**weekend 3rd Tri**

Happy Weekend everyone!
I hope missdeedee and little Owen are getting on ok!
Baby bass has been very active the last couple of days, especially at 5 this morning! Movements seem to not only seem to be getting more frequent but also harder, a couple have made me gasp, which then worries H!
He had a gig last night & got home a little tipsy. He apologised & said that he figured I was feeling ok and there were no obvious signs of anything happenning so he thought it would be ok! I'd no idea he hadn&


  • hadn't been drinking all week just incase he has to drive to the hospital!! Glad one of us is prepared!

    No plans yet, will wait until, H is awake to see what he wants to do!
  • Hi MrsB, very quiet here this morning! Glad your H is thinking sensibly about impending birth, LOL. I'm just baking some millionaires shortbread whilst H and LO have walked into town to go to our local market. I plan to make w bstch if shepherds pies when he returns - determined to have v.well stocked freezer!!
  • Morning ladies,

    Lovely news to wake up about MDD and baby Owen.

    Mrs B - That's sweet that your H is so prepared. Have a lovely day whatever you end up doing.

    Horsefan - enjoy baking today.

    Afm - had the mother of all lie ins this morning which was great! Going to head into town to look around the shops and put the Xmas tree up today. Can't believe how close Christmas is now! Just think they'll definitely be a few more BAs before Xmas!

  • Oh gosh, its a watermelon!!!

    HF-you are so organised, I had every intention of doing some batch cooking but just haven't gotten around to it!

    LD- H said we can put the tree up tomorrow, im so excited!

    He is thinking about everything, he is very concerned about using the electric blanket incase my waters break!

    Im still im my pjs, once im dressed im hoing to put a load of washing on and sort out the spare room ready for my mum!

  • Morning everyone! I've been a bit awol, it's hard to get on during the week but I am lurking/stalking! Such lovely news about MDD and baby Owen, what a cutie he is!

    Mrs B that is so sweet about your H, bless him!

    HF- Shepherds pie and shortbread... mmm making me hungry!! You're so organised, good planning though!

    LD- Glad you had such a nice lie in, sounds blissful! Enjoy your shopping and the Christmas tree :)

    AFM had a very busy week, my maternity cover has started so been busy training her, then we had 2 NCT classes this week, both of which were useful. Not sure what we're doing today, H is meant to be doing DIY but has just lost his temper and said he's going to pay someone to do it (Men!!!) So we might do the Christmas tree instead if he can work up some Christmas cheer!!

  • Afternoon everyone

    Mrs Bass - glad your h is being sensible! Baby must be happy in there :)

    HF thats definitely a good plan. im going to start doing the same in the new year.

    LD glad you had a good lie in, enjoy while you can!

    AFM been out for breakfast and just completely emptied my wardrobe as the new one is arriving today. id almost forgotten id ordered it as it took 2 months to arrive! H is busy painting the dining room so trying to keep out of his way!! Baby wise lots of kicks which is nice. still cant believe ive only got about 12 weeks to go.

  • Rose - that sounds a bit like my H at the min! Hope he comes round and is less grumpy after the christmas tree decorating!

  • Bless them, makes it fun doesn't it Mrs V?!? I've resigned myself to getting a handyman in now! We've bought the tree but I'm crashing out now so think we'll leave the decorating until tomorrow.

  • Rose-i hope the christmas cheer cheers up ur H!

    Mrs V- it feels a little bit as if baby is banging on the wall in a "let me out of here" way!

    H has cleaned the bathrooms and ive sorted the spare room. Also finally ordered a Moby Sling so got a few things ticked off! H is out tonight so in going to make myself spag bol & make a massive pot of it so i can freeze some portions.

    So knackered, think i'll be having an early night!
  • Hi everyone

    Mrs Bass I'm getting those kicks too, it's like he's trying to kick his way out and make me catch my breath.  Bless your H for not drinking. Hope you had a good day today.

    HF - mmmm millionaires shortbread... can you send some my way? :-)

    LD I'm very jealous of your lie-in. Have fun doing your xmas tree.

    Rose I hope your H managed to get his Christmas cheer back!

    Yay for lots of baby kicks Mrs V

    Had a bit of a fun day on Thursday, went to see the midwife and she had a feel of baby and declared that he was breech and started talking about me having a cesarean, all of which was a bit of a shock to me, so I burst into tears! Then she told me to go straight to the hospital for a scan, which I did. The midwife there had a feel and said that we has head down, and a scan confirmed it - and he's actually 4/5ths engaged, so he's definitely down! So I cried again (with relief this time). Seriously - you shouldn't stress out a 37 week pregnant lady like that!

  • oh Penny, I'm not surprised u burst into tears! So glad that baby is behaving!!

    Getting some painful kicks, think they are head butting my bladder. Im debating going across the road for chocolate. Im in my joggers with no make up on but i really want some!!
  • Penny - Permission to slap your community midwife granted!!

    Just realised - Gemini hasnt been on today - wonder if anything is happening for her :-)

  • oh no, or Chimp! Haven't heard from weeme for a while either!
  • Ohhh hoping some BA's might be coming up!

  • Mrs Bass did you go over the road for chocolate, I hope you did?

    Would be lovely to see some more BA's soon! I wonder who will be next?!  

  • Penny

    Would be lovely to see some more BA's soon! I wonder who will be next?!  

    Me I hope! Am I the furthest along on here? I am not sure actually.

    Thankyou Mrs Bass, Penny alerted me to you asking after me. I am still here. Was looking promising, lots of very sore contraction pains last night but stopped this morning. Have had a dodgy tummy today so hoping that is another sign. I text my mw to say that all had stopped and induction was looking inevitable, she told me off lol, he text said 'now now! no negatives!' :o)

    OH is on his works night out, he went out in a tux looking handsome, gutted I couldn't go but I would have felt absolutely awful I think! 

    C.. 41+2, term+9, bloody late!  (whichever you want!) ;)

  • Yeah I did, looked like a tramp but dont care! Also got some popcorn too! :-) there was another pregnant lady in there stocking up on chocolate too!

    I wonder if we have any more queue jumpers!


    28th - Chimpanzee - PP Dumblespud

    29th - weeme - PP TBC


    10th - Gemini - PP Tweetiepie

    14th - Mrs Bass - PP Saisi

    16th - Sange!

  • Hi Chimp!!

    Maybe Baby knows your OH is out tonight so is waiting until he is home!!!

    lots of vibes for you!!!

  • We're definitely going to have a few BAs before Christmas!!

  • Rose - we bloody best have a few announcements before Christmas! Mine included!
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