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**Weekend 2nd Tri**

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Morning everyone, hope you are all feeling ok. I've been very productive this morning already, upstairs is tidy and hoovered and about to start downstairs. Not sure how the house manages to get so untidy!

Apart from boring housework I'm planning to walk the dog in between showers and seeing my friends new house this afternoon. Hopefully fireworks tonight but weather does not look good at all at the moment. Oh well, could just be x factor and chilling out tonight instead :)

Baby wise nothing much to report, still active and kicking which is good.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday. 


  • Morning

    Mrs V - Sounds like you have had a very productive day.. I am about to start cleaning too... Think I am nesting haha! feel like giving the front room a good scrubbing!

    Hope the weather holds off for the fire works

    AFM - not much to report I brought a cheapie pregnancy pillow 2 days ago and omg it's amazing I love it... I sleep so well with it! - I apparently slapped my Hubby in the face with it this morning haha! OPPS!

    Hello to all that follows!

  • Mrs V - get you! Wow. Impressive, well done. Love new houses, especially when friends are all happy and moved in :)

    CC - hilarious, using innocent pregnancy items to beat your husband up with! Evil lady... :)

    Slept well last night, that's 2 nights running, yay. Hubby came home from nightshift so we ate breakfast in bed (supper for him?) and chatted and he nearly made me laugh so hard I thought I would wet myself (this is starting to be a worry for me!!)

    I'm at work, bumped in to boss and I look a wreck fresh from a blustery dog walk ha ha. Later will wake hubby and we'll take crazy nephew to works bonfire night and fireworks. They're putting on a chuckwagon so that's what I'm looking forward to most ha ha ha, burgers, fries, hot dogs and diet coke. Guzzle guzzle. Back on the diet tomorrow, for sure :D

    Hello to everyone, hope you're having a fab weekend.

  • Haha Yes I am mean! I did it in my sleep I promise haha!

    Counter- Your diet's going well then haha! ;) hehe

  • TOMORROW!!!!!

    No seriously. I am being good. I'll report back. I'll take it easy :)

  • Hahaha! This made me laugh!

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