else :)
  • I think that's a good idea pep, I wouldn't be booing the flights yet in your shoes. You have to hope everything will be ok, so booking flights would be a big waste of money.

  • Vt I will be thinking of you tomo, can't wait to see your picture!

  • Morning all

    Pep - I'd be totally put out by that and pretty upset at OH too. Hope you get a chance to sit down and talk about it properly.

    Imp - hope you enjoyed your bacon bagel. I had another one this morning. Awesome!!!

    Spikey - hey lovely. Hope you're ok. Exciting for scan tomorrow!!!!

    VT - excited for your scan tomorrow too. Can't wait for yours and Spikeys pics.

    AFM - sickness is still AWOL but seems to have been replaced with extreme hunger today?!?  Boobs were sore but that seems to have lessened as well.  really not sure if I should be worried. After the mmc, the loss of any symptoms set me into panic mode. However, I WAS woken during the night with fairly strong cramps which must have lasted about half an hour. Not as bad as last Friday nights but still fairly strong and scary. I'm grasping hold of this as a good thing. Here's hoping!!!  Scan 1 week tomorrow this is going to be a looooooooong week!!!!

  • Imp - I think H is thinking he will go even if baby is here!

    Candy - Yes, hopefully we will have to have the chat about it! No point till we know everything is OK though.

  • Afternoon all.

    Pep, I'd be pissed off to the max if H decided to go off overseas for a wedding a week after I had a baby. It's completely unreasonable and you can tell him I said so! For what it's worth a week after my due date I had a 1 day old baby, and a week after that I was back in hospital with a baby that had lost too much weight and needed medical assistance. H would have had a serious clip round the ear if he'd thought he was going abroad!

    VT, yay for scan day tomorrow! Mine's at 9.05, assuming they're running even vaguely on time. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

    IMp, did you get your bacon bagel? I had a bacon muffin at soft- play yesterday and it was delish. I do not miss being veggie!

    CA, glad you're not feeling too sick, hunger is a better symptom to have definitely. Hopefully the cramps are a good sign of things growing and stretching. I'm still getting cramps from time to time, so I think it's very normal. I hope this week flies for you, can you fill it with lots of exciting stuff? Also, I'm very jealous of your 6 mile run yesterday. I used to run before I had J, but my back died during pregnancy, and for months afterwards, and my physio banned me from running as it was too high impact. I doubt I'd be able to run half a mile now, and when I do get back into it (which I will one day) it's going to be such hard work.

    I've had a fairly quiet day today, mostly chilling with/running round after the toddler. H is trying to persuade him to have a nap at the moment, so I'm grabbing a 5 minute sit down before I'd better get up and do something productive. I'm cooking a nice roast for dinner later and am all excited about roast potatoes and parsnips as I've not had any for ages, should be yummy. Plus the parsnips are from the garden, so double points for domesticity.

    Hope everyone's having a nice chilled Sunday. X

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