**weekend 3rd tri**

Morning! How are we all? We've been quieter the last few days. Slept ok although some very odd dreams. Baby did done very odd movements last night and it then felt like he was lying across me, bump was weird and high and I could feel kicks or hands right round in my side above my hips. Hopefully he'll drop back into position, if not I'm not sure if I should check with someone as when I googled transverse lie in late pregnancy last night some scary stuff came up!! Not much planned this weekend


  • We've been very quiet haven't we AR?!

    Regarding position, when do you next see someone? Whenever anyone talks to me about position they're keen to stress that it means much less in second pregnancy due to how much they might chance position and how much easier it is for baby to switch/turn once labour starts. I've got to try and shift mine from back to back but with heartburn every minute of every hour, getting on my hands and knees is the last thing I fancy :)

    Went for a meal last night, nice enough but at 8.15 I hit my wall and begged to go home! Baby is quieter these days than a week or two ago, and quieter still last 12 hours, but I'm keeping an eye on it. Looking forward to last busy weekend, loads to do but then that's it and next week the colleague who really does make my work life difficult and at times upsets me, well he's off next week so it's going to be fab. We've 3 evenings of socialising at home too. :)

  • I saw the mw yesterday morning and he was head down but it was yesterday evening he moved. I know they move a lot more with second ones and engagement doesn't mean much etc. transverse is more of a problem though and nhs guidelines are to admit you at 37 weeks until delivery by c section because the danger to baby is do large if you go into labour with them like that. Hopefully he'll feel back to normal today! You sound more relaxed today counter :-). And your week ahead sounds nice too :-)
  • Just to scare us all...


    28th - Grif

    TBC - Section4


    2nd - Flossy

    8th - Counter

    11th - AutumnRose

    12th - Bertie

  • I'm not scared. I just don't want to wait that long! Whine moan whine moan ha ha!! Operation Eviction starts next Friday for me. I've a nice week planned so after that it's all systems go! (And I bet I still go over by 2 weeks ha ha)

    Happy mat leave Flossy! x

  • Happy weekend ladies!

    AR - transverse is scary when you google, hopefully your little fidget will roll back. If he managed to get there then hopefully he still has the space to move back! My odd dreams from first tri seem to have made a reappearance, I think it's having so much on my mind.

    Counter - hopefully next week at work will be nicer without your colleague there! Are you still going to be going into the office right up to your due date or will your work from home some more? Hope you get everything ticked off your list!

    AFM - work is done and dusted :) had a lovely lunch with my team yesterday and they really spoilt me and the baby. They did a big basket of all sorts of things for her. It was so surreal to be leaving everyone, I don't think it'll hit me for a week or so!  Woken up this morning feeling rubbish so I think I've run myself down a bit, completely self inflicted I know. Luckily the main plan this weekend is to clear out our bedroom before the decorators come and there's not really much I can do to help with that!

    Baby wise she's been very wriggly to the point of being painful the last couple of evenings and I've been getting lots of pains in my back which makes me think she's still back to back. This week I'm going to be trying all the tricks to get her to move!

    I'm putting money on most of the April babies being reversed. I think it'll be AR early, Counter sometime very late March/early April, then me last!

  • Flossy yay to finishing work!! You must he soooooooo pleased!! I'm the same with dreams although I blame Jonathan creek for last night weirdness!!! Get your feet up properly now :-)

    I'm the same as counter, totally ready to go from next week. Next Friday will commence operation eviction with spicy food and getting H involved!

    I'm still in bed, best get up I suppose!!
  • I'm in bed too AR. But I'm planning so it doesn't count as a lay-in, officially. My mind is active...

  • We've cleared up a room (it had clothes and tools and bits etc), sorted some bedding, popped to the town for pegs and cards and things. 2.5 hours later and I am ready to go to bed!!! Unbelievable. Actually ready to sleep. This weekend's to-do list is currently on 18 items, but I think I just *must* toddle off to bed. Even driving I was thinking how lovely it would be to shut my eyes... And I've still 3 weeks of work left. Could be quite funny by the end!

  • Oh wow, it really is getting quite real for you ladies!  I'll admit it was a little scary that my first two days in 3rd tri there were consecutive birth announcements.  

    AR, if baby doesn't move I'm sure it will be fine, even if you do have to have a section.  

    Counter, operation eviction sounds like something I will do.  I'll admit to already planning to use a double electric breast pump to hopefully stimulate labour, as apparently that's a thing!  And with more science behind it than things like curry and special tea.  I hope you don't go over!

    Flossy, yay for work being done with, I'm glad you got spoilt by colleagues.  Definitely put your feet up and relax for a few days now.

    AFM, more Wispa problems, as apparently she howled for a couple hours last night when we went out for dinner.  Guess she isn't used to the new house.  She has always had a bit of separation anxiety, but neighbours called the police because they were worried that I had collapsed inside and Wispa was trying to call for help!!  So we are going to be tackling this head on before baby comes.  Re-training her to tolerate being alone.  No baby news, not really anyways.  I'm getting out of breathe a lot, and aches at the bottom of my bump and around my tailbone when out walking Wispa, though.  I assume it's all normal 3rd tri stuff starting up.

  • Hey Ladies..

    Autumnrose babies do move a lot just before Harris was born the new midwife came in and asked to feel my bump has she was convinced he had flipped back to back..

    Counter sounds like you got a busy week...hopefully you will not be too long until.baby here x

    Flossy bet your glad your finished work now. Its weird leaving work..i was actualy quite upset as i still had another week yet to work x

    Wispa aww your dog what a shame..nice neighbours though x x

    Afm baby cuddles lol. Leon met
  • Harris today he was funny at first but then smiley and gave him kisses. My mum had him a present to give baby and he got one back. Tired and still a bit sore will try do my birth story later in week x x
  • Counter did you have a nice nap? Youre slowly getting better through your list!!

    Monniei hope you can get doggy sorted, sounds like a good an to wprk on itnow.

    Abc im glad L is liking harris :-) before long he wont remember him not being around and itll all seem normal to him.

    ive spent the last few hours having really tight tightenings and back cramps/spasms. Awful heartburn,  headaches and generally really lightheaded.  My bump is rock hard. Hopefully itll all settle down soon :-/

  • Wispa - poor dawg!!! Lily has been way worse with sep. anxiety last week or so. I wonder what they sense. Hope he feels better soon. And - in my experience - those nasty rotten symptoms are 3rd tri typical :(

    ABC - so cute, L meeting H. Big deal for him. Exciting. Looking forward to birth story, but rest plenty first :)

    AR - that list was for Sat & Sun, it's not *The* List. I've decided to create a secondary list and relegate gentle non-house specific stuff to it. Things I wanted done like wedding album, write to rellies in Oz, baby quilt, blah blah blah. Then we have a chance of calling ourselves 'done' this week and our Wednesday off together will be the first actual day off in ages and ages and I don't care if I don't even get out of bed ha ha!

    Sorry you're feeling $hitty. I am on Team Crap too. It's HORRIBLE!!!! I don't even care about moaning any more lol. Really hope it passes for you, at least overnight so you can sleep!

    In other news, I just set up and did some sewing with my New Years Day purchase of a Singer machine. I've never done anything like that before. Just practice sewing mind, but I'm about to tackle the under-cover for the porch bench foam. My eyes are propped with matchsticks but since I slept 3 hours already today I figure it won't hurt to go on a bit more :)

  • Morning! Counter did you get much done on the sewing machine last night?? I'm always impressed by people that make stuff, I'm just not made for that sort of thing!!!

    My tightenings and back pain eased off overnight. Slept ok. H and p are off out on a steam train ride with FIL this morning so in going to put my feet up in the sunshine I think. Once I get up!!
  • Oh and in other news I was thoroughly pissed off to get a letter from work yesterday saying my request to drop from 3 to 2 days (which was verbally agreed in January!) has been declined. Leaves me with a big childcare issue and means I'll be working just to pay for them to be in childcare on that 3rd day. Not happy at all :-(
  • AR - I am embarrassed to say that, with feeling rough, and unpacking, setting up and wrestling with the sewing machine for the first time, it took me FIVE HOURS to do the base cover. 5 hours. Gawd. But.... It actually looks pretty good and I think going at it again with my proper fabric won't take long at all now I know how to use the machine and the design to work on :)  and hubby bought me a McDonalds home when he got in at 1.30am and it's one of the few foods that doesn't give me heartburn, so I was rewarded for my efforts! Sadly he's having major problems at work, being treated really badly over wanting to take off time with Baxter so we sat talking that over (I feel so sorry for him!) and I didn't get to sleep until 3.30!

    Have you got stunning weather there AR? It's gorgeous here. Glad they're all off out. Be great to have some downtime and P will have a ball!

  • Oh bum. Just seen your added post. What a pain. How does it work? Do they need to give grounds? Can you appeal? Is there any compromise possible? :(

  • Gosh thsts a late night.  Hope today is a lazy one for you. Boo tp your H's work being awkward.  Nothing is ever simple is it?!

    I can appeal but there isnt really  any point they do have to justify it but theyve said they cant cover the teaching hours if I drop down.  I cant argue with that. Im quite upset at the way they did it. Given it was already agreed verbally youd think a phone call from t week to say 'sorry I know we said yes but xyz means its not possible', just a very formal letter out of the blue. Got to look for other childcare options now.

  • It's lovely weather here too!

    Woken up feeling crappy with a sore throat and a really achy back. I feel like I've suddenly reached a wall and am now feeling 'properly' pregnant. I don't think I like it much so this little one has a week or so before I up my game to get her out! Need to clear out our bedroom today for the decorators tomorrow and meeting some friends for lunch this afternoon. I just know I'll end up overdoing it again!

    AR - that's rubbish about work, and like you say pretty rude to not even call you. Will you still go back for the three days do you think?

    Counter - well done on making the seat cover! I'm terrible at things like that...sewing on a button is about my limit!

    ABC - glad your boys seem to be making friends! Harris is gorgeous!

    Wispa - I'm sure Wispa is just a bit unsettled for the move. Luckily you still have some time before the baby arrives so hopefully you can calm him down!

  • Let you H do the moving of bedroom thing, just suoervise. Try and relax over lunch.  

    Ill have to go back 3 days. We cant afford for me not to go back at all :-(

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