*^* Thurs 2nd tri *^*

Hello everyone!

So it turns out 3rd tri starts at week 28 so you are stuck with me for another week!  Laugh

All good here. Water infection seems to have gone. Just have to get wee test result from GP today to make sure nothing else came up. Tried pregnancy yoga last night and really enjoyed it even with limited movement with SPD. Work was horrible this week and far too busy hence my lack of posts. How dare work get in the way of MDing ROTFL

Off to reflexology once G is at pre school. Awful weather here -its like a monsoon so not sure i will be going anywhere else today!

Hope you are all ok. Will check back again soon!



  • Morning!

    Good to have you back!  Glad you are feeling better.  Enjoy the reflexology!

    AFM - had a lovely evening out with friends last night.  My friend is a week behind me, and I have bump envy.  Its her second so she already looks properly pregnant, I still just look fat!  And I'm sooooo tired, lots of early mornings and late nights this week so far, cant wait for a lie in on Saturday.

    Will try and get back later. x

  • Morning ladies.

    Mm- glad you're feeling better and enjoyed yoga.

    Pc- don't worry, it'll pop soon enough. Are you quite petite? Somehow the slimmer you are the later it shows! Doesn't make sense though!

    Afm- left home at 6 to get to first call other side of Ipswich, just stopped off for wee and cake! Bump was a but achey underneath last night which is making me paranoid. Baby was very active all evening, whole belly was moving!

    Have a good one


  • WH - no, not petite!  About a 12/14 when I got pregnant.  Hey ho I'm sure it'll come soon!  Did you ask yesterday where I got my jeans from?  They were cotton type ones from Dotty P's.  They were in the sale, after that they arent having maternity in store. Although I looked on like and they only had a top and two pairs of jeans anyway!!

  • Morning all....

    Havent been about much the last couple of days..its been hectic.....

    Maisie..glad infection has eased...i wish they did pregnancy yoga near me....

    PC...your bump will soon pop out i promise!

    WH....whereabouts are you from?  Im 20 miles from ipswich...hope the paranoia is just that....

    AFM...like i said been hectic...had my 3rd time at the scan Monday and all was well.... had some bad news tuesday..a good friend died of a heart attack...we are all in shock....yesterday i was at hospital for my GTT tests....so its been eventful...to be honest im glad to be at work today to focus on normal stuff.....

    Will try and get back later but it looks like a busy one... x

  • morning ladies,

    mm..glad yoga was good, seems very popular at the moment! We have similar weather, dreading the school run!

    Pork chop...Glad you enjoyed your night out, dont worry you'll have a bump soon enough! I'm tired too but it's nearly the weekend!!!

    WH..that's an early start, could barely drag myself from my bed before 7 this morning! Hope the aches have stopped and are just normal pregnancy aches, I've been getting cramp and stitch like pains on and off but think we're having a bit of a growth spurt at the moment! Love those big belly moving movements, make it feel real that there really is an actual baby turning around!

    AFM...still half asleep and about to leave for the school run! Been feeling a stinging pain in my c section scar  which is bothering me slightly, sure it's nothing but will always worry! Hoping to do our kitchen floor this weekend so I need to research floor tiles and find some I like as I know H will just stroll into the tile shop and grab any which chances are I won't like!! Will pop back later! :-)

  • Hi Ladies,

    I didn't manage to get back on yesterday but caught up with you all on my phone!

    MM - Welcome back Laugh Glad your WI is clearing up.

    PC - Sounds like a lovely eve with your friend, it's great that you are having babies so close together! One of my best friends is due her first 4 weeks before me and it's such lovely timing, looking forward to lots of mat leave dates!

    WH - Owch at your early start! Glad you have stopped off for some cake, definitely needed. Hope bump pain is just one of those things, but understand anything like that making you feel a bit anxious x

    Bexy - So sorry to hear about your friend, what an awful shock. Make sure you take care of yourself and try and get some rest over the weekend x

    Libby - Hope your scar stops hurting, that doesn't sound nice.

    AFM - Have also been having lots of big belly movements, it's lovely! Especially in bed, I would absolutely love to see what's going on in there, and love that kicks are getting stronger - baby is obviously putting on the weight, just like its Mother!!

    Have a good day everyone,

    Lamby 24+4 x

  • Morning ladies

    Hope it’s okay to join you over on 2nd tri today. Had my dating scan on Tuesday which put me forward a few days so definitely here now! Exciting!! Still waiting for nuchal results though which I feel quite anxious about. So it seems to me that 2nd tri is when everything moves on – the difference between 14 and 27 weeks seems quite scary tbh. I still feel very 1st tri as still tired and nauseous in the evenings, and also not much of a bump yet. Oh, and pretty clueless! Really hoping the nausea disappears soon. Anyway, onto personals…

    MaisieMoo, enjoy the reflexology! Is that for your spd? Does it help?

    Porkchop, I’m just looking bloated still myself. We’ll get there in the end and will then be cursing our massive bumps!

    WH, wow up so early! Planned cake stops sound much needed. Hope the ache is just one of those things, is it still there today?

    BB, sorry for the loss of your friend. Glad your scan went well.

    Libby, My H would be the same with the tiles. Always best to get in there first with the research! Hope the pain is nothing to worry about

    Lamby, that’s lovely about feeling movements! I can’t even imagine what it’s going to feel like.

    Have a good day all! x

  • Morning ladies

    MM - I have also really been enjoying yoga and found it to help my back pains so hopefully it will ease your SPD slightly. Glad to hear that your water infection has cleared up. Enjoy your reflexology

    PC - Your bump will pop out all of a sudden when you least expect it! I was shocked at the difference a few days could make! Am also wishing the weekend would hurry up so that I can also have a lie in

    WH - Leaving the house at 6am sounds painful! Love your thinking about the cake stop though! I tend to also have lower bump pains but think that it's where the baby is laid. Hope it's nothing to worry about.

    Bexy - Am so sorry to hear about your friend, what awful news. Take care of yourself

    Libby - Hope that the pain in your scar eases up and that you manage to get the kitchen floor done. No way I would trust my H to go out and buy the tiles!

    Lamby - Lovely news about the big baby movements!

    PW - Welcome to 2nd Tri! Hope that nuchul results are fine and the nausea dissapears soon. I found that by 14 weeks it started to really ease off.

    AFM - Enjoyed another lovely yoga class last night which again left me feeling so relaxed and refreshed. Am so looking forward to the weekend as it seems to have been a very exhausting week and have been so busy at work! H has been lovely and agreed to cook this eve whilst I soak in the bath. Apparently I have been nice pregnanct to him this week rather than naggy and hormonal so he wants to thank me!!

  • I missed you there Bexy...glad scan went well, did you find out the sex or leaving it a surprise? So sorry to hear about your friend,  thats such terrible news after such a happy day for you :-( Hope your ok!

    Lamby...Glad your getting lots of big moves, I still find it amazing too, it never gets boring! I lay in the bath for ages watching my belly move last night!

    PW...welcome! Glad your scan went well! It took me a few weeks into 2nd tri to feel better, I was disappointed that I didn't wake up feeling instantly better but it does happens soon enough!

    Well, I've just had the shock of my life! Dropped the kids to school and popped into boots to buy some baby nappies and wipes and my phone rings, it's J's (hes 9 yrs old ) school asking why he hadn't come into School this morning, I told them I had bought him in myself and he should be there! She said as his class have swimming this morning she won't be able to check with the teacher gill there back but not to worry as he was probably late and missed the register (still should have been marked as late b4 they left for the pool though) or just a mistake! I had to run to the local pool and make sure he was there, never moved so fast and never been so relieved to see him bobbing up and down in the pool! Might be my pregnancy hormones but I was so upset and shaking after as we had a few child abductions in local towns just before Christmas which is why the school is hot on calling if a child doesn't show up for school!  What makes it worse is L (4) is going on her first school outing today, only to the local library but i was still a bit nervous about that too! I'll be glad when today's over!!!

  • Hey all, no personals as shouldn't really be here at all - meant to be working but procrastinating!  

    Libby what a nightmare! Good they're hot on checking but very scary to think your little boy isn't where he should be!

    All good here - 15+0 today and it all seems to start happening now - 16wk appointment with mw next week, consultant the week after, then only another 2/3 weeks till 20wk scan, eek! :)

  • Hi PW. Welcome to 2nd tri!

    Yes reflexology is primarily for my SPD and it really helps me. Its also helped with nausea, stress, heartburn, not sleeping, headaches etc. I love it. In fact i am a bit addicted!

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