*^* Weds 3rd tri *^*

Baby out/in vibes to CK and Weekender respectively. Hope both are doing fine.

I'm tired and rundown but work was okay. After Monday off I went in looking/feeling awful but picked up through day and was so glad I went in. Everything needs to be with auditors before Monday morning and we've got a 15% fee reduction riding on me delivering everything well and on time so I'm feeling some serious pressure but determined not to get in to a cycle of long hours. Spoke to sister, she lost a fair amount of blood and passed out in the loos y/day so feeling crummy but they're being lovely to her and squishy babies are doing well, hope to see them today or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well :)



  • Morning counter. Being awake this early can't help with the tiredness but well done you on being sensible with the long hours. Got to listen to your body. I'm also exhausted. Got parents evening tonight so I'll be at work until gone 9pm. Lovely. Really tired at the moment and very uncomfy. Baby has his feet pushing on my ribs and only way to relieve it is lying flat. I'm definitely more uncomfy earlier this time but that comes with a bigger baby I guess. Baby out vibes ck and hope weekender
  • Is doing well! Stupid phone cut off. Counter hope your sister is ok, is she still in hospital?
  • Yes, they came Monday morning. She'd like to be home Friday as her son is a bit out of sorts with it all!

    Yuck to parents evening! The discomfort... Makes me wonder how there can possibly be 10 weeks to go! :)

  • I know, he's going to run out of space soon surely?! A bigger baby makes a huge difference it seems. P was little and I'm only 5'3 so there is limited room length wise for a baby who looks like he's going to take after his 6'3 daddy!! I hope your sis is out soon. One of my fears is being in hospital too long away from p.
  • Hello

    Counter gah to stressful work. Glad your being sensible about hours x

    Autumnrose boo to parents evenings it makes it a long day x

    Afm also a bit stressed with work too discovered an error yesterday which needs to be addressed asap so thats my job for the forseeable. Feeling much more tired today after my early rises but cant believe its wednesday already. Baby wise all good x
  • Morning ladies,

    i've been up since 3am yippee. Unfo no.signs of anything happening still lol. Phoebe has conjunctivitis poor we soul her eyes are very sore. Seems to be one thing after another!

    Counter - I hope you manage to see the twins soon, what weights were they?

    AR - Oh that is a long day! dont envy you there xx

  • abc - Hope work isnt too bad x

  • Morning ladies, just been rudely awakened by the breakfast round...baby still staying put, want my own bed and to see my girl who has apparently started sleeping beside daddy, poor thing. She brought in four bedtime stories, a magazine and a hairy haggis that she'd made at creche on Monday Laugh so I was kept busy at visiting last night!

    Counter, glad you are feeling better, hope your sis and the twins are well enough to go home soon

    AR, M used to do the feet on ribs thing, so uncomfy! Hope work flies in, that's a long day!

    ABC, hope your work problem is solved quick - not long till weekend x

    CK, only another week max for you! Hope baby appears soon in a nice fast painless labour x

    Hope everyone else is well, can you cross your fingers toes and eyes that I get home today please?? Xx

  • Hey

    Ck hope baby comes soon...your poor lo conjuctivitis is horrid x

    Weekender how rude of the breakfast trolley lol...seriously hope you get home today and that baby stays put x x x
  • Morning ladies!

    Counter, glad you're being sensible about work hours, it's not worth making yourself ill over. Hope your sis feels better soon.

    AR, working til 9 sounds rubbish! I'm rapidly running out of room, this baby feels huge much bigger than J and I'm only 5ft so don't have a lot of room to start with lol

    Abc, hope you can sort work relatively easily. Early starts are rubbish!

    CK, poor P, her eyes look really sore. Hurry up and have that baby ;)
  • Weekender, really glad baby is stayin put. Are they planning to section you at some point then? Hope you get home soon!

    Afm, I'd feel great if J hadn't crawled into bed at 5am and not settled back to sleep so now I'm tired! This baby really is v strong and her movements hurt! Roll on Tuesday and hopefully she'll be along not soon after!
  • Morning Isis - what happens on Tuesday?

    Yes section will be done, 38 wks if not required sooner, ie if there's any excessive bleeding - this one was "significant" but not "excessive" so no risk to mum or baby life - if there's a bleed that does risk either life then it will be emergency section

    Unless of course by some miracle placenta moves up before 36 week scan and bleeding risk will have passed and can deliver naturally but it's extremely unlikely. A girl can dream though!

  • How is it only Wednesday?! I was so sure when I woke up it must be at least Thursday...seems not!

    Counter - hope everything goes smoothly at work. Wil it quieten down once the audit is finish? Hope your sister gets out soon.

    AR - that's a long day. Hope you get a few breaks.

    Abc - hope work is ok.

    CK -  poor P, hope she's ok. Baby out vibes coming your way!

    Weekender - really hope you get home soon. It must be hard leaving M at home but I bet she's having fun with her daddy! Hope little man stays out for a few more weeks.

    Isis - you must be so tired! Fingers crossed your due date comes around soon!

    AFM - looking forward to my week off next week so much! Had a couple of nights of bad sleep and it's left me wondering how I'll cope when the baby is here! Baby-wise not much to report. I'm assuming she's still transverse as I'm not having and of the problems you're all mentioning with being jabbed in the ribs or bladder! Would be nice if she thought about moving soon as she's been in the same position for 11 weeks now!

    Also, how did I hit 31 weeks already?! Eek!

  • Morning all,

    Counter - fingers crossed that all goes the way you want it to at work. That's a lot of pressure! Glad your sister and the babies are being looked after so well.

    AR - Poor you having a parents evening :( Hope it goes in quickly.

    ABC - hope you manage to get things sorted at work.

    CK - baby out vibes to you!! Poor P - that sounds miserable for her :(

    WE - baby in and going home vibes for you!!

    Isis - hopefully it won't be long for you now!

    Flossy - happy 31 weeks!! Hope that baby moves - there are various things you can do to encourage movement I believe.

    AFM - KNACKERED!!! But then who isn't at this stage of pregnancy. Sleep is eluding me and I've been waking at 3am every night since the weekend and then been too awake and uncomfortable to get back to sleep. I still have 2 weeks of work so I hope this improves! bubs had the most enormous hiccups in the early hours of this morning which was sweet/annoying. I have an appointment with the maternity physio tomorrow about my back pain so will hopefully get some stretches that will help!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Tuesday is 37w so baby will be fully cooked and she can come lol

    Weekender I assumed section but wasn't sure if they'd do it early, I'm presuming they don't want you to go into labour naturally. Let's hope baby can cook a bit more.

    Flossy, I promise you it's much easier dealing with lack of sleep and a newborn. You have a purpose to be up, and a gorgeous think to look at, it makes it much easier than just being awake for no good reason.

    Sweetpea, sorry you're tired too x
  • Morning all,

    Counter- Glad your 1st day back went so well. Don't work too many hours you'll just get run down

    AR- Sorry the babies found your ribs so early

    ABC- Sorry you're feeling tired

    CK- Poor P

    WE- I hate being in hospital. Last time I was in they went to show the morning staff a certain patient she opened her eyes so they decided to turn the lights on at 5.30am and then wondered why we were all asleep when breakfast came.

    Isis- Sorry you got woken up so early

    Flossy- I hope she moves for you but there's plenty of time

    SP- So sorry you're struggling to sleep.

    AFM- Babywise I'm just awaiting some test results on my urine, I managed to embarrass myself by throwing up all over the toilet at my MW appt yesterday ooops. I have a 4 hour meeting this afternoon which I'm not looking forward to at all as sitting seems to hurt the left side of my ribs more than anything else.

  • That's what I keep telling myself Isis (and telling H, he seems to be worried even more than I am!). Hopefully she'll be cute enough to distract us from how exhausted we feel!

    SP & BLL - I know that she still has plenty of time, I hope that she's just comfy and deciding that she'll leave it to the last minute (and not lazy like her mummy!). I'm not too bothered at the moment as although my back aches her kicks really aren't hurting or anything because they're all into my stomach so I feel like I'm getting off quite lightly. It'd be nice if she moved herself but I've bookmarked a few pages with various exercises if I need them closer to the time.

  • Morning,

    Counter- Glad all is well with your sister and babies. Hope work is ok for you, it always sounds stressful!

    AR- Long day for you :( hope i goes quickly. Those feet in ribs arent very comfy are they!

    ABC- Hope work gets sorted for you. The weeks seem to be flying by.

    CK- Baby out vives for you. Pooe P, hope shes better soon.

    Weekender- M sounds like a real cutie bless her. Hope you manage to get home today!

    Isis- Whats happening Tuesday? Seems like everyone is waking early!

    Flossy- Week off, i am so jealous! Do you have much planned for it? I think my baby is transverse too at the mo. Which is giving me a nice break of the rib and baldder jabs :)

    Sweetpea- Hope the sleep improves for you. Hopefully the 2 weeks at work will fly by and then you can catch up on sleep.

    AFM- Had a good sleep again apart from 1 toilet trip. h said I was snoring really loud...attractive! My whole belly was moving from side to side this morning, so odd but nice. Nothing planned for tonight so will have a tidy of the house and then an early night I think. I only have 22 work days left, wooo!

  • Bll- Sorry misssed you there as was replying on first page. Oh thats not good! Have you been sick all the way through? ope the meeting isnt too bad. Sitting still for so long is uncomfy isnt it.

  • Tuesday is just me being optimistic lol I'm 37w on Tuesday, Jude arrived at 38w and she feels ready so I'm hoping sometime after Tuesday she'll arrive!!
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